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StoreHippo boasts of using the latest blazing fast technology stack that is LEAN and MEAN (literally). Get the advantage of truly mobile ready stores powered by single-page architecture (SPA) to ensure faster page load. Leverage our web & mobile development expertise to optimize your web & mobile sites and maximize customer conversion.


Seamless Mobile Applications

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Create fast and intuitive Mobile Apps in no time.

• No need to write single line of code.

• Automatic incremental updates for all platforms

• Push Notifications.

• Design in tune with your store.

• Complete control on design and functionality.

• Track app users.

Beautiful Responsive Themes

Mobile Responsive Themes

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Choose from StoreHippo's range of mobile responsive themes at no extra cost and attract mobile customers to your store.

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Why Choose m-Commerce?

Mobile Retail Buyers and Sales are increasing rapidly. According to Forrester study, Mobile Commerce is expected to quadraple to $31 billion in 5 years (2012-17).

MCommerce Platform in India

Global Mobile Usage is increasing even more rapidly. According to Ericsson Mobility Report, Global mobile traffic will increase 10x from 2013-19.

MCommerce Platform in India

Number of Mobile Payment Users are increasing across globe. Even the once-reluctant users are now getting comfortable with paying online.

MCommerce Platform in India

Mobile unfriendly sites drive customers away.

MCommerce Platform in India

Omni Channel experience has become crucial for the success of a brand and mobile is a key component of Omni channel retailing.

MCommerce Platform in India

Mobile is the new joyride. Hop on!