Top 5 must-have hyperlocal features in your e-commerce platform

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  • Top 5 must-have hyperlocal features in your e-commerce platform

If you ask industry insiders about the most sought-after business model currently, hyperlocal commerce would be the unanimous answer.

Wonder why?

Well, the customers today look for two things while shopping online - quick deliveries and a vast product catalog. 

And how do you plan to offer these on your enterprise marketplace

Yes, that’s right. With hyperlocal features in your enterprise ecommerce solutions

Before we start digging into some of the must-have features, let us overview the hyperlocal growth

  • $3,634.3 billion is the forecasted size of the hyperlocal services market by 2027
  • 17.9% is the expected CAGR of hyperlocal services from 2021 to 2027
  • 40% of businesses in the Indian ecommerce industry is associated with hyperlocal commerce
  • 48% of all e-commerce buyers in India are hyperlocal shoppers 

Source: Watconsult

Hyperlocal commerce has all the attention today. The digital buyers are conditioned to shop from marketplaces that provide them super-fast deliveries and a wide option to buy from. And with the hyperlocal model, you can fulfill these criteria and  set your business on an upward growth trajectory., 

Must-have hyperlocal commerce features on your enterprise ecommerce solutions

As an enterprise marketplace, we bet you want to offer the best hyperlocal commerce features to your customers. But wondering how to achieve that?

StoreHippo brings to you 5 must-have features that shape up the growth of your enterprise business:

Scalability and flexibility 

No enterprise business builds their marketplace with the intention of keeping it low-key, but only looks for enhanced growth over time. We bet you do the same. And if you do, you need an enterprise ecommerce solution that matches pace with your business growth. 

So the question here is are you choosing an ecommerce platform that is flexible and scalable? If not, you need to rethink your decision and choose a software that can easily scale and handle fast growth of your business. 

StoreHippo ecommerce solution is built on modern technology that offers a scalable ecommerce platform with advanced functionalities to handle peak load tolerances. With a fully hosted and managed platform and MACH architecture at the core you can build highly composable, scalable and flexible ecommerce systems for fast-growing businesses. The cloud-based infrastructure gives StoreHippo elastic scalability to scale to any number of products, sellers, geo-locations etc. With the inherent flexibility of StoreHippo, you can completely mould your platform for the unique needs of your hyperlocal commerce business. 

Mobile commerce support

80% of smartphone users have made at least one purchase using their mobile device in the last six months. With such an increase in smartphone usage and with the customers loving to shop on-the-go, it becomes imperative to create a hyperlocal marketplace that can be accessed via mobile devices. 

StoreHippo helps you build your Android and iOS apps directly from your admin dashboard with its in-built mobile apps builder in just a few clicks. You can seamlessly build different apps for your multiple hyperlocal stores. 

With StoreHippo enterprise ecommerce solutions, you can also build PWA (Progressive Web Apps) online stores that look, feel and work like mobile apps even on entry level devices. It enables your customers to access your store directly from their browser and have a mobile app-like experience. You not only reach more customers but also get better insights in the buying patterns of your customers.  

Personalized marketing

When you build your hyperlocal enterprise marketplace, it becomes absolutely essential to offer targeted campaigns and personalized marketing. As the customers look for quick delivery of their products, they also look for a personalized shopping experience based on their past purchases and browsing history. 

Powered by the MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless) architecture, StoreHippo offers extensive creative freedom to build personalized and conversion-oriented hyperlocal enterprise marketplaces. With the other advanced features and tools like custom notifications, login, location, or device-based pricing, landing pages with personalized content, etc, you can offer personalized user experience to your customers. StoreHippo also offers a host of global features like inbuilt multilingual, multi-currency, multi-level discounts etc. making it easy for hyperlocal brands to offer personalizations for different audience segments across the globe. 

Support for advanced business models

As your hyperlocal business grows, you look for solutions to diversify your business models. To quickly shift to one model from another, you need enterprise ecommerce solutions that support various hyperlocal business models and help you build custom hybrid solutions as well. 

StoreHippo comes with inbuilt support for diverse business models. The fully hosted and managed enterprise platform comes with battle-tested solutions that help enterprise brands go to the market in record time. With the inherent flexibility and scalability from StoreHippo hyperlocal brands can quickly pivot to new business models easily or combine two or more models to create a hybrid business model. You do not require any additional apps or extensions to build hybrid solutions for your unique business needs.

Streamlined delivery

Streamlined delivery is the backbone of your hyperlocal commerce brand. As you master the art of delivery, you can see a significant difference in your brand’s reputation and growth prospects. It is therefore important to craft a seamless shipping process for your hyperlocal business.  Well, the shipping process starts right after you accept your customer orders, schedule the pick-up from the vendor store and enable tracking of products for your vendor, the customer and your admin teams.

And how do you make the entire process seamless? With StoreHippo enterprise ecommerce solutions. Yes, StoreHippo offers simple automated in-built tools for shipping. You can automate the entire process and complete your hyperlocal orders quickly. Also, StoreHippo comes with a built-in delivery boy module using which your vendors can manage their fleet of delivery boys seamlessly. StoreHippo can also integrate with your local last-mile delivery partners to ensure faster deliveries. 


With the hyperlocal boom and lifestyle modifications, more and more customers are choosing to shop from the comfort of their homes. Now is just about the right time for your hyperlocal commerce business to offer the best-in-class services for the new-age buyers who expect their orders, from grocery to food to everyday essentials. 

The StoreHippo enterprise ecommerce solutions enable the brands to build cutting-edge solutions for their brand. With its 300+ built-in enterprise-grade features and MACH architecture, StoreHippo provides hyperlocal brands with the flexibility to build disruptive enterprise marketplaces that are equipped well-enough to handle the hyperlocal challenges. 

So are you ready to build your hyperlocal ecommerce platform with StoreHippo enterprise ecommerce solutions? Start your 14-day free trial now.

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