Why Headless Commerce Is The Key To Success In 2021 And Beyond

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  • Why Headless Commerce Is The Key To Success In 2021 And Beyond

Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) and web, the digital landscape has become super focused on the consumers than ever before. And in this era of headless commerce, new devices like smart watches, dash buttons, and voice assistants are flooding the market to ease the online shopping for customers.

Now, online sales are not limited to the traditional setup of websites anymore. In fact, most of the shopping happens outside the traditional websites. And this has given birth to many new concepts in the ecommerce world. One of the most trending and beneficial concepts is “Headless ecommerce.”

If you are not adopting to the evolving changes, you are surely missing out on a lot of opportunities. To get started, let’s understand the headless concept first.

What is headless ecommerce?

“Headless ecommerce is an approach that separates the front-end and back-end of the ecommerce experiences.” If these definitions on the internet made you think that headless ecommerce is only for large enterprises, it is just not right. 

The fact is that if you choose the right ecommerce solution provider, you can easily enhance the customer buying journey using the headless solution.

Headless commerce allows your ecommerce website to manage the front-end (theme, user interface, template, Internet of Things, digital marketplace etc.) without making changes in the backend.  Essentially, it provides flexibility and ease of use to create unique experiences to your customers. Because the head (frontend) of your ecommerce platform is detached from the backend.

Let’s understand how headless commerce is different from traditional ecommerce

Traditional ecommerce

Headless Commerce

Attached frontend and backend that make customization a tedious task

Decoupled frontend and backend layer that encourages easy customizations


Difficult to add multiple customer touch points

Adding multiple customer touchpoints is very easy


Any changes in frontend involves editing of backend database, framework, and code scripts

No need to worry about making changes in the database. All you have to do is make an API call to implement the changes


Limited scope for changes for users as well as admins

Limitless possibilities to create different user and admin experiences

Why go headless?

1. High degree of customization

With headless commerce, you are not bound to any fixed set of themes or templates offered by your CMS. You can easily develop your frontend from scratch, which makes it super easy to customize your site that fits your needs perfectly. The headless solution offered by StoreHippo gives you the much-needed ease of use and customization coupled with high-level security and compliance.

2. Flexibility to make changes quickly and easily

Since headless commerce is decoupled with the back-end and front-end, you have endless possibilities to make changes to your online store as and when required. To make any changes like a custom checkout flow, adding a new field to customer account or anything alike, you can execute with the simple architecture of headless solutions.

3. Easy to implement ecommerce functionalities

The support provided by headless ecommerce systems is commendable as it can support any new technology as and when it arises. The extended support makes it very easy to implement new ecommerce functionalities and design new customer experiences. Thanks to the flexibility provided by headless solutions, you can easily attain a consistent customer experience across different devices and channels.

4. Multi-platform shopping experiences

This is one of the best benefits of a headless commerce system. For any ecommerce brand, delivering the products, blog posts, product videos to different channels has become the trendiest thing ever. Get ready to enhance customer shopping experiences across multiple platforms with the headless solution of StoreHippo. Now, you don’t need to re-architect your ecommerce platform to publish across the channels anymore.

5. Better conversions

With headless commerce, you can try and test many different approaches and templates. For example, you can use a different back-end search solution while running the same front-end search. Isn’t it exciting? Yes, it is equally exciting for customers as well. You can run multiple tests and optimizations to help you get a better understanding of customers that will ultimately improve your conversion rates.

6. Affordable

With the rising costs of ecommerce, the affordability factor needs to be considered as a priority. When most of the businesses are spending heavily on advertising to attract customers, you can rely on powerful content-driven strategies with headless commerce Moreover, the rich experiences of customers can pull up more sales as well.

7. Effortless integrations

In headless solutions, the backend and frontend work in tandem through APIs which makes it easier to communicate and integrate with other platforms. You can easily expand multiple growth opportunities and reach more customers by integrating multiple systems to your ecommerce store. The seamless integrations offered by StoreHippo takes only a few hours instead of taking months to complete the entire process. 

Stay competitive in the era of headless ecommerce with StoreHippo

We already know that customers are adopting multiple ways of shopping online. And with the robust market growth, the businesses need to make necessary changes to stay competitive in the fierce ecommerce market.


If you are also an ecommerce business looking to create unparalleled customer experiences, StoreHippo is a one-stop platform to help you leverage the benefits of headless commerce. It offers 250+ API endpoints to create the most personalized and unforgettable omnichannel buying experiences for your customers. StoreHippo’s highly scalable platform helps you scale your frontend as well as backend according to the dynamic nature of online businesses.

 It also helps you to integrate seamlessly with a variety of applications like custom ERP, CRM, payment, shipping, marketing to create tremendous opportunities for your business. So, there is a lot more to explore with StoreHippo along with the headless commerce solutions including 300+ inbuilt features, mobile-first approach, PWA (Progressive Web Apps) support to provide native app experience, powerful discount engine to create personalized offers.

Ready to reinvent your ecommerce business like never before. You can get everything you need to sell online at your fingertips with StoreHippo. Start your free online store trial today.

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