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How to build an online store for your B2B company in India

By | Nov 22 2023 | |

When the entire Indian B2B industry is veering towards the online ecommerce route, is your B2B company still tethered to selling offline?

Well, staying behind is no more a choice today. 

As the Indian B2B industry is rapidly adapting to online sales channels, it's time you build an online store for your B2B company as well. 

Wondering what way to take to hop on the ecommerce bandwagon?

How to align your brand to the needs of your customers?


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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Ecommerce Platform in India for Beauty and Cosmetics D2C Brands

By | Nov 07 2023 | |

Struggling to find the right ecommerce platform in India for your beauty and cosmetics D2C brand?

The decision can no doubt be a tough one to make, especially when you already have a successful offline business running and growing rapidly. 

Nevertheless, to go digital, you have to map a new route, offer an exceptional online buying experience, and carve your niche in the Indian ecommerce space...

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10 Best Ecommerce Platforms in India

By | Nov 01 2023 | |

If you are also an Indian business planning to venture online, choosing the best ecommerce platform in India should be the top item on your priority list. In a market as huge, diverse and rapidly evolving as India, the ecommerce solution powering your brand can be the catalyst for your success or failure.

To build an online store that aligns with your brand goals, customers’ requirements and dynami...

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10 FAQs about B2B2C ecommerce

By | Oct 05 2023 | |

With the changing rules of ecommerce, it has certainly become tough to sustain the market. 

And you are unknowingly limiting your growth by selling just to B2B or just to B2C.

What’s the way forward then? 

What if we say you can transform your business by leveraging the B2B model to eventually sell to the end customers?

Wonder how?

Enter - ...

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5 Myths about B2B2C ecommerce (BUSTED)

By | Sep 29 2023 | |

B2B2C ecommerce is a lucrative but tricky business model to maneuver! 

Thanks to many myths circulating in the business-to-business-to-consumer ecommerce ecosystem, brands are hesitant to leverage the business model despite knowing it can be their ticket to success.

But here we are, debunking all the myths and going down straight on the facts on how to establish a conversion-oriented

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7 Tips to grow your B2B2C marketplace

By | Sep 25 2023 | |

With the changing business dynamics, gone are the days when B2B and B2C businesses used to stay in their own arenas.

Today the channels are merging and technology has given birth to different solutions. 

One of them is the B2B2C marketplace - the business-to-business-to-consumer set up! 

Well, the

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Why Your B2B2C Ecommerce Brand Should Build B2B and B2C Online Stores

By | Aug 02 2023 | |

A flourishing enterprise marketplace is a reason to be happy. But is it reason enough to stick to the very same business model for eternity?

Certainly not!

The ecommerce landscape is witnessing tectonic shifts. Brands are using market insights and improved supply chains to build hybrid business models that quickly disrupt the market.

Gone are the days when just being a B2B market leader was enough to...

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How to build a global FMEG online marketplace

By | Jul 20 2023 | |

With astronomical growth in online buying, customers do not shy away from buying electrical goods online today.

So if you are planning to launch a global online marketplace for your FMEG business, kudos to you for making a wise decision.

But are you wondering how and where to start? 

Struggling to kick-start your global online journey?

Not sure if you are on the right path as you plan to

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7 ways to future-proof your multi vendor marketplace

By | Jun 06 2023 | |

The one thing about ecommerce that none of us has control over is - its inevitable change!

And an enterprise business with chameleon qualities is bound to go miles. 

Is your online marketplace ready to adapt to the changes and leverage various strategies to thrive in the ecommerce industry?

Wondering how? 

Well, you can't just throw strategies at the wall to see if it sticks. 


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10 Reasons To Build Your Online Marketplace With StoreHippo

By | Feb 16 2023 | |

If we ask where and how you prefer shopping, we bet you would say shopping online on marketplace websites.

We know, such is the craze of online marketplaces today.

We all are conditioned to search for products on multi vendor marketplaces for our day-to-day lives.

Who doesn’t want to shop from a marketplace where they get multiple choices? 

So how about leveraging common behaviour to ali...

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How to build a successful B2B marketplace

By | Feb 14 2023 | |

The COVID disruptions and crisis response to the unprecedented situations established the B2B marketplace model as a clear winner for business owners, sellers and enterprise customers.

Reports from Gartner and DHL suggest that 80% of B2B sales will be done online by 2025. Interestingly, global B2B multi-seller websites reported 5.3X growth in sales from 2020 to 2022. Also, B2B marketplaces have registered 7.2X faster gro...

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How To Build A Pharmacy And Healthcare B2B Marketplace

By | Feb 02 2023 | |

Of the many disruptions of COVID-19, one of the few positive ones was the hypergrowth of online pharmacy and telemedicine.

Necessitated by the demands of the unprecedented times, the wholesale pharmacy and healthcare segment needed to react quickly to the fast-changing dynamics of the situation. The most significant pain point of mobilising resources in such times was the fragmented and largely offlin...

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How To Set Up An Online Store In India In 2023

By | Jan 31 2023 | |

It’s the digital world today! From shopping to studying, everything is done online.

Call it a necessity, with the changed times, to create online store is the best way to accelerate your business growth with ecommerce adoption. 

Let us give you a heads-up here! 

India’s online shopper base is estimated to increase to 400-450 million by 2027.

Take a cue here and

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Top 10 B2B marketplaces in India

By | Jan 05 2023 | |

Online B2B marketplaces have revolutionised the B2B landscape in India. While digital adoption and mobile penetration have accelerated B2B ecommerce growth, the one factor that brought B2B traders, suppliers and distributors to mainstream ecommerce was the advent and success of B2B marketplaces like Udaan, Alibaba, IndiaMART etc.

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How StoreHippo Helps Enterprise Ecommerce Brands Build Conversion Oriented Store Designs

By | Nov 01 2022 | |

The very famous saying "The first impression is the last impression" is also quite relevant in the ecommerce world.

Believe it or not but it holds true even for an enterprise ecommerce store.

You guessed it right! 

The first thing customers would notice once they land on your enterprise website is the store's design, look and feel. Naturally then, creating conversion-oriented and engaging store design...

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5 Myths About Using Composable Commerce Solutions For Enterprise Ecommerce

By | Sep 29 2022 | |

We all know that the ecommerce landscape is constantly evolving. 

New technologies, channels, and consumer expectations continuously drive businesses to update and improve their online offerings.

Over the past few years, one of the most popular buzzwords in ecommerce has been "composable commerce."

What is composable or modular commerce?

A new way of thinking about ecommerce, composable comm...

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