Why Enterprise business choose SaaS-based ecommerce marketplace platform

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  • Why Enterprise business choose SaaS-based ecommerce marketplace platform

If you wish to travel to Miami, you won’t buy an airplane, Right? You will fly with an established airline to travel in an easier, safer, and affordable manner. 

Similarly, a SaaS-based ecommerce marketplace platform gives a boost to your dreams of having a successful online business without building it from scratch. The growing popularity of enterprise marketplaces has made it one of the most desirable businesses and the right platform can make your life easier and better.

What is a SaaS-based platform?

SaaS (Software as a Service) is an amazing concept for enterprise ecommerce as it bundles up a complete set of online business services including software, hosting, support, automatic backups, and offers a ready-to-use platform.

It is a web enabled service and allows the users to access the platform from anywhere on any device. It means that the business owners need not have any physical setup, web hosting services, maintain the software back and upgrades, fixed infrastructure cost. You can roll out your multi-vendor online store on a SaaS-based ecommerce marketplace platform without any hassles and huge cost.

How does SaaS platform work for ecommerce?

The SaaS platform has become an extremely common business model for ecommerce businesses due to endless reasons. Some of them are extended scalability, high-end customizations, security, ease of business, and many more.

Earlier, a lot of business owners used to prefer on-premise ecommerce platforms. But who does not want to start their multi-vendor marketplace with a ready-to-go and tested solution at no cost, without any coding hassles? When all these technical aspects are taken care of, the businesses can focus on important metrics that reflect on your business performance.

Let’s understand the reasons why it is the best choice for your enterprise business. 

Benefits of Choosing SaaS-based Ecommerce Marketplace Platform

1. Out-of-the-Box Solution

Well, there are many reasons why we call SaaS ecommerce platforms an out-of-the-box solution. Some of the primary reasons are:

  • It takes less implementation time and get your online business up and running more quickly

  • The necessary IT infrastructure is always ready for you. You need not spend on the deployment of various web servers, worry about database backups, or think all the time about load balancing, and uptime. All of these things get managed by the SaaS platform for your large-scale business

  • SaaS ecommerce platform provider understand your business and help you get integrated with necessary systems

  • It provides optional extensions to connect your multi-vendor marketplace with many important functionalities.  

It is surely much more than a web hosting service for your online business. The best-in-class ecommerce platforms like StoreHippo continue developing new techniques and solutions to create evolution in the ecommerce marketplaces. Choosing a SaaS-based ecommerce marketplace platform will always be a great idea as it deals with most of the technical aspects and helps you learn and grow over time. 

2. Enhanced flexibility and scalability

Growing online businesses need their ecommerce platform to grow along with them. Well, growth does not always mean incurring new expenses. There is no need to rebuild your ecommerce software every time you are seeking for a change or a business improvement.

Building, growing, and maintaining a multi-vendor marketplace is not an easy job and requires many tedious processes to be taken care of.  Particularly, the vendors who are looking forward to growing quickly, the scalability factors matter the most.

StoreHippo has all the necessary capabilities to handle the large scale marketplaces and scale your business to the sky-high limits without any hassles. The flexibility of the platform helps you add new functionalities, apps, sales channels, manage peak load sessions, and customize your platform according to the business requirements. Leverage the greater flexibility and scalability with StoreHippo and grow your multi-vendor marketplace to the next level.

3. Focus on your core business 

When we say “Time is money”, it stands so true for businesses. Even in context to enterprise businesses, time is everything. 

Do you want to spend all your valuable time managing a huge number of products, multiple orders, handling vendor relationships, maintaining the server upgrades, reconciling the order payment and taxes, and other business processes?


You will focus on the things that drive your business-like innovation, efficiencies and customer experience.

Well, we are not saying that these business processes are not important. But succeeding in  a large scale online marketplace needs a lot more than the routine business processes. Let a SaaS-based ecommerce marketplace platform become your time saviour. 

StoreHippo manages all the IT aspects of your enterprise business and lets you focus on the factors that make your enterprise business successful.

4. Reduces business cost

Building your own ecommerce software means investing a huge amount of money in software as well as hardware. Also, you need full-time IT staff to assemble your hardware systems and develop your ecommerce platforms. Despite most of the ideal conditions, the built system will require regular maintenance and upgrades which will incur further cost.

On the contrary, selecting a SaaS-based ecommerce marketplace platform is relatively inexpensive, and does not require any IT staff to assemble or maintain the platform. There would not be any crazy expenses for the development of the platform even if you are running an enterprise-level online marketplace platform.

StoreHippo provides a full-fledged and ready-to-use enterprise ecommerce multi vendor solution with 300+ inbuilt features to get you started at a minimal cost. Ultimately, the platform allows you to focus on driving strategic innovations, rather than spending all the time on managing business systems.

5. Security and Compliance

Running an online business seems to be an easy option but you have to be very careful about online security concerns like hacking of databases, confidential information of users, and any other kind of security breaches.

However, conforming the security and compliance standards is the one-stop solution to handle all of these security challenges. A SaaS-based ecommerce marketplace platform adheres to the best practices of the industry, SSL enabled websites, offers PCI DSS compliant payment channels and considers the vital norms of cybersecurity. The advanced features of StoreHippo like audit log, authorization, authentication takes complete care of security while boosting the trust of customers.

6. Better Return on Investment

Returns are the main reason why you want to start or grow your business.  The simple fundamental of getting better returns is to follow the rule is – “High Revenues and Low Costs”

Now, how does a multi-vendor marketplace gain better ROI? A SaaS ecommerce platform like StoreHippo eliminates the high upfront costs which are usually spent in on-premise projects. The point-and-click configurations help you to manage large scale online marketplace without heavy customization cost.

Coming to the revenue part, the automated marketing campaigns, customer communication and loyalty programs personalized strategies help the business owners extend the benefits of achieving improved business revenues. Ultimately, a SaaS ecommerce solution is more likely to provide a better ROI than competitive platforms.


Why should you consider StoreHippo for your online marketplace?

StoreHippo has extensive experience of building B2B and B2C multi-vendor marketplaces across the globe. It offers a well-rounded solution to start, run, and grow your online business and allows you to focus on core business processes. It takes care of everything related to your enterprise ecommerce business, from inventory, products, orders, vendors, payments, mobile access, customizations, marketing, and a lot more.

In addition, it also boosts your business with new business models using multilingual, multi-store, and multi-currency features. Check out various use cases of multi-vendor marketplaces powered by StoreHippo or explore the amazing features with your 14-day free trial today.

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