Top 5 Pet Products Multi Vendor Marketplaces in India

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  • Top 5 Pet Products Multi Vendor Marketplaces in India

We love pets, but adopting them comes with its own set of responsibilities. You have to buy pet food, make rounds to the vet, play with them, and so on. Thankfully, one of these things has been made easy by technology – purchasing of pet products. With the rise of ecommerce in today’s times, you don’t have to step out of home every now and then to get your pet’s needs addressed. You can simply buy things online!

Pet care ecommerce is a big market. The global pet care e-commerce market size is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.3% from 2020 to 2027, according to a report (source). Which brands make the pet care ecommerce market in India so great?

Here are the top 5 pet products marketplaces in India

1. Pet Sutra

Pet Sutra is one of the top marketplaces selling products for dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, turtles, birds, and aquatic animals. It sells products of different brands from all across the globe, such as Orijen, Acana, Taste of the Wild, and Bio-Groom (USA), Farmina N&D (Italy), Arden Grange (UK), and so on. Headquartered at Gurgaon, it offers same day delivery for the customers in Gurgaon. Apart from this, it has launched a platform called COPS where different pet owners can share information and awareness. It also offers its users credits called COP Cash which can be redeemed on their next purchase. 

2. Woofs n Wags

This is another leading multi vendor marketplace in India selling supplies for animals including dogs, cats, fish, birds, hamster, guinea pigs, and turtles. It has a big variety of products available in the store such as dog beds, aquarium maintenance products, bird cages, pet walking accessories, and so on. It sells products from brands such as Flexi, Petkin, Trixie, Savic, Sporn, and many more. A unique feature of WnW is the different sub-stores such as Store 99, Store 199, and Store 299 selling products under Rs 99, Rs 199, and Rs 299 respectively. 

3. Pets World 

Pets World was established in 2011 to address the increasing requirement of pet products in India. It sells products for pets such as dogs, cats, fish, birds, and small animals such as chinchilla, rabbit, squirrel, etc. It has a variety of products available on the store such as dry and gravy food, leashes and accessories, calcium supplements, eye care products, toys, and a lot more. Products from brands such as Pedigree, Royal Canin, Farmina, Kong, Whiskas, and many others are listed on the store.

4. Paws India

Paws India is an online marketplace designed specially to cater to the needs of cats and dogs. A few categories of products sold here are pet accessories, beds, clothes, food bowls, grooming products, and fashion items. One unique offering by Paws India is customized name tags, because why should we limit cool things for just humans, right? This is the perfect place if you’re looking to buy toys for your pet. It offers an exciting range of pet toys such as chew toys, battery operated toys, interactive toys, and much more. 

5. Pupkart

Pupkart is another pet products marketplace in India that offers an array of dog supplies at cheap prices. From dog beds, toys, food, food bowls, training accessories, and shampoo to dog collars and clothes, all dog related needs can be met on Pupkart. Products belonging to brands such as All4pets, Beaphar, Buddy, Canes Venatici, etc. are sold on this marketplace.

Is pet care ecommerce an industry you wish to be associated with? Well, you can start an online pet care ecommerce store or build a marketplace app and get started. StoreHippo is an ecommerce platform on which you can build attractive and efficient marketplaces.

Top 5 features of StoreHippo you should know about

1. Multi-Store

While on a personal level you might have to choose one animal over the other, you don’t have to do it in your store. On StoreHippo, you can sell products for different animals such as pups, cats, fish, etc. in the same marketplace and yet give each animal category a different space for itself. How so? You can do so by creating different sub-stores of the main marketplace, one for each animal. This way, customers who are specifically looking for products for a rabbit or hamster would not have to spend time going through dog products. 

Alternatively, you can build sub-stores based on different brands, as a lot of times, pet owners are very specific about the brands they use for their pets and would find this option helpful.

2. Multi-Vendor

When you plan to build a multi vendor marketplace that sells a huge variety of items, vendors become important business partners that have a major role in the overall performance of the marketplace. By building your store on StoreHippo, you can empower your vendors to conduct business on their own. StoreHippo provides a personal dashboard for each of your vendors, which they can use to carry out day-to-day functions, while your job would be to overview the process.

3. Inventory Management

A demand and supply gap can impact any business, especially if the lag is on the supplier’s part. No customer likes the ‘Out of Stock’ notice. However, you won’t have to disappoint your customers if you build your store on StoreHippo. This ecommerce platform will help you keep a track of your inventory, so that you never run out of products. The admin can overview the inventories of different vendors, set rules, and carry out other functions related to inventory management.

4. Discounts

One thing that the customers of all marketplace apps love alike is discounts! Whether it is a coupon, store credits, or something else, discounts are an effective tool to keep your customers happy and engaged, and convince them to shop from your store again. Good news is that you can offer lucrative discounts to your customers using StoreHippo’s discount engine.

5. Unified Notifications

Notifications are important for all – be it customers, vendors, or the store owner. Customers expect a notification after they successfully place an order, after the product is shipped and delivered, or in case the order is cancelled. This helps them stay updated with the exact status of the order and offers a peace of mind. Similarly, the vendors of a multi vendor marketplace expect notifications when their products are ordered. 

When you use StoreHippo, you don’t have to worry about managing different notifications, as you can use unified notifications to keep the customers, the vendors, and everyone else updated.


Pet owners are always on the lookout for the best supplies for these beloved creatures, be it pups or guinea pigs. As a result, the demand for good quality pet products has become high, and so has the opportunity to cater to it. 

As more and more pet store businesses are stepping into ecommerce, the online pet supplies industry is getting more structured and competitive. This has opened up exciting business opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs, especially if they love animals!

So, if you’re thinking of starting an online pet supplies store, StoreHippo has the perfect solutions for you. It is a SaaS-based ecommerce platform that offers turnkey solutions to help you set up an online store that pet lovers will just love! The stores built on StoreHippo are scalable, customizable, and mobile-friendly. 

How to know if it’s the right platform for your pet items business? Take a free trial to explore its features and build a multi vendor marketplace right away!

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