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Why You Should Use Paytm Gateway on Your E-Commerce Site

  • Why You Should Use Paytm Gateway on Your E-Commerce Site

Whether you are buying something online or in an actual brick and mortar store, everything revolves around transactions i.e. the basic exchange of money for goods and services. The only difference is, in the real world you simply hand over some cash at the counter at the store in exchange for your purchase whereas, in the online shopping, you need to rely on certain payment gateways such as PayPal, CCAvenue, Paytm payment gateway etc. for any money-related transactions.

What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is an e-commerce service that authorizes payments for online and offline transactions. In other words, it is a secure way for e-commerce retailers to allow (or sometimes decline) direct payments or credit card processing via the internet connection.

In this article, we will talk about paytm (currently India’s largest mobile payments, e-wallet, and commerce platform) and why you should consider integrating paytm online shopping on your e-commerce platform.

What is Paytm?

Started as a recharge platform in 2010, Paytm quickly grew out to be among the top Indian giants in mobile banking which is currently serving around 100 million registered users. Paytm gateway interface allows its users an easy and secure way to submit their credit/debit card information using special encryption and verification technology which is first passed on between the customer and the bank and later on, during purchase, between the bank and the merchant. Let’s understand it step-by-step.

How does a Paytm payment gateway work?

Paytm uses four simple steps to complete the payment gateway process:

  • When a user visits paytm for the first time, he is required to set up a paytm account by logging in through his mobile number followed up by the email ID.
  • A user can then follow a simple procedure which includes filling in his credit/debit card details. 
  • Next step involves adding money to his paytm account (optional).
  • Now the users can pay for their purchased products or services directly from their paytm wallet without waiting for the approval from the linked bank.

Paytm is currently the dominant player in the digital payment space. What makes it even more reliable is the fact that Paytm is an RBI-approved wallet. In other words, the money that you put in Paytm wallet is protected under Escrow account with a reputed bank. Need more convincing? Let’s dive in.

Why use Paytm payment on your e-store?

The number of e-commerce sites collaborating with paytm has grown exponentially over the last few years simply because of the numerous benefits it provides for its e-commerce merchants.


Though all payment gateways available in the market today allow customers to buy products or services without ever stepping into the physical store, Paytm online shopping simply makes the digital purchases super-easy. It does so by eliminating the need of your customer’s bank to authenticate the payment by providing them with an alternative to paying directly through their paytm wallet. It's also convenient at times when the bank’s servers are down for some reason.

Safe Transactions

Paytm gateway protects confidential data by using high-end encryption, thus eliminating the chances of any fraud from both the merchant’s and the user’s end. By guaranteeing a safe transaction to your customers, you will go a long way in sustaining your business.

Impulsive Buying

Impulse purchases are currently responsible for almost half of the money spent on e-commerce. Paytm payment gateway provides an easy-to-use, one-click payment platform to your customers that encourages them to buy a pair of sneakers after watching a football game at 3 in the morning- an impulsive decision which might have changed in the morning.

User Experience

Paytm is a carefully crafted payment platform which apart from providing a simple digital payment solution, provides a real-time user experience to its users. Your customers can now select products, add them to the shopping cart and even purchase them all with a single click. What's more? Paytm online shopping is a PCI-DSS compliant platform that allows a safe option to store your customers’ credit/debit card details.

Direct Transfer

Earlier, merchants’ money was first deposited into their paytm wallet account and later on, was transferred to their bank account. Now, your transaction money will be directly transferred to your linked bank account eliminating the role of paytm wallet account in between.

Free of cost

Using paytm payment gateway for money transfer from customers’ account to the online merchant’s business account is completely free of cost. Paytm bank won’t charge anything for these transactions. But to avail this benefit, the online merchants need to have a PayTM business account.

Business App

Paytm bank has also created a separate application for merchants to manage their business account and transaction details. Here you also get the benefit of downloading the QR scan code or generating a unique QR code and share it.

Real-time Tracking

With paytm, you can easily keep track of all your recent payments received in real-time. Also, in the case of refunding, you can easily initiate partial or full payment as per your requirement, that too in real time.

Apart from these, some other benefits of offering a paytm online shopping option on your e-commerce site include-

  • For accepting payments from your customers, you won’t need to reveal your mobile number.
  • There is no tax or any other hidden charges involved.
  • You can easily pay or receive up to 1 lakh per day which was earlier about 50 thousand only.

Closing Thoughts

Many people still are sceptical about handing over their credit/debit card details to e-commerce sites, just as many are still of flying. Though you cannot remove everybody’s fears or cater to the whims of everyone with a psychological hangover, you can easily choose paytm payment gateway and mitigate the fears of your customers to make them feel at ease.
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