Why Implementing Multi Store Set Up Is Good Idea For Enterprise Ecommerce Brands

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  • Why Implementing Multi Store Set Up Is Good Idea For Enterprise Ecommerce Brands

Looking for ways to maximize the reach of your enterprise ecommerce brand? Want to attract targeted traffic and convert them into buyers? 

But wondering how to achieve this.

Well, what if we say you can build dedicated stores for targeted buyer groups? 

Yes, that’s right! With the multi store ecommerce solutions, it is possible to attract and convert targeted buyers.

Speculating the need for targeted marketing in your business? Wonder how implementing a multi-store set-up can be a good idea for your business?

Let’s find out.

What is a multi store ecommerce set-up?

A Multi store ecommerce set-up is where enterprise businesses create multiple unique storefronts based on location, product category, audience segments etc. The setup is usually ideal for enterprises that are looking for targeted marketing to various audience groups. 

However, to seamlessly build and run a network of stores, enterprise brands need well-rounded multi store ecommerce solutions. With centralized control of all the storefronts, the ecommerce solution must provide a common dashboard that enables enterprises to manage the products, catalogues, orders etc effortlessly. 

StoreHippo offers a complete multi store ecommerce solution for all enterprise businesses and offers a centralized dashboard making it easy to add and manage multiple storefronts. With StoreHippo enterprise ecommerce brands can also personalize the store designs, and payment solutions, pricing, shipping etc from a common admin. 

Why your enterprise ecommerce brand needs multi store ecommerce set-up

Arent you looking to establish your enterprise ecommerce brand in the ecommerce landscape? Well, to escalate your business to new product lines or new geographies and gain a competitive edge, the multi-store ecommerce business model is just the right fit. 

Let’s see how: 

1. Wider reach to different audience segments

As an enterprise ecommerce brand, you have to cater to different audience segments and their unique requirements on a single platform. And to do so, you need to create different storefronts that are personalized to the specific requirements of your enterprise business and clients. For example, if you run an FMCG online store and deal with both B2B and B2C customers, you need different stores to manage your pricing, products, payment terms etc.

StoreHippo’s multi store ecommerce solutions offers comprehensive features to help you manage a spectrum of customers easily. Using a single database, you can allocate products, deals, discounts, shipping, payments gateways to various sub-stores. You can create store-specific catalogue and apply price override features seamlessly.

2. Reaching new markets becomes easier

To be able to target more customers, you need to be present in more territories. And how can that be done? With the help of a multi store ecommerce set up, you can create multiple storefronts for various geographies. You can present relevant product and pricing to the target customer and achieve a better conversion rate. 

StoreHippo helps your enterprise ecommerce brand to seamlessly launch in foreign geographies with its go global features. You can use from 100+ languages on your sub-store, including the RTL languages like Arabic and Hebrew. StoreHippo comes with more than 30 pre-integrated logistics partners for different locations and more than 60 pre-integrated domestic and international payment gateways to help you make international checkouts frictionless. 

3. Undistracted customer attention and retention

Did you know that with a multi store ecommerce set up you can house multiple brands under one digital roof? Sounds interesting right? 

When an enterprise brand operates under multiple brand names, they can create individual stores around every brand, using the same platform. For example: an enterprise ecommerce brand like Reliance can leverage a multi-store platform to bring together separate brands, sell them online and earn revenues while managing everything under one digital roof.

StoreHippo helps brands streamline all processes of their online business from product management to distribution to sales etc. You can create multiple unique storefronts and assign different or similar product catalogues to them all.  

4. Allows to experiment with targeted marketing

Don’t you agree it’s always better to plan targeted marketing instead of generalized promotions? When you base your promotions on a specific audience group based on their likes, dislikes, and buying habits, it sure is going to be effective. 

With multiple stores at your disposal, you can chart out a separate marketing strategy for all your sub-stores aligning with the overall brand marketing strategy. This allows you to mix and match your strategies and stay hooked to the one that yields maximum ROI. 

The multi store ecommerce solutions from StoreHippo helps you grow your business with the right marketing mix. It offers a gamut of marketing tools like SMS, mobile and browser push notifications, online chat integrations, SEO tools etc. It also offers a powerful built-in discount engine to help you offer personalized deals to your customers on all your sub-stores. StoreHippo enables enterprise brands to seamleslsy integrate with best marketing tools for live chats, loyalty programs etc.

5. Boosts orders with personalized shopping experiences

80% of consumers are more likely to complete a purchase when provided with a personalized ecommerce shopping experience. So, are you offering a seamless buying experience to your customers on your enterprise ecommerce platform or not remains the question here.  

When you offer unique storefronts to your customers with fewer distractions (say irrelevant products) combined with personalized deals, easy navigation, simple browsing, faceted search etc, you become their go-to brand. 

StoreHippo enables enterprise ecommerce brands to create a seamless buying experience that makes it easy to engage and convert buyers. It offers unique designs and themes, multiple payment options to choose from, exclusive currency and language based on the customer’s preference etc, that helps keep customers returning for more.  

6. Easy to customize and localize

When you create different stores for different users, you set your enterprise business on a path that brings maximum ROI. It also offers you the flexible opportunity to customize your ecommerce store to meet the relevant demands and requirements of your customers. 

StoreHippo’s multi store ecommerce solutions offer a flexible platform that can be easily tweaked to your diverse business requirements. The headless architecture helps you to make backend changes without affecting the front end of your sub-stores. With the API-based platform, you can seamlessly customize each store’s product, pricing, look and feel, deal and discounts, shipping and checkout, etc

7. Get higher ROI 

Isn’t getting a higher ROI literally the aim of every enterprise business? 

A multi store ecommerce set-up helps you implement marketing strategies based on the unique behavioural patterns and purchase choices of the segmented customers. With the right set of marketing strategies, enterprises can track customer behaviour and offer personalized deals like flash sales, product-level discounts etc. Enterprise brands can also mix-match and experiment with marketing strategies from different sub-stores to create the one that works best for their business. 

StoreHippo, a comprehensive enterprise ecommerce solution provider offers in-built analytics tools and helps configure google analytics on your store to track customer behaviour. You can send personalized unified notifications or offer personalized discounts or special deals on your online store. 


For all enterprise brands looking for targeted marketing and increased ROI, a multi store business model is the ideal choice. It helps enterprise ecommerce businesses thrive in the dynamic ecommerce environment and seamlessly enter regional or global markets. With multiple storefronts, brands can easily create a strong and wide presence in the market gaining a competitive edge over others. Along with this, you can also personalize the buyer journeys on each of your multi store ecommerce storefronts based on your customers’ buying preferences.

However, you first need a feature-rich multi store ecommerce platform like StoreHippo that helps you roll out multiple storefronts easily and quickly. The multi store ecommerce solutions offer the most comprehensive features to cater to the diverse requirements of your enterprise business. You can leverage 300+ inbuilt features of the platform to seamlessly carve an upward growth trajectory. With the most flexible and agile MACH architecture from StoreHippo, brands can customize, scale and innovate their network of sub-stores. 

So, are you ready to explore the multi store set-up for your enterprise ecommerce business? Start your 14-day free trial now. 

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