Why Large Businesses Are Opting For Turnkey Enterprise Ecommerce Solution

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  • Why Large Businesses Are Opting For Turnkey Enterprise Ecommerce Solution

Launching a website is an important step for a large business taking the online route. From making sure that it is useful for the customers to ensuring that it is easy to operate from the backend, building an enterprise website needs careful work. There are two ways to build an ecommerce solution for a large business.

  • The first one is building it from scratch by employing a team of developers. This can be done by forming an in-house team of IT and tech professionals who would develop the website and work on running or managing it constantly

  • The second way is to avail ready-made enterprise ecommerce solutions. This is an easier way to launch a website as you can use an already developed platform and build your website on it

While building a custom application offers personalization, building your enterprise website using turnkey ecommerce solutions offers a whole basket of advantages, from low costs to flexibility to added features.

Looking at the benefits offered by these platforms, it is no surprise that large businesses across the world are opting for turnkey enterprise ecommerce solutions. Want to know the benefits? Check them here: 

7 Benefits of turnkey enterprise ecommerce solutions

1. Scalability 

A business is started with the expectations of seeing growth in the future. For an enterprise business, with a growth in the customer base, the need for software that can manage the increasing operational requirements arises accordingly. 

In this case, scalable ecommerce software turns out to be the best solution, as it can accommodate increasing traffic, an increased number of products, etc. The modern SaaS-based turnkey ecommerce solutions like StoreHippo allow enterprises to modify their website as per the growing business requirements while maintaining a high site performance and page load speed at the same time.

2. Cost effectiveness

Turnkey ecommerce solutions are the most profitable option for a wholesale ecommerce platform, whether it is at the time of setting up or running the business. Few ways in which turnkey business solutions can help reduce costs are:

  • Lower development and design costs: By availing turnkey solutions, you eliminate the costs of developing your business website from scratch. These ecommerce platforms come with pre-designed themes and templates for you to choose from. All you have to do is register, choose a template, and start building your platform!

  • Reduced costs of software ownership: Why deal with the hassles and costs of owning a software, when you can just rent it? This is what makes it so compelling for enterprises to go for turnkey ecommerce solutions for their business

  • Lower costs of maintenance and upgrade: Maintaining and upgrading your website is cheaper when you build your marketplace on a turnkey ecommerce platform

  • Lower costs of labour: You can not only save the costs of employees to handle the IT functions, but also day-to-day operations. With pre-integrated tools on the platform, a lot of effort and cost is reduced.

3. Customisation and Flexibility 

Turnkey enterprise solutions not just allow you to choose from multiple themes and designs, but also have hundreds of tools to customise your wholesale ecommerce platform just the way you want. You can choose to display different storefronts for different customers, or display the price of the products in different currencies for different countries. Moreover, you can feature a product that you want the visitors to see first.

Here are a few more features of a customisable and flexible ecommerce website:

  1. It will support multiple payment options such as COD, card payment, e-wallets, UPI apps, etc.

  2. It will allow you to use more than one language for the website. This will help in offering a personalised experience to diverse customers.

  3. It will ensure a smooth business flow between the admin and the vendors.

4. Integration 

Turnkey solutions offer you the option to add external tools to your enterprise platform to make it as easy for you to operate as possible. StoreHippo offers turnkey enterprise ecommerce solutions that allow integration of APIs and tools. You can integrate payment gateways, CRM, live chat, etc. at any time to make your operations easier. And the best part is that you can do it yourself without having coding knowledge!

On the other hand, integrating new tools and features in a custom-built software would be arduous and time-consuming. You would have to take help of a programmer.

Therefore, by opting for turnkey solutions, you can make sure all the power is in your hands and that nothing comes your way as hindrance. 

5. Free maintenance and upgrades 

Haven’t we talked about this already? If you are building a wholesale ecommerce platform using turnkey solutions, you can leave behind the worry of maintaining and updating it from time to time. Cloud-based ecommerce software manages updates automatically.

Moreover, you can save costs that are involved in updating and maintaining the software too. I mean, who wants to pay someone to do a job that they could do themselves? When you build your enterprise website using StoreHippo your business runs on a  technologically advanced solution – without putting in any extra effort. At StoreHippo, updates are offered automatically as per the changes in technology and market demand.

6. High performance sites 

For an enterprise business, factors such as high website load speed are crucial for engagement of the customers. Especially as the traffic increases with the growth of the business, it becomes vital to offer high-performing sites to ensure smooth running of the business. 

Large businesses can partner with an enterprise ecommerce solution provider like StoreHippo that builds high-performance websites. This takes care of your site’s performance even when you scale to millions of users, products and pages.

7. Mobile apps 

Mobile apps offer ease of browsing, personalisation, saved addresses for a faster checkout, and most importantly, one-click access. These reasons have made mobile apps a preferred mode of shopping for customers.

With m-commerce surpassing the search and sale volume of ecommerce, every large business needs a mobile presence to reach and engage its customers.

This is why you should go with a wholesale ecommerce platform like StoreHippo, which includes building mobile apps right from the dashboard at no additional cost or coding effort. What is even more interesting is that you get PWA stores that look, feel and act like mobile apps when opened  in a browser. 


Building your enterprise website using turnkey ecommerce solutions could be the best step for your business. With more advantages than we can list down in one write-up, enterprise ecommerce solutions have a lot to offer. Partner with StoreHippo and build an ecommerce website for your business with ease.

So what are you waiting for? Get started right away with our 14-day free trial.

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