Why B2B Mobile Commerce Site Is Your Ticket To Success

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  • Why B2B Mobile Commerce Site Is Your Ticket To Success

Want to know the most profitable way to grow a B2B ecommerce business? And by growth, I mean- sales, revenue, customer retention, and wider reach. You can achieve all of these goals by selling on mobiles, also called Mobile commerce

Now you might think that how selling on mobile can bring a difference? The reasons are plenty, let’s look at them below-

  • Around 60% of B2B buyers have purchased products for their online business

  • 24% of B2B ecommerce buyers have purchased using mobiles (source)

  • 85% of B2B buyers require the content on B2B sites to be optimized for mobile devices (source)

  • 56% of B2B buyers said that they frequent B2B sites through their smartphones

How can you take advantage of the mobile commerce boost? It's clear enough from the study that you should stress making your B2B ecommerce site mobile-ready

How to make a mobile-friendly B2B website?

  • Choose a mobile-responsive theme

  • Create a fast-loading website that loads within 2-3 seconds (Fact: Slow loading speeds lead to a poor user experience and cost eCommerce websites millions of dollars each year)

  • Make images and CSS as light as possible (Tip: Compress your images and videos with free tools like)
  • Simplify navigation (Tip: Add a search bar in the header for easy product discovery)
  • Build responsive custom forms to enhance form filling experience on small-sized mobile screens (Tip: Include only essential information you need from your customers like name, email, phone number, address, etc.)

Let's explore the top reasons why you should concentrate on developing B2B mobile commerce sites

1. Reach to customers directly on their most-used device

By 2021, the global smartphone population will rise to 3.8 billion,  which is almost half of the world population. Each B2B mobile user is a potential customer to convert and generate sales. So it is very important to build a mobile commerce website, so that you can increase your chances of appearing in mobile search results of Google. Why? Because Google gives preferences to mobile optimised where users spend most time and does not bounce back.

To rank higher and reach your customers, you need to create an amazing buying experience on a mobile website  and make it SEO-friendly.  

How to reach mobile users with StoreHippo marketing tools? 

Unified notifications: Through StoreHippo unified notifications, you can alert your B2B buyers on new product launches, offers etc. 

Discount Engine: You can create personalized coupons codes for your customers by using StoreHippo's Discount Engine feature. 

SEO tools: StoreHippo SEO tools help you in reaching your audience, searching for your products on Google or any other search engines. Using tools, you can write meta titles, descriptions, alt text, keywords, etc straight from the dashboard. 

Mobile-friendly Themes: StoreHippo also has rich collection themes and templates which are mobile optimised, by default.

2. Sell on multiple channels and grow audience

Do you know? An average B2B buyer uses 6 different channels (source) to interact with brands along their path to purchase. Unfortunately, the same report shows that 65% of these buyers experience frustration many times along this journey.

 Customers shift between devices and platforms to buy products. For example, customers can start their purchase journey on Facebook’s app(after seeing your ads) and go to your mobile website, and from there to your mobile app

With the presence of multiple channels, brands can drive repeat purchases, by giving customers expectations. 

Give omnichannel experience with StoreHippo B2B ecommerce platform 

StoreHippo uses a headless architecture to offer ultra-fast, and personalized shopping experiences, across all the channels. With headless CMS, you can easily edit site content, without touching the backend code. Hence, creating unique marketing pages that cater to a specific set of audiences is easy. 

3. Improve customer mobile shopping experience

90% of B2B buyers will repurchase from the same brand if it ensures a phenomenal mobile experience during the first purchase. They expect similar shopping experiences as they receive from B2C online stores. They don't want to interact with a salesperson until it’s time to negotiate and close the deal.

Hence, a frictionless mobile experience will enhance brand value in the eyes of first-time buyers. 

How to simplify the B2B buying process on mobile?  

  • Give mobile-friendly payment gateways

  • Offer easy search functionality    

  • Shorten your checkout process and offer one-page checkout

  • Create a mobile responsive site 

  • Build a mobile app for fast and effortless buying

Offer phenomenal customer experience with StoreHippo B2B ecommerce platform  

StoreHippo uses PWA architecture that allows store owners to build app-like sites in a few clicks. PWA sites, also called progressive web apps, load 4x faster than a mobile-responsive site. 

StoreHippo also supports one-click integration of payment gateways, which further enhances the mobile experience. 

4. Higher growth Potential in the coming years

With Google giving more preference to mobile-optimized sites, the growth potential is high for brands with mobile-friendly ecommerce sites.

How mobile-friendly B2B sites can grow your brand?

  • 50% of B2B queries are made on a smartphone (source). This means you get the opportunity to attract buyers and convert them

  • Google considers the loading speed of your mobile site when determining your site's search ranking. By optimizing you can grow traffic as well as Google rankings

Examples of B2B ecommerce companies who have broken their own sales record 

1. Indiamart

An Indian B2B marketplace that hosts 1.38 million daily visitors and 1.5 million sellers.  Indiamart app has more than 10 million downloads, with 4.7 ratings. Moreover, 81% of the site traffic comes from mobile devices, which is huge. This proves that their website is mobile-friendly which is why customers are willing to visit it regularly.

2. Ali Baba

Alibaba has a network of 18+ million buyers and sellers, situated across 240+ countries. It sells products in 40 industry categories, which makes it the best B2B ecommerce marketplace for global customers. 

Why is Alibaba so successful? 

Because Alibaba focuses on customer needs. Alibaba collects online customer behavior data via advertising. Then, creates a list of people who can buy products at a wholesale price. They also tailor their product recommendations based on customer habits. As they sell in multiple markets, providing the same product to different markets in a personalized way paves the way towards success.

Grow your business with a B2B ecommerce platform

Want to capture mobile users via the app? StoreHippo mobile commerce platform has an inbuilt mobile app builder, using which you can develop a codeless app right from the dashboard. 

To accelerate purchases on your app, you can leverage our push notification tools to create personalized offers/alerts, for a set of customers. And to improve your store search visibility on Google, our inbuilt SEO tools are there. 

Other marketing tools include a discount engine for discount creation, email marketing tools for sending automated emails, and analytics tools to monitor site performance and traffic. 


Undoubtedly, a mobile commerce site is a must-have for all B2B online businesses, which aspire to grow in terms of revenue and customers.

After all, you should be selling there where your customers are spending most of their time i.e. smartphones.

And do you know what customers want from the site? They need -

  • Convenience while shopping via mobiles

  • Fast mobile browsing and navigation experience 

  • Easy Accessibility on mobile devices

And all of this can only be achieved via mobile sites and applications. Launch a mobile commerce site and app with StoreHippo’s B2B ecommerce platform. Get started with a 14 days free trial to experience the real-time website.

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B2B ecommerce buyers are now demanding the same services as the B2C ecommerce. Therefore a B2B app is now a necessity to gauge the potential of mobile commerce for businesses. This article provides extensive information about how B2B brands can increase their ticket sizes by effectively increasing the number of basic channels.

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