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How D2C Brands Can Leverage MACH Architecture To Disrupt The Market

By | Feb 01 2022 | |

Want more freedom in designing unique customer experiences on your D2C website? Want to speed up your marketing operations and boost ROI? Want to offer a personalized shopping experience across various channels? Last but most important; want to save cost and time in implementing new features and technology on your D2C site? I know you said yes! And this ...

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8 Best Ecommerce Platforms And How To Decide The Best One For Your Business

By | Sep 09 2021 | |

Ecommerce has changed the way businesses were done less than a decade ago. The exponential ecommerce growth has made businesses big and small hop the ecommerce bandwagon to grow their reach and conversions.

While going online has become fairly easy thanks to a host of ecommerce platforms, it becomes imperative that you choose an ecommerce solution provider that supports your current as well as future business requirements. ...

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Ask these questions before choosing an e commerce platform

By | Feb 11 2016 | |

India along with the global markets has been witnessing the ecommerce boom.The online market in India is expected to register a growth of 40% until 2019, the fastest among emerging markets. Thanks to the rapid growth of ecommerce market, anyone who has a business idea, can dream big and carve a niche in this segment. However, there are many things that need to be considered before jumping on the bandwagon and starting a new ecommerce venture. If you are an entrepreneur, the very first ques...

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How NodeJS is Helping Boost Conversions on Ecommerce Websites

By | Apr 09 2020 | |

For any business person like yourself, a top-notch conversion rate is the focus of your all the attention. After all, lead conversion is among the most critical bars for measuring your business's performance. 

You can grind tirelessly to improve the conversion rates for your business. You can try different approaches that need minimal expenditure or something as radical as the overhauling of your entire websit...

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7 Things To Consider While Choosing The Best Mobile Ecommerce Solution For Your Fashion Brand

By | Dec 01 2021 | |

If we need a single word to describe the fashion industry, that would be dynamic! Continuous change, rapid development, and perpetual evolution have always been the trend.

Keeping up with this relentless change, online fashion brands must evolve themselves in the m-commerce space to stay in the running.

With more than 66% of fashion consumers turning to their mobile devices to buy, comp...

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How To Revamp Your B2B Ecommerce Store For Better Sales

By | Jun 04 2021 | |

2020 is the year that has changed the lives of every individual and businesses too. Like, most of the newfound digital habits are going to stay forever. B2B ecommerce has also changed for the better.

Gone are the days when B2B audiences preferred to get their information from product trials, data sheets or sales literature. In fact, surveys indicate that the changing expectations of B2B buyers have led to rapid dig...

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10 Reasons That Make StoreHippo The Best Ecommerce Platform To Take Your Fashion Brand Online

By | Oct 18 2021 | |

Fashion doesn’t remain constant. It evolves with styles, seasons, sensibilities, periods, tastes, etc. 

So, it’s not a surprise when we see the fashion industry moving ahead to carve its own place in the ecommerce segment. With new trends and ideas, we see this industry marching ahead with its eye towards the future. 

The future of fashion is to go digital as more ...

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10 Best B2B Ecommerce Platforms For Businesses Of Every Size

By | Apr 12 2022 | |

Driven by the changed buyer behaviour and preference for modern ways of doing business, the B2B landscape is changing rapidly.

To offer connected, personalized and seamless buying experiences to their customers, B2B brands need an ecommerce platform that can build tailor-made solutions for their unique requirements. 

10 Best B2B Ecommerce Platforms For 2022 

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How 2017 will shape up the eCommerce Landscape

By | Jan 05 2017 | |

2016 was a watershed year in the history of eCommerce. It was the year that witnessed the coming of age of eCommerce and established solid foundation for future growth in the industry. eCommerce can no longer be defined by mere selling and buying of products or services online. It’s a whole new evolution and revolution that combines latest technologies with streamlined operations to deliver a buying experience which becomes hottest trending news.

With such a happening yea...

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SAAS as a boon for SMEs

By | Apr 29 2015 | |

What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted by a vendor or service provider and made available to customers over a network, typically the Internet. SaaS is typically accessed by users via a web browser. In SaaS, the user does not pay for the...

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Why choosing a FLEXIBLE ecommerce platform is the shortcut to your business growth

By | Mar 28 2017 | |

What is the first thing that crosses your mind once you have decided to create an online store?
You want to build a smart, robust, scalable and flexible store that allows you to adapt to market changes rapidly. Don't you? In the era of cut throat competition building and maintaining a smart estore to accelerate your business growth should be the first priority  of every etailer.

Today the onli...

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Top 5 maternity wear multi vendor marketplaces in India

By | Jan 20 2021 | |

The time is gone when women used to hide their pregnancy bellies under oversized clothes and dupattas. Not anymore.!! As millennial women are becoming moms with 100% confidence and enjoying their pregnancy period like never before. This shift has drastically changed the way mothers choose their dressing sense, purchasing behavior, and the way of raising their children. 

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We create customised online stores for SMEs and budding entrepreneurs

By | Dec 03 2015 | |

Rajiv Kumar, Founder & CEO of e-commerce platform StoreHippo, speaks to Progressive Grocer about how his new venture is helping to tap the potential of the booming mobile commerce industry by helping various retailers and enterprises fulfill the ambition of taking their business online.
What is StoreHippo all about and how does it work?
StoreHippo is a flagship product of Hippo Innovations, a company envisaged to help SMEs and individ...

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Top 5 FMCG Multi Vendor Marketplaces In India

By | Mar 09 2021 | |

The FMCG industry of India is now making its presence felt in the ecommerce market. The sales of FMCG products on the internet is expected to cross over $4 billion by 2022. 

The concept of ecommerce has gained popularity with players like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal. But with the entry of online platforms like BigBasket, Grofers, the FMCG ecommerce has ...

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10 Features to Check in your B2B Ecommerce Solution Provider

By | Dec 22 2016 | |

Have you noticed the increase in the number of traditionally brick-n-mortar businesses like industrial goods, building and construction, agricultural supplies etc. opting for B2B ecommerce solutions? Are they just inspired by the success of Amazon Business and Alibaba or is there something more to it? 

Interested in knowing what drives the online foray of wholesale and enterprise businesses?  Let’s ...

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8 Actionable Steps To Grow Your D2C Sales

By | Mar 30 2022 | |

Do you want to multiply your D2C sales? Want to achieve multifold growth in revenue for your enterprise ecommerce brand? Not sure what could be the secret recipe to boost your D2C commerce sales this year? It’s time to revamp your entire direct-to-consumer marketing and sales st...

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Top 5 Gym Equipment Multi Vendor Marketplaces in India

By | Feb 01 2021 | |

The current generation of India is gym-savvy, owing to the increased awareness about health, wellness, and fitness in today’s time. Therefore, while the outbreak of COVID forced people to stay indoors, it could not stop them from bringing their gym to their homes. How so? Well, it started with them ordering gym equipment online and went further with them taking fitness classes online.

The fitnes...

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How To Ready Your Enterprise Ecommerce Business To Go D2C

By | Apr 12 2021 | |

The popularity of ecommerce and online shopping is not a new story. The big players like Amazon, eBay and others have expanded faster than ever.

And then, COVID-19 happened. Surprisingly, when most of the businesses were facing cash flow concerns, it has accelerated the convenience movement for small, medium and large businesses.

The Post COVID era is going to be completely different. Most of the small to medium, and lar...

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Why Brands Are Opting For Headless Commerce Solutions

By | May 05 2021 | |

When all the ecommerce businesses around the world were busy finding out magical ways to increase sales, the Amazon team was busy decoding ways to modern technologies (headless commerce, mobile-first ecosystem etc) to make their customers happy. 

And we all know how it paid off. Amazon has not only become the best ecommerce company but also became the first ones to win the hearts of customers and mastered their way to sale...

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5 Ways Headless Commerce Will Change Online Selling In 2021

By | Feb 22 2021 | |

Having a digital presence involves a lot of things regardless of your business domain or industry. It can be a website, social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.), digital advertisements, online reviews, business listings, and much more.  

Most of the businesses already have a few of these going into 2020, but as we enter in the time of headless commerce in 2021, it is even more imperative to make...

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How To Build A Successful B2B Online Marketplace Like IndiaMART

By | Oct 27 2021 | |

Did you know that over 60% of the market share of the online B2B market space in India belongs to IndiaMART?

Well, it is not only a marketplace but coined a complete market ecosystem in the B2B ecommerce industry. IndiaMART works with over 5 million small and mid-size businesses and offers 60 million products to more than 55 million buyers. With the marketplace traffic getting tripled over the past few years, this ...

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