Top 5 T Shirt Multi Vendor Marketplaces in India

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  • Top 5 T Shirt Multi Vendor Marketplaces in India

Want a readymade, step-by-step guide to set up your T shirt multi vendor marketplace? Well, you are at the right place, Because, I am going to reveal some of the tried and tested ways to start your online T shirt store

And for that, I will be listing 5 influential t shirt ecommerce retailers in India that are doing great in terms of revenue growth.

You will be getting rich and confidential information on how these ecommerce brands became customer choices. Read till the end. As there is a secret recipe on how to sell t shirts by using the best marketplace builder. (That’s my promise).

Let’s start digging

5 T shirt multi vendor marketplaces in India earning six-figure revenue 

1. Teestory

The most popular marketplace that is selling t shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, stickers, and badgest to indian cities.

5 steps to earn revenue and customer trust

  • International cartoons, movies and web series prints are used to sell T shirt online. This is good technique to attract millennial buyers(22-38 years)

  • SSL certificates and other security seals are displayed on the website to ensure customer payment safety.

  • Integrated payment gateways are used to provide flexibility in payment. This includes mobile wallets, bank transfers, creditcards, debit cards, net banking, and COD.

  • Product categorization has been intelligently placed to help confused customers and push them towards the cart page. 

  • Unique offers like exchange offers, and 15 days money back guarantee.

  • Use of discount coupons to attract maximum purchases. For example-  Code 3TEES to get Rs 200 off on purchase of 3 tees.

2. Bewakoof

Their multi vendor marketplace is so intriguing and conversion friendly, that no customer would leave the website without placing an order. 

5 steps to attract returning customers and more orders

  • Attractive website design that is fast to load and device responsive. This means that buyers can easily buy from mobile, tablets desktops, with no speed or design barriers). 

  • High converting Home page with effective usage of graphics, clear product images, call to action text, sliders, and proper linking.

  • Navigation drop down menu to help customers find and shop the required products for which they landed on the website. 

  • Personalized shopping experience through product filtration option and recommendations.

  • 10+ payment gateways are integrated on the marketplace for easy checkouts and less cart abandonment (customers left the cart if their preferred payment options are not available). 

3. The Souled store

They sell t shirts that are themed on superheroes, cartoons, hollywood movies, bollywood movies, music, etc. 

The revenue does not alone come from selling tshirts online, but also from apparel categories. 

4 steps taken to increase customer trust and revenue

  • Launched irresistible offers on thor entire product categories. Like-  70% discount, free delivery, early access, gift coupons. 

  • Navigation menu bar in the website’s header part.

  • High converting product pages with details like- price, description, t shirt size, clear images, item color, delivery time.

  • Social media integration and presence of social media icons on each product page for one click sharing.

4. WYO

A multi vendor marketplace that sells t shirts with cool, funny texts and images that win customer attention in seconds, and make them press the “Add To Cart” button, immediately. 

4 steps to Earn revenue and customer trust

  • Homepage with impressive products segregation with proper internal linking- menswear from 299, womenswear from 449, family t shirts from 499, etc.

  • Supports multi currency payments to target both national and international buyers. 

  • Easy login or sign up, with facebook ID/Gmail ID /mobile number. 

  • Discount promotion on website for various categories. For example - buy 2 save up to Rs 80.


OSOM is an animated graphic t shirt store in India that offers unique and quirky designs for both men and women. They offer fast delivery services that earn them customers' trust.

3 steps to bring customer on their marketplace 

  • Fast loading website easy to use interface that offers a seamless shopping experience

  • Informative menu bar that tells customers about products and caters to their interest. Such as TV & movies t-shirts, Comics t-shirts, etc

  • Search widget for easy product discovery

Build online T shirt website with best marketplace builder: A complete process by StoreHippo 

With recent market fluctuation, consumer spending has shifted online and moved away from brick-and-mortar retail. 

How to walk with the trend? To match the increasing interest in online shopping, you need to shift to an online marketplace

Consequently, you need the best marketplace builder to create a successful T shirt store, like Bewakoof. 

Here I am listing 5 features to look before purchasing a website builder

  • Multi feature themes

Choose a theme that is mobile responsive, loads quickly on every device, customizable, and easy to handle with no complex coding required.

  • Integrated payment gateway

Give a seamless checkout experience by activating national and international payment channels on your online store. Make sure it is pre integrated, otherwise you need extra time to integrate the same.

  • Mobile app support & PWA

This feature is great for capturing mobile buyers and escalating mobiles sales. With PWA(progresive web apps) technology, your ecommerce website will run like fast mobile apps on smartphones.

  • Multi vendor support

In case, you have plans to invite multiple vendors on your marketplace, you should have the option to allot a unique vendor dashboard. This will allow each vendor to upload products, complete orders, etc by themselves.

  • Logistics support

To be able to deliver your products timely, an integrated shipping solution is critical. The marketplace builder should have multiple delivery partners to choose from. 

StoreHippo let’s you sell t shirt online with all of the features mentioned above. It also offer

4 Essentials steps to starting your online T shirt store

1. Research target audience

To be successful, knowing about your customers is crucial. I know your next question - What to research in target customers? For this, you need data on -

  • Current behaviour

  • Likes and dislikes

  • Location, Income, Age and more

Analyse the data and build your website based on key findings. This way you will have an idea on how to go further.

2. Build an online store

Next buy a domain name and best marketplace builder. Choose a theme that is customizable, responsive, fast to load and attractive. Integrate your multi vendor marketplace website with essential services. Such as payment gateways, shipping solutions, etc.

StoreHippo has 100+ themes that can be customized and comes with integrated payment services.

3. Add products pages and category page

List down the category and product pages you want to create on your marketplace. These can be the products that you offer and want revenue. 

You can easily create a new page from the StoreHippo dashboard by visiting Site > Pages section> Add new button. Afterwards, you can design a page and upload content in a few clicks.

4. Launch your website and start marketing

Once, you have created pages, menu and uploaded products. Next step is to test and make your website live for your target audience. 

Then, start promotions on social media and search engines, to build brand awareness, bring online buyers to your website and convert them.

Final words

Now when you have got the roadmap on - how to sell t shirts online, you know your next move i.e. choose the best marketplace builder and get started. 

StoreHippo gives you a 14 day free trial to build your online T shirt business. Sign up now!

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