Top 5 Sellers Apps To Help Indian Sellers Join ONDC

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  • Top 5 Sellers Apps To Help Indian Sellers Join ONDC

ONDC has been creating a buzz ever since its inception. Touted as the UPI for ecommerce, Open Network For Digital Commerce aims to democratize ecommerce in India by creating a level playing field for MSMEs. With the open network for ecommerce in place, MSMEs can register themselves on the network and reach out to customers pan-India.

To put it in perspective, ONDC enables small and medium sellers to have an online presence and compete along with industry bigwigs like Amazon, Flipkart etc. to reach customers anywhere in India. 

How will ONDC work?

The revolutionary open network creates a framework where all the existing online buyers can use some buyer app registered on the network to discover products and services sold by the sellers. The sellers registered on the network, use buyer apps to list their products and make them discoverable when any buyer searches for a product.

Let us understand this with a real-life example. Suppose a buyer Mohan Kumar is planning to buy basmati rice. He searches for basmati rice on the ONDC network. His request will be processed by the multi-domain network registry which will show all the sellers on the ONDC network that are selling basmati rice. This means that Mohan will be able to choose the best product that suits his budget instead of being limited by any platform like Amazon or Flipkart which will show him only a few sellers registered with their platform.

What is the ONDC Seller App?

ONDC seller app is the software that offers end-to-end solutions to sellers to list, showcase and sell their products to millions of customers across India via the Government of India-backed Open Network for Digital Commerce. Seller app helps various SME businesses, D2C sellers, dealers, individuals etc. to register on the open network and scale their business digitally.

Various ecommerce solution providers have offered their seller apps for merchants planning to join ONDC. The top 5 seller apps to start selling quickly on ONDC are:

  1. Mystore seller app for ONDC

  2. eSamudaay app

  3. GOFRUGAL Technologies ERP and seller app 

  4. Growth Falcons app for F&B sellers

  5. SellerApp

How does the ONDC Seller App work?

The ONDC seller app is basically an interface that helps merchants create an online store for their business. It also registers the sellers for the ONDC network and helps them specify their service area, GSTIN and other details. After completing the process sellers can be discoverable on the open network for ecommerce whenever a buyer searches for a product sold by the seller.

For example, Mr Ravi Gupta registers his store “ Guptakirana” on the ONDC network and lists different grocery items for selling in a range of 10 kilometres. When the buyer Mohan Kumar from the previous example searches for “basmati rice” on his buyer app, he will be shown the varieties and rates of basmati rice sold by Mr Ravi Gupta and other sellers selling the same product as below.

Seller Name                       Product                   Rate             Shipping Charges

Guptakirana                       Basmati Rice         175/kg                         None

RKGeneralStore                  Basmati Rice         195/kg                        Rs. 18

RKGeneralStore                  Basmati Rice         155/kg                        Rs. 45

Clearly, buying from Guptakirana is the most profitable deal for Mohan Kumar and so he will place an order on Mr. Gupta’s store. 

Once the payment is made, Guptakirana can see the order in its admin panel and align the item for shipment using either a delivery partner or its own fleet of delivery boys.

Top 5 Seller Apps to start selling on the ONDC network

While selling on the open digital network opens up huge growth avenues for merchants and SMEs, they need an interface that connects their business with the end customers. For this purpose, they need reliable seller apps that help them more buyers and manage their business effortlessly.

To help merchants make an informed decision, StoreHippo brings the list of 5 best ONDC seller apps. Here we go:


Mystore® is an ONDC-connected marketplace, launched by StoreHippo to facilitate SMEs across India in making the most of the ONDC network. Mystore offers an ecommerce store to sellers at ZERO subscription cost. The same cutting-edge technology (MEAN stack, MACH architecture, SPA, decoupled headless solutions) that has been powering enterprise brands on StoreHippo is used to build high-performance, mobile-ready online stores for SMEs.

Mystore offers a feature-rich admin dashboard and a gamut of built-in tools to manage the end-to-end business. Sellers who have never been online and don’t have much technical know-how can also operate the easy and seamless Mystore admin panel easily. 

Mystore also offers seamless integrations with payment gateways, logistics providers, mail providers, SMS providers and other integrations to make the online journey seamless and hassle-free.

Merchants using other platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento etc. can also migrate easily to Mystore and start selling their products on the ONDC network. Mystore supports businesses across 40+ industry verticals pan India.


eSamudaay the platform built to support local economies across India is offering a seller app for merchants planning to register with ONDC. The eSamudaay seller app simplifies order processing and managing for merchants. It offers solutions to accept orders, manage product catalogues, manage stock status and handle the order fulfilment.

Currently, the eSamudaay buyer app is onboarding businesses from the grocery and food and beverages segment. The app is functional for sellers selling in Bengaluru, Shillong, Lucknow, Bijnor, Udupi, Meerut, Kaup and Cuttack through the ONDC network.

GOFRUGAL technologies

GOFRUGAL offers ERP solutions for Open Network for Digital commerce. Merchants using the GOFRUGAL seller app can go for omnichannel selling with the app. Their customers can shop from the merchant’s shop using different channels, where channel-specific inventory and pricing are displayed to them. All the sales, accounts and inventory data can be seen from the admin panel which also offers reports.

The GOFRUGAL Technologies buyer app is ready to onboard  Grocery sellers from 50+ cities which include Bangalore, Bhopal, Chandausi, Chennai, Chindwara, Chittoor, Coimbatore, Delhi, Ernakulam, Gangtok, Jaipur, Kanchipuram, Kanpur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Noida, Pune, Pollachi, Ramanathapuram, Theni, Thiruvallur, Tindivanam, Tirunelveli, Vijayawada and Vizianagaram.

Growth Falcons

Growth Falcons the AI-based growth marketing agency has developed its ONDC seller app to facilitate Food and Beverage brands and restaurants to get onboarded seamlessly on the open digital network. Growth Falcon offers quick onboarding, analytics and integrated logistics to the sellers. 

The Groth Falcons app is currently available for F&B brands and restaurants in Bengaluru and New Delhi.


SellerApp and YES BANK have collaborated to offer YES BANK’s corporate customers a seller app for selling on the Open Network for Digital Commerce. SellerApp offers catalouge, inventory, customer, orders and reports functionalities to its merchant clients. 

SellerApp is currently onboarding Grocery and Home & Decor sellers to the ONDC portal. It is available for sellers in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Bangalore, Greater Noida, Vadodara, Indore, Mangalore, Jaipur, Moradabad, Bareli, Lucknow, Faridabad, Chennai and Thiruvananthapuram.


ONDC has opened up new possibilities for growth for small and medium sellers through digital channels. Using the advanced and feature-rich seller apps offline retailers can register their presence on the open network for digital commerce quickly and start growing their reach to markets beyond their geographical location.

However, they should choose their seller app only after doing a careful review of all the seller apps available with ONDC. Storehippo Mystore seller app offers an edge to the merchants as it offers a gamut of features currently not available with any other ONDC seller app. Also, Mystore offers premium plans with advanced features and omnichannel solutions for different stages of fast-growing businesses.   

Ready to join the ONDC revolution? Get started right away by registering on Mystore.

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