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B4,309-10 Spaze iTech Park, Sector 49, Sohna Road, Gurgaon, IN

StoreHippo FAQs


Q:   What is StoreHippo?

StoreHippo is SaaS-based E-Commerce platform through which you can set up your mobile-ready online store without any technical help.

Q:   Do I need technical knowledge to set up my store?

Not at all. You should only know the basics of computer to set up a store. 

Q:   What all can I sell on my web portal created by StoreHippo?

You can sell any product or services as  long as it is legal.

Q:   Why should I choose StoreHippo over other platforms?

StoreHippo happens to be the First Truly Mobile E-Commerce platform using the M.E.A.N stack. The infrastructure and technology make it the most scalable platform ever.

Q:   Can someone from StoreHippo come and meet us?

As much we’d like to get to know you better, our organizational structure and process just don't allow meeting customers. We will be happy to provide a demo and a walkthrough and will also assist you throughout the go-live process and even after that but it will need to be remote. This is what allows us to offer StoreHippo at an affordable price!

Q:   What type of support does StoreHippo provide?

Once you sign up with StoreHippo, a key account manager is assigned to your store with whom you can coordinate at any point in time. Also, you can get in touch with us directly from your dashboard as well!

Q:   Do you provide multi-vendor facility?

Yes, we provide the multi-vendor feature. Through our multi-vendor functionality, you can add multiple sellers on your website.

Q:   What is the uptime of the platform?

The uptime of the platform is 99.89%.

Q:   How many customers you have?

We have over 700 happy customers.

Q:   Do you offer source code?

We do not provide the source code to clients.

Q:   Can the themes and layout be customized?

The themes and layout can be customized. You can have access to HTML/CSS coding and through that, you can do the changes on your own.

Q:   Can we add product videos?

You can add videos under the product description. First, you have to upload that video on youtube & link it to the product description. Once you have signed up for the plan, our store setup expert will guide you on how you can achieve this. You can see an example here:

Q:   Is there any formal agreement between StoreHippo and us?

No, there is no agreement. We have a standard agreement for all our clients that are listed on our website.

Q:   Does StoreHippo provide Multi-lingual support?

Our platform supports multi-lingual feature on the website.

Q:   Can I have an alternative to the master admin account?

Yes, you can create multiple admin users with different roles and permissions.

Q:   Can I customize the UI design?

Yes, you can. There is a design tab on the top navigation panel. The tab allows access to the HTML and CSS codes, enabling you to edit different things in the front end of the website.

Q:   Can I cancel my subscription at any point in time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any point but we don't offer any refunds for the same.

Q:   What happens to the data if I cancel?

You can export the data from the website anytime.

Q:   How will we generate custom reports using Admin Panel?

We already have some by default reports generated in the admin panel. However, if you want to have created other reports apart from the existing ones, we can evaluate doing it in our business plan.

Q:   Can I send push notifications for the order status/ inventory stock out?

You can manually send push notifications to your app users, however, that has got nothing to do with order status or stock out.

Q:   How can I get visitors' statistics on my store?

You can get visitors' statistics on your store through google analytics. We also have inbuilt reports that can be seen in the admin panel. 

Q:   Do you provide unlimited customer traffic handling?

Yes, we do provide unlimited customer traffic handling. We are fully scalable. We are capable to handle traffic with average up time of 99.99%. We also have a Service Level Agreement in the case of any downtime. 

Q:   What is the maximum capability to hold users at any specific time on the website?

We take care of the servers and scalability. We are hosted on AWS, Google Cloud, and Akamai CDN so that it provides complete scalability. There is no restriction to the maximum number of users on the website. 

Q:   Can you set up default currency?

Yes, default currency can be set up in StoreHippo.

Q:   Do you provide the facility to export-import customers?

The facility to export and import customers is provided in the Customers section of StoreHippo admin panel.

Q:   Can "Powered by StoreHippo tag line" be removed both from frontend and admin?

It can be removed from the frontend in any of our plans. StoreHippo provides the feature of white labeling of stores in the Enterprise plan which allows the removal of StoreHippo logo from the backend.

Q:   Can users access with different roles?

Yes. The store admin assigns the roles to the users. Users have the permission to access the store are defined by their roles.