Top 5 Solar Products Multi Vendor Marketplaces In India

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  • Top 5 Solar Products Multi Vendor Marketplaces In India

It is no secret that India is one of the most energy-hungry countries. A recent analysis from BP estimated that the share of India in global energy demand will get doubled by 2040. It clearly shows the way renewable energy is establishing itself as the technology of choice in the country.

So, the upcoming years sound very interesting for the solar products. Isn’t it?

Let’s explore some driving factors that are increasing the popularity of solar energy 

Source: Pew survey results

  • 87% people want to help the environment 

  • 90% people consider that solar panel save money on the utility bills

  • 62% people feel that solar products are better for their health

  • 60% people seek the solar tax investment benefits

With the ever-increasing enthusiasm of people to utilize solar power, the top multi vendor marketplaces are making rapid strides in the industry. 

List of top 5 companies who are acing the Indian solar market

1. India Go Solar

This is one of the early innovators in the solar ecommerce marketplace. The primary objective of the company is to buy and sell solar products/projects online. It has developed a high-tech platform that houses thousands of roof top projects, solar products, and related services online. The company has also gained tremendous popularity by delivering tailor-made solutions.

2. India Solar Market

This marketplace app allows buyers to connect with solar equipment manufacturers, solar EPC companies. The company has gained traction by placing all the solar related manufacturers, suppliers, companies and consultants at one platform.

3. Its My Sun

This online marketplace provides high yield rooftop solar solutions and innovative financing to retail and industrial clients. The company is expanding and adding industrial and institutional clients to its network.

4. Solar Bazar

The company was established in the year 2013 with the motive of supplying and building cost-free solar solutions through continuous innovations. The marketplace app has a strong vision to support poor and needy people of rural backgrounds and share their 2% of annual profit to help such people. 

5. SolarFeeds

Solar feeds marketplace is a wholesale distributor of solar energy equipment. It also deals in a trading platform where suppliers can sell directly to the buyers.

Having recognized in the year 2010, the solar products have shown consistent growth and innovation. This in turn has helped the industry to reach economies of scale in a short span of time and made India the cheapest solar power producer across the world. And there is no better time to leverage this market and launch your own online marketplace

If you are ready to achieve a new breakthrough in your business too, read on to get a complete guide to start your multi vendor marketplace

How StoreHippo helps you to build a solar products marketplace in India?

  • Build and customize your online store with drag and drop features

While opening an online store and technology advancement seems to be a heavy investment, it is actually not the case. You can easily build and customize your online marketplace with easy to use drag and drop features. Technology does not always mean a huge IT team handling the large company infrastructure.

With StoreHippo, you can build and even customize your online solar products store – all by yourself. As soon as you decide to start your online business, you can access the professionally designed themes to create your store, design the elements of your store with simple drag and drop tools, customize your store to fulfil your special business requirements. Isn’t it a perfect DIY (Do-It-Yourself) solution for you?

  • Global features to reach customers worldwide

With the increasing demand of electricity, the solar products business is not only booming in India but it is winning all over the globe. Well, you need not have your physical presence to run an online global business. The best ecommerce platform can help you go global without any hassles.

StoreHippo offers a full-fledged global solution by offering multilingual, multicurrency and secured multi vendor marketplace. It helps you to deal with your customers in just the way they want like local language, currency acceptance, international shipping, and more. Start exploring the world with us.

  • Attain more customers for solar products with mobile commerce

Be it a daily grocery item or a large-scale solar project, mobile has become the one-stop buying platform for the customers. Creating an online store without a mobile-first approach can lead to a huge business cost to you.

Unlike most of the ecommerce platforms, StoreHippo has considered mobile commerce as a primary need and leaped ahead with advanced mobile features. You need not to wait to get going with your online store and then develop mobile solutions after ages. With StoreHippo, you can create a marketplace app in the initial stages of development, that too without any additional cost and effort. The PWA (Progressive Web Apps) computability takes the mobile experience of your users to the next level by providing the native-app like experience.

  • B2B + B2C solution to expand your solar products business

Like you must have noticed that the top players in the solar industry are dealing with manufacturers, distributors, and other companies, you will also need a platform that supports B2C as well as B2B features. The good news here is that you need not to work with different ecommerce platforms. Instead, you can have it all at one place with StoreHippo.

It provides a big-time freedom to launch your marketplace app while supporting your B2C and B2B needs. You can easily create a niche business to sell different products in the solar category or run a business-to-business online marketplace.

  • Automated marketing solution for better conversions

Marketing strategies do not work only for the brick-mortar stores, they are super important for your multi vendor marketplaces as well. With the ever-growing popularity of solar business, the competition is increasing too. The difference here is you can develop different types of customized marketing strategies and implement it at much lesser cost.

Yes, StoreHippo lets you develop your customer-driven marketing tactics like enquiry forms, wish lists, customized coupon codes, vouchers based on location, user group and devices, and much more to drive consistent traffic on your marketplace app. Along with these dynamic marketing features, it also supports your marketing plan with SEO-optimized tools and functionalities to outgrow your competitors.

Final words

Get started to secure your renewable future with StoreHippo 

Due to the overwhelming popularity of solar power, there is no better reason to believe in this market opportunity. And if you are already a solar products business owner, it is the perfect time to make your web presence count and make your business grow more.

Creating your marketplace app with StoreHippo covers all the must-have features for your successful online store. And it also saves a huge amount of time and money. Experience the DIY platform by starting your 14-day free trial with us.

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