Trending now: Fast-growing Online Jewellery Market

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  • Trending now: Fast-growing Online Jewellery Market

Jewellery is a valuable commodity and it has been valued as a prized possession since time immemorial. It is traditionally purchased for its visual appeal as an accessory and with an eye on investment for future. Today e-tailing has emerged as a fast-growing segment and what’s trending now is the online jewellery marketplace.
The E-commerce industry has brought a virtual revolution and jewellery can now be purchased online while choosing from a multitude of designs right in the comfort of your home. Until a few years back nobody could even think about buying jewellery online. Now, the craze is fast catching up with online retailers like and offering attractive discounts and offers. Recently, former Tata group chairman, Ratan Tata has made a personal investment in online jewellery retailer Bluestone, which has been attracting a lot of interest amongst investors and venture capital firms. E-retailers are selling all kinds of jewellery-diamond, gold, silver and artificial jewellery. The demand for imitation jewellery has shot up due to steady rise in gold and silver prices over the last few years.
The online medium has the benefit of setting up your online store without investing in the physical infrastructure required by retail shops. It will help you to reach a wide base of customers. The online jewellery market is one of the fastest growing segments in the Indian economy, and it’s a new segment for jewellery retailer to explore and take advantage of. So, it makes perfect sense to create your own online jewellery store.

So, how do you build your own online jewellery store?

Here’s your solution- StoreHippo, the new age e-Commerce platform, provides all the support to create customized jewellery stores for prospective jewellers willing to sell their products online. StoreHippo fully understands the need of online jewellery stores and has restyled its services to create a luxurious look and feel which caters to the visual appeal of jewellery buyers. The platform is designed in such a way that it provides a simple yet effective interface for jewellers to sell their products online.

Latest technology for super-fast performance

StoreHippo offers the benefit of latest technology stack combined with mobile first architecture, and is the easiest and surest way for merchants to build and deploy their e-Commerce website in no time. The contemporary themes of these stores complement the luxurious lineup of products like jewellery. StoreHippo’s latest technology stack (MEAN - MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js) guarantees super-fast performance of the stores and make the experience of browsing through the store seamless for the consumers. StoreHippo thrives on working with emerging technology to provide the best and most convenient selling and buying experience. 

Amazing add-on features

The ‘Search’ feature on our specially themed stores makes it possible for the consumers to look up for a particular design or variant. Our mobile ready interface keeps the store fully functional on any device used by the buyers.  The platform also offers a multi-currency and multi-lingual option for enabling merchants to establish a global client base; making it truly a unique offering. Merchants can also buy their own domain for their online store. Moreover, social media integration enables end-users to spread the good word about the stores.

Easy payment solutions and customised logistics

StoreHippo’s alliance with major payment gateway partners has enabled it to offer lowest transaction fees. Collaboration with specialised logistic partners makes it easier to ship high-value consignment like jewellery in a jiffy.  StoreHippo has virtually revolutionised the process of jewellery trading activity in India. Its latest technology stack and cutting-edge expertise makes selling and shopping online for high-value items like jewellery a seamless and rewarding experience.
E-commerce jewellery stores like and have already popularised the concept of online jewellery stores in India. Setting up such elaborate digital stores may seem an intimidating task to jewellery merchants; but now, thanks to StoreHippo, launching a functional and feature-rich digital jewellery store has now become an achievable reality, and is just a few clicks away!

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