Why Brands Are Opting For Headless Commerce Solutions

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  • Why Brands Are Opting For Headless Commerce Solutions

When all the ecommerce businesses around the world were busy finding out magical ways to increase sales, the Amazon team was busy decoding ways to modern technologies (headless commerce, mobile-first ecosystem etc) to make their customers happy. 

And we all know how it paid off. Amazon has not only become the best ecommerce company but also became the first ones to win the hearts of customers and mastered their way to sales. 

The rising importance of personalization, omnichannel marketing, and consumer experience is prompting to find new systems like headless commerce. More and more brands are creating new ways to sell and deliver the products, from purchasing via Amazon Alexa or Google Home to buying directly via social media.  With all these emerging challenges, it is important to remain competitive.

The one-stop solution that fits the bill is headless ecommerce. It allows you to optimize your online storefronts quickly, cut down on your time and resources to update the product information, and sell through different channels. 

The Top reasons why brands are opting for headless commerce solutions and how it impacts your online business

1. Take advantage of agile marketing

The success of ecommerce companies does not solely rely on the upgraded technologies. But it mainly relies on how well these technologies can be aligned with the needs and preferences of customers. An agile marketing approach requires companies to quickly utilize the right data to identify the opportunities and trends, evaluate, and improve the design or systems. Now, here the benefits of headless commerce come into the picture.

Headless separates front-end from the back-end of systems, especially the designing and marketing team to experiment and deliver results swiftly. Ready to take the leap into the world of headless architecture? StoreHippo can help your online business to customize your order flow, themes, checkout and other key functionalities to offer highly personalized customer experiences. The extended flexibility provided by the headless commerce system of StoreHippo can help your marketing teams to quickly set up new sites or launch a campaign in a few days instead of months.

2. More customization and personalization

Did you know that over 80% of the buyers are likely to do more business with brands that offer personalized experiences? If you are running an online store or thinking to start one, personalization has become a must. And when we talk about personalization, the benefits of headless commerce are unavoidable.

Gone are the days when traditional commerce platforms used to constrain software developers and users for many things. With headless platforms like StoreHippo, developers can create their personalized user experience from scratch. You have more control over the look and feel of your ecommerce store and control the complete customer experience. StoreHippo allows you to create your unique identity by using 300+ API endpoints to customize your online store and its functionalities. Start boosting your conversion rates and order value with headless commerce today.

3. Integrate with multiple tools

Today’s buyers are shopping through multiple channels. For example, they may stumble upon your product on a YouTube advertisement or a sponsored Facebook post. When they are interested, they visit your online store but buy from you after you run an email marketing campaign.

As your buyers are going multi-channel, you also need to do the same. But going multi-channel requires integrations with multiple tools and systems like live chat, email marketing tools, and much more. No worries, Headless commerce let you do it all very smoothly. It helps your company to quickly share content, market and sell on the emerging platforms using APIs. The quick integration solutions offered by StoreHippo allows you to improve efficiency, create new sales opportunities, and optimize tour business processes with seamless third-party integrations. Some of the key integrations include email marketing tools, live chat, unified notifications (SMS, email, push and web), 60+ international payment gateways, inbuilt shipping solution to ship anywhere across the globe.

4. Easily scale to reach new markets

A headless commerce system will propel your content anywhere. It means that you can deliver your products, blog posts, product videos to any channel that has emerged or will emerge in future.

Get a scalable solution like StoreHippo that helps you grow your business with easy scalability options. It helps to scale your front-end and back-end separately, retain and grow your customer base, experiment with your marketing, offer native-like experience on any device with PWAs, and reduce your go-to market time. The most interesting news here is that you can get all the benefits of headless commerce without re-architecting your platform.

5. Improve website performance and security

Configured with limited privileges, breached accounts could allow unauthorized users access content, customer records, payment information in an unethical manner. It requires a uniform data structure instead of a gigantic behemoth to monitor and control the website security and performance. Thankfully, enhanced security is one of the greatest benefits of headless commerce.

The headless platforms like StoreHippo offer inherent qualities of headless architecture that makes your online store much more resilient to cyber threats. In traditional systems, all the functionalities and components are packed together. Any change in even a single component can impact the entire security and performance of a website. But it's not the case with headless commerce. Additionally, APISs used in headless content management systems come mostly in the read-only mode that further reduce the risks of cyber-attacks.

6. More speed and agility

Speed has become a mandate in the ecommerce business. Because customer habits are changing rapidly, their needs and preferences are changing very fast. So, your online store also needs to respond rapidly to stay competitive.

 Let’s understand how you can leverage the benefits of headless commerce to bring more speed and agility in your ecommerce store. Unlike traditional ecommerce solutions where you use predefined templates, proprietary tooling, and platform specific coding languages, headless platforms allow you to enjoy a greater freedom. The code is disconnected from the backend and does not impact the working of the database structure. It allows you to do unlimited modifications that can be made very quickly without adjusting the whole system. Like StoreHippo is a headless platform that allows you to be more creative and create your own user experiences with no forced restrictions.

Why is StoreHippo the best ecommerce platform to adopt a headless commerce solution?

Now is the era of the connected era and new digital touchpoints. If you are also looking for explosive growth in ecommerce, it's time to go headless and explore the new standards of flexibility, adaptability, and customization.

 Adopting a headless platform makes your journey smoother and better. And what makes StoreHippo headless commerce different from the rest is that it is conceptualized and designed on the headless architecture. So, headless is in the DNA of StoreHippo. The 120+ inbuilt integrations 3000+ API endpoints, 300+ inbuilt ecommerce features also makes it the best ecommerce platform for adopting headless architecture.

If you have not explored a headless solution yet, Schedule a 14-day free trial to see all the headless features in action and what you have been missing till now.

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