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Amul, India’s largest food product marketing organisation that spurred India’s Milk Revolution starts its D2C ecommerce journey by building a next-gen multi-store ecommerce network to reach pan-India buyers. Amul - The 76+ years old brand is touted as “The taste of India” and has an impressive daily milk procurement of approx 28 million litres from 18,554 village milk cooperative societies, 18 member unions covering 33 districts, and 3.6 million milk producer members. Its dealer network has 10000 dealers and 10 lakh retailers. 

By going D2C, Amul the Apex organisation of the Dairy Cooperatives of Gujarat, takes forward its attempt to help farmers get the best returns for their produce. Along with helping farmers Amul’s D2C initiative also offer quality, value-for-money products to consumers across India. The D2C location-based multi-store portal of Amul aims to bring premium Amul products in the dairy, grocery and FMCG sections to the doorsteps of buyers across India.


The Requirements

Amul has been envisioned to empower milk and dairy producers and make India the largest producer of milk and milk products. In tandem with changing buyer preferences which gravitated heavily towards digital shopping channels, Amul decided to expand its online reach. By going online Amul planned to etail premium FMCG products to its customers pan-India.

To make this possible, Amul needed a scalable, next-gen technology solution that could handle the unique requirements of the brand: 

  • A multi-store ecommerce solution to build a network of stores 
  • A multi channel solution to build a strong digital presence
  • An engaging and high-speed site to support a vast buyer network 
  • Integrations with software and service providers of their choice
  • Customizations for unique business needs 
  • Migration from their custom website

StoreHippo Powering Amul - A D2C Multi Store Ecommerce Network for the New Digital India

StoreHippo enterprise ecommerce platform has the experience and expertise of handling diverse requirements of enterprise brands with huge catalogues, vendor/dealer networks and customer base of millions spread across diverse geographies. With its inherent capabilities to create new sales channels quickly, StoreHippo was well-positioned to build extensively elaborate and tailor-made digital commerce solutions for Amul’s D2C foray.  StoreHippo’s MACH (Microservices, Api-first, Cloud-native, Headless) architecture and decoupled enterprise platform gave team Amul the desired creative control to build a tailored ecommerce ecosystem for the brand's unique needs. 

StoreHippo’s native multi-store ecommerce solutions were well-suited for building Amul’s extensive network of location-based stores showcasing diverse product catalogues for each PIN code. The comprehensive central admin made it easy for team Amul to manage their stores from one unified intuitive admin. StoreHippo also eased out the technical difficulties for Amul and introduced them to seamless integrations. High-performance, location-wise Amul stores powered by StoreHippo maintain top-notch speed even during peak load. Along with building a future-ready D2C multi store ecommerce solution for Amul, StoreHippo is also well-equipped to handle the upcoming requirements of the brand and can easily pivot the business model as and when needed.

The Benefits

Amul needed a well-rounded ecommerce solution to implement its D2C model and could easily add a new sales channel for the brand with StoreHippo. StoreHippo’s plug-and-play multi-store ecommerce solution enabled Amul to create PIN-code-based stores for selling their premium range of FMCG products to clients across India. With 300+ built-in enterprise-grade features and extreme flexibility of the headless StoreHippo platform, Amul was able to implement tailored digital commerce solutions by tweaking the platform inside out.

With the StoreHippo D2C enterprise ecommerce platform, they were able to achieve the following;

  • A comprehensive multi-store ecommerce solution that could create new stores based on geo-locations and PIN codes
  • Easy multi store management with a common central admin to manage their D2C business
  • Create a solid digital presence to support and augment the physical presence of the brand 
  • Fast and user-friendly site to cater to a vast buyer network and add more digital buyers
  • Integrations with payment channels of their choice
  • Customizations to backend and frontend for unique business needs 
  • Easy migration from their custom website to future-ready StoreHippo enterprise ecommerce platform