Top 8 online marketplace features that make it customers' favourite

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  • Top 8 online marketplace features that make it customers' favourite

Each enterprise business looks for tips and tricks to increase conversions on their online marketplace

We bet you are working hard to get your customers’ attention to your marketplace website as well.

But is it bearing fruits? Are you able to grow your ecommerce business? 

If not, let us break to you that customer buying habits are changing drastically.

And only when you adhere to the evolving trends, can your multi vendor marketplace become your customers’ favourite. 

Wondering how the customer habits are changing? 

Here are some trends to help you understand buyer behaviour.

  • 86% of consumers will use at least 2 different channels for a single purchase 
  • 61% of consumers are willing to pay more to have their products delivered on the same day
  • 87% of customers spend less or entirely abandon brands that lack effective customer service
  • 92% of consumers claim to be willing to buy again from channels that offer easy returns, 
  • 60% of shoppers say they are more likely to be repeat customers when offered personalized shopping experiences on marketplace website

Source: Intelligence node 

Well, the Covid period has influenced buyer habits to a large degree and for good. The new-age customers look for an enhanced multi-channel shopping experience with personalized buyer journeys, quick order delivery, multiple payment options and much more. 

Are you equipped enough to create cutting-edge solutions with the right features to offer the customers exactly what they are looking for? Let’s find out.

Top 8 features to make your online marketplace customers’ favourite

In the process of becoming your customers’ favourite, marketplace websites need to pay special attention to the features they are offering. They must identify the pain points that stand between them and their customers and quickly work upon mitigating those frictions. It is important to be sure to invest in features that matter the most to your customers. 

Here are top 8 features that your customers look forward to on your ecommerce marketplace: 

Quick search and easy navigation

Categorized with a large number of products, shopping on your online marketplace must not be time consuming. The formula here is simple: the easier it is to navigate from one point to another, back and forth, from one category to the other, the better are the chances for your customers to return. By providing easy navigation and quick search to the customers, you facilitate easy shopping and boost your conversions manifold.

StoreHippo multi vendor solution offers easy navigation and fast loading page speed to help you offer a seamless shopping experience to your customers. Your buyers can fluidly move back and forth the website. StoreHippo also comes with a faceted search feature to help you promote discoverability and better user experience on your marketplace website. You can narrow down the searches to make them intuitive and fast for quicker conversions.

Detailed product descriptions

The secret recipe to becoming your customers’ number one brand is offering them detailed product descriptions. Yes, it is the least talked-about feature but holds immense power. With detailed descriptions, high quality images and 360-degree videos of your products, the customers are bound to stay glued to your website. Offer your customers a compelling and engaging product description that helps them make buying decisions faster.

You can build comprehensive product pages on your online marketplace with StoreHippo’s product management system. It helps you offer a detailed look and feel of your products with a variety of product images and videos to engage your customers better and help them understand the product better. You can also translate product details and descriptions into any language of your choice using the multilingual feature by StoreHippo. 

Ease of shopping on mobile devices

63% of mobile phone users prefer buying from a company owning a mobile app or mobile website. Yes, an online buying journey is incomplete unless you offer ease of shopping on mobile devices. Customers love a marketplace website that allows them to shop on the go, and you do not want to be the brand that stands between your customers and their ease of shopping. 

StoreHippo ecommerce solutions are built on a mobile-first approach. It comes with an in-built mobile apps builder to help you build Android and iOS apps without any additional cost or coding requirements. The marketplaces powered by StoreHippo are PWA stores that look, feel, and work like mobile apps even on entry-level devices with poor internet connectivity. StoreHippo also provides built-in apps for delivery boys, vendors and admins to help them manage the business on the go. 

Multiple offers and discounts

To have repeat customers on your online marketplace, make sure you provide them with multiple offers and discounts as well. With 80% of consumers willing to share personal data in exchange for deals and offers, enterprise brands must come up with offers and discounts to convert more customers to their platform. 

StoreHippo comes with a powerful built-in discount engine and promotion tools that help you offer multi-level discounts on your marketplace. You can implement product-level discounts, order-based discounts, flash sales using coupon codes, time-specific discounts, seller-specific discounts etc on your multi vendor marketplace with StoreHippo. You can quickly boost your sales as you offer unique discounts on each product that automatically gets applied during checkout. 

Multi-channel engagement 

Buying journeys are no longer linear, customers love to research products on various channels before making a final purchase. It thus becomes imperative for you to be present on each channel your customer goes on. Yes, more than 80% of the brands are investing in omnichannel solutions today. 

StoreHippo helps you add multiple customer touchpoints using the same backend logic and APIs in just a few clicks. With the best-in-class omnichannel solutions for your marketplace website, you can connect, engage, and convert your customers with much ease. StoreHippo also offers 300+ API endpoints to create seamless omnichannel buying experiences. You can get better customer insights from various channels and leverage data-driven insights to achieve higher ROI.

Multiple payment gateways

A long and complex checkout process hinders your growth and blocks the way to becoming your customers’ first choice. As you offer multiple payment methods on your marketplace, you also offer your customers ease of paying using their preferred payment option. With a wide spectrum of options at their disposal, customers feel confident and comfortable purchasing from your online marketplace, thus entailing larger order volumes.

StoreHippo ecommerce solutions come with a host of digital payment solutions. With 60+ pre-integrated domestic and international payment gateways, you can provide your customers ease of shopping with choice of using their preferred payment options. You can also implement multiple payment gateways based on the location or device of your buyers. 

Quick order tracking 

Customers love to be in control and the ability to track their orders and be on top of the delivery process details makes them happy about buying from your marketplace brand. If you notify your customers when their order has been approved, processed, shipped, and/or ready for delivery, you become their go-to brand. 

Using the order management system from StoreHippo, you can enable the features to help your customers track and manage their orders seamlessly on your multi vendor marketplace. StoreHippo offers an automated and simplified order tracking system so customers get a transparent view of their order processing and shipment tracking status. They can also review their orders, cancel orders, initiate returns, and even reorder past orders seamlessly.

Easy to connect with customer service

Effective customer service is an integral part of a happy buyer’s journey. Failing to provide so, you might be looking at abandoned carts and no repeat purchases. To acquire and retain customers, you must excel at customer service and attend to your customers’ queries ASAP. 

StoreHippo aids you in making your customer service exemplary. You can arm your marketplace website’s support team with the best-in-class tools by integrating multi-channel support solutions. With StoreHippo you can integrate a host of automated tools and features like live chat and chat bots and  send personalized notifications to your customers for abandoned carts, or price query. 


With loads of online marketplaces being available to customers today, it is undeniably important to carve your own niche. And as easy as it may sound, it is not a cakewalk to become your customers' first pick. You need cutting-edge ecommerce solutions to implement the aforementioned features on your marketplace website. 

StoreHippo multi vendor marketplace builder is a full-fledged solution offering 300+ inbuilt features. The future-ready technology, mobile-first approach and other enterprise-grade features help you to reduce cost, improve efficiency, and acquire more customers seamlessly. The SaaS-based platform helps you seamlessly cope with the changing market dynamics and offers 360-degree solutions to future-proof your marketplace website. 

So are you ready to make your online marketplace customers’ favorite with StoreHippo? Explore the wide range of features by starting your 14-day trial now.

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