Why do people Uninstall Apps?

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  • Why do people Uninstall Apps?

This is the era of mobile commerce and Mobile Apps have gained a lot of prevalence in our daily lives. Mobile apps offer many advantages to the users, can be easily downloaded on the Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices and the users can use it anytime while on the move (many apps work offline). Push notifications and automatic updates can be sent via apps. Mobile apps offer many useful features; making them attractive for the end user. In fact, development of mobile applications has become a lucrative business these days. So, there are many developers who have joined the app-race and are trying to develop feature-rich apps which capture the attention of the users and are downloaded instantly. Mobile developers are trying to understand the interests and needs of the users in order to develop user-specific apps. Mobile Apps are a distinguished product. Apps need to satisfy a need for the end user. If a user is not satisfied due to various issues, they have simply click on ‘uninstall’ and look for other suitable apps. The developers should research the reasons for which for a particular app is installed or is not installed, for that matter. If the developers can identify the key reasons for an app not being installed, then they can address the challenges which the app poses for the users.

Hippo brings you key reasons on ‘why people uninstall mobile apps’:

The Application doesn’t fulfill its promise: 

Users typically download a mobile app only after reading its title, description, usage and other key elements. They want the app to provide all the features which were promised initially in the description. If the application doesn’t prove its worth, then the user will feel cheated, and is likely to uninstall the application. Many would go a step further and also give negative reviews. What could be more damaging for a product than to get negative product reviews?

App is Slow or Freezes

If your mobile app is slow or it freezes often, it can sound the death knell for your app. It can be quite a frustrating experience if your app frequently crashes, hangs or freezes. We live in fast paced world and apps are supposed to save rather than consume time, and test the patience of the user. So, the app should be tested and retested so that all the bugs are taken care of and the root cause is identified.

App consumes too much battery

This can be a major setback for your app. If your app drains the battery of the user’s mobile device then he is sure to uninstall it sooner or later. Smartphones consume too much battery as they have many features running on them. So if an app is a constantly consuming too battery, who will like it?

App has many advertisements

The app developers have a primary endpoint- earning more revenues. In order to earn more, they at times may include many ads but this can distract the user and take up his valuable time. If the ads prevent the smooth functioning of the app, then he will not think twice before uninstalling the app.

App is intrusive & collects personal data

Many apps ask for a personal data of the user but it is very important for the app to take prior permission. Many apps run in the background and access the user’s information without any knowledge/consent of the user. Many apps access the address books and other features without a valid reason. While this may be legally permissible but it is irritating for the users, and can lead to mistrust. So, do not ask for more information than the app really needs to work well.  Also, your app should show how, when and where this information is going to be used.

App gives too many notifications

The ability to send notification is a boon for the app developers but if the app sends too many unnecessary notifications that it starts to distract the user and the app loses its significance.

App has Login Issues

Many mobile apps require the user to login to access the app. The login process should be simple and not take too much time. The form shouldn’t be long and not ask for unnecessary personal information which would make a user hesitate to use your app.

App doesn’t give proper service

Like any product which we buy in the market, the app users also expect a good service after installation of the app. If the user gives his suggestions for more features or on how to improve the performance of the app, then address these issues immediately. In short, open the communication channels with your users. 

App isn’t responsive and optimized

Apps are meant to be fast and highly intuitive. It should respond quickly, adapt to all devices, be responsive to use and navigation should be clear and easy. There shouldn’t be usability issues else users will uninstall your app soon.

StoreHippo Survey ‘Utility, Usage and Issues of Mobile Apps’

StoreHippo conducted an online survey on ‘Utility, Usage and Issues of Mobile Apps’, which are important parameters for success of any mobile application from a user’s point of view. The Survey sample was 500, out of which 437 people replied, who were in the age group of 13 -60 years.
Following was the result when respondents were asked:

Why do Mobile Apps lose their utility and significance?

  • The bulky space used by Apps was the most pertinent issue as indicated by 57.58% of users.
  • Technical issues such as Slowness, Freezing and Crashes comprised the next set of issues faced by 54.55% of users.
  • Advertisements within Apps are also indicated as a major issue for 48.48% of users.
  • Problems such as Notifications, Battery Consumptions, and loss of relevance of the app are reported by respectively, 30.30%, 36.36% and 33.33% of total users. 

You can see the full survey at http://www.storehippo.com/blog/survey-on-utility-usage-and-issues-of-mobile-apps

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