Top 5 Organic Product Multi Vendor Marketplaces in India

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  • Top 5 Organic Product Multi Vendor Marketplaces in India

India has come a long way from buying things from mom and pop stores to buying online. And this growth in ecommerce has acted as a catalyst for many industries to reach out to global customers.

One of these flourishing industries is “Organic products”. The global market for these products is expected to reach $327,600 million by 2022 and mark an average growth rate of 16.4% year on year. The rising awareness of health and wellness is fuelling the organic market like never before.  

Owing to this tremendous market growth, there are many stores that sell products online in this category.

Let’s explore the top 5 organic product multi vendor marketplaces in India

1. Live Organic

Live Organics is manufacturer, cultivator and exporter of organic and natural herbs, spices and ayurvedic products. The company has a strong collaboration with more than 600 farmers to ensure the supply of best quality products.

2. Amazon Fresh

Amazon has gained immense popularity as a multi vendor marketplace and gradually entered into the supermarket chains. The company has announced its fresh services in 2017 with two-hour delivery service. Amazon Fresh has a wide range of products as compared to other supermarket chain’s home delivery service.

3. Bigbasket

Bigbasket was launched in 2011 and considered as one of the largest supermarkets in India. The services of Bigbasket were launched when the busy workforce was struggling to allocate time for buying groceries and daily needs. It offers fresh grown PGS-certified fruits and vegetables in eco-friendly paper bags. 

4. Organic Tattva

The company strives to support organic foods and wholesome life print. Organic Tattva has a mission to create a big movement that leads people to switch to better food products and healthier lifestyle. To achieve this mission, the company provides 100% certified, natural, and authentic food products.

5. Patanjali Ayurved

Patanjali Ayurved Limited is a large Indian consumer goods company and valued at US$490 million in 2019. The company was incorporated in 2006 and offers the best quality of Ayurved products.  Patanjali grows organic foods and herbs on its farmland and prides itself on being one of the most environment friendly products.

Get ready to be in the list of leading online organic stores

Undoubtedly, this market has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. If you believe in the concept of using the locally-made and purest commodities, the online marketplace app is just for you. It can help you bring the goodness of nature from multiple sources to a single online platform.

Why mobile app?

Let the mobile commerce facts answer this question.

According to Statistics, the value of m-commerce revenue has grown from USD 50.92 to USD 693.36 from 2014 to 2019. With the flourishing growth of organic products, this industry has a huge scope of success with mobile apps. The technology advancement is not only making lives comfortable and easier, but also boosting the businesses like never before. The billions of mobile phone users are harnessing this opportunity the most and switching from ecommerce to m-commerce.

Mobile apps can help you harness the huge number of mobile users, and attain the loyalty of millennials for your online store. Don’t wait anymore to develop your multi vendor marketplace that can do wonders as a website or mobile app. Stay tuned to discover your  success recipe.  

Do you think it is difficult to build a one-stop shop for organic products? Well, no worries. StoreHippo is here to make this way too easy and convenient for you – that too in a few clicks. Let’s see how it works.

  • Onboard your sellers in no time

When you deal with a multi vendor marketplace, managing vendors becomes a major task. Providing a friendly website with an easy registration process is a great feature you should have in the ecommerce platform. It surely gives a smooth start to the sellers.

  • Let your vendors manage their online business profitably

Onboarding vendors on your marketplace app should be a win-win and must not bound you with endless vendor management tasks. Here, StoreHippo comes to the rescue. It offers an individual vendor dashboard to manage their orders, inventory, customers, profit, losses, and much more.

  • Automate your marketing efforts

Over 75% of the customers prefer to get personalized messages, product recommendations, and offers from brands. Your multi vendor marketplace should include advanced marketing tools. Just like the marketing features of StoreHippo helps you to engage customers with dynamic pages and forms, offer customer, order, group, time, device based discounts. It also allows you to take customer follow-ups for abandoned shopping carts, arrange mass marketing mails, and much more.

  • Easy payment settlements with adaptive payment features

With this feature in your marketplace app, you can eliminate the payment downtime. Like, StoreHippo lets you settle payments for multiple vendors where the order amount gets split by payment gateways. The marketplace admin and seller commissions are also paid automatically.

  • Offer one-stop shipping solution 

No matter what, shipping always remains one of the most important aspects of online business. An efficient shipping solution can save you from a lot of customer complaints and delivery hassles. The one-stop shipping solution offered by StoreHippo includes high-speed shipping options, regular order delivery updates to customers and vendors, easy returns and exchange, discounted shipping, and much more.  

Final Words

Build your successful marketplace app for organic products with StoreHippo

Organic industry is on a constant growth trajectory and millennials are becoming the biggest consumers of organic products today. With the growing demand of healthy living, organic products are one of the best solutions to this quest. The Generation Z are treading the path of their ancestors and switching to the natural solutions. The only difference is that today’s generation wants everything handy like their mobile.

And the marketplace app by StoreHippo solves this purpose amazingly. If you are also inspired by the success of the top 5 organic product marketplaces, NOW is the time to start one of your own and enjoy the success. You must be clear till now that getting into online business requires a full-fledged marketplace platform as it sets your business base. The ready to use tools and features let you create a multi vendor marketplace that is equally beneficial for buyers, sellers, and your business. Start your free trial to experience the marketplace platform on your own.

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