Why Enterprise Headless Commerce Platform Is Good For Big Brands

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  • Why Enterprise Headless Commerce Platform Is Good For Big Brands

There was a time when headless commerce became a buzzword in the world of ecommerce. But today, it has become the “new normal” for enterprise businesses. Most of the big brands like Amazon, Etsy, Tesla, Sony are using headless platforms to deliver seamless user experiences. 

What is headless commerce and how does it work?

In a nutshell, headless concept is the separation of the front and back end of an ecommerce site or app.  It enables the big brands to make rapid changes and adapt their offerings for all types of devices. The varied front-end interfaces can be managed seamlessly and heedlessly with the common backend. Headless caught the attention of the B2B sector when the enterprise businesses realized that their central controlling system needs to be separated from the front-end of the website.

The frontend and backend separation offers greater flexibility for businesses, allowing brands to make changes to the front-end customer experience more quickly and easily. However, the back end and front end communicate with each other through API calls to offer seamless user experience. 

The best part is that the benefits of headless commerce are not just for companies like Amazon anymore. Running a B2B business is inherently more complex than B2C ecommerce but headless platforms are designed to benefit all levels of businesses. 

Let’s explore top reasons why headless commerce should be used by big brands

1. Ease of backend development and maintenance

A headless solution gives you endless possibilities to use microservices that make it very easy to develop independent pieces of functionality, deploy them and maintain them. When the overall process of backend development and maintenance gets this easier for big brands, they only need to think about their business growth without stressing on operational hassles. Additionally, headless commerce provides enormous opportunities to use third-party systems to trigger, write and read content for you, making development less disruptive. 

2. Reduced go-to market time

With the ever-changing consumer expectations, the enterprise businesses need to change the content, offerings, and a lot more in the store. Since all the new updates need to be pushed across all digital channels and devices, the business owners do not need to worry about the different front-end display of content.

It also enables you to focus on building the front-end of your online store on different devices and touch points as the content can be delivered anywhere via APIs. It automatically reduces the go to market time when entering new regions, adopting new channels, and so forth. To ease the process and reduce the go-to market time, StoreHippo headless commerce platform allows to make frontend changes without disrupting the backend business operations.

3. Attractive and engaging front-end design choices

Leveraging the most innovative and engaging designs help you to attract more customers and enhance their shopping experience too. And the best way to enable optimization of this experience is to give front-end developers the opportunity to use the most advanced front-end tools. With StoreHippo, you can leverage all the benefits of headless commerce. You can use the advanced tools to experiment with multiple front-end designs while implementing anything by just making an API call.

4. Ease of customization

Since headless commerce is decoupled from the backend, it creates an endless number of customization possibilities. You can make any change on your online store with just the front-end changes. Even big changes on your store like implementing a checkout, adding fields to customer accounts, and alike can be done in just a few clicks with the headless architecture. 

5. High-end personalisation

Since personalization has become a mandate in the ecommerce world, big brands need to offer personalized offerings to succeed. Well, personalization does not always mean product recommendations, it is way more than that. StoreHippo headless solution allows you to customize the whole front-end of your store and offer a personalised user experience without making any backend changes. It completely leverages the benefits of headless commerce to push your online store towards success. It offers a host of features and tools like login-based pricing, personalized landing pages, unified notifications (SMS, email, mobile) to personalize the experience of users

With StoreHippo, you need not depend on your IT team to work on your changes. You can personalize the store and control the user experience with a single headless platform.

6. Faster adaptability to new market trends

With the ever-increasing empowerment of customers, it has become one of the most important tasks to adapt to new market trends without disturbing the business continuity. The enterprise businesses need to offer excellent shopping experience and evolve with the emerging experience-led trends. As headless commerce decouples the front-end and back-end processes, it can help you experiment with new things in your business. While you can leverage the new market trends and enhance the user shopping experiences, you need not to face any website or app downtime.

Fortunately, as the concept of headless has grown, so has the number of solutions. So, you need to be very cautious while selecting the enterprise headless platform for your business. 

7. Innovative solutions with best-in breed integrations

When compared to B2C, enterprise businesses have larger business requirements. Be it bulk order management, seamless payments, timely invoicing, and much more. While most of the ecommerce operations are managed by the ecommerce platform, you still need third-party system integrations that help you manage your online store successfully. 

So, when integrations are a must, a headless commerce platform like StoreHippo allows you to integrate easily. You can integrate with an ERP, accounting software, payment gateways, logistics solutions of your choice to create innovative solutions tailor-made for your business. StoreHippo always ensures that your orders, products, inventory, tracking systems, payments are always in sync for best-in-class services.

Why is StoreHippo the best enterprise headless commerce platform for your large business?

As leading enterprise businesses like Amazon Business have adopted modular architecture to connect with their customers and innovate faster, it is clear that modern approaches like headless have become a necessity for enterprise businesses.

Now when you already know how headless is enhancing the online buying experience of customers, boosts marketing and personalization, offers enhanced flexibility, and much more, there is no point in waiting to adopt a full-fledged headless solution.

If you are also looking forward to future-proofing your ecommerce business, headless commerce is the best way. And the best part is that you can do it without the heavy budget of Amazon. Yes, StoreHippo headless solution makes it possible for your large business to match modern-day needs. It offers a one-stop solution to all your ecommerce and online selling needs with the advanced headless commerce solution. What makes StoreHippo headless commerce unique from the rest of the solutions is that it is conceptualized on the architecture of headless. Along with that, you can leverage the benefits of 300+ inbuilt features, 120+ inbuilt integrations, 3000+ API endpoints, and more. Explore all the features and benefits of the StoreHippo headless solution by scheduling a free 14-day online trial  store today.

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