Top 5 Medicine And Pharmacy Products Online B2B Marketplaces

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  • Top 5 Medicine And Pharmacy Products Online B2B Marketplaces

Planning to take your wholesale medicines and pharmacy products business online? That’s a phenomenal idea. Want top medicines manufacturers and distributors to sell/buy on your site? Then, B2B Marketplace is the best option to start with.

Now to build a B2B pharmacy marketplace, you should first know your competition and what kind of features they have on their marketplace. Gathering this knowledge will simplify your job of website development, as your competitors have already done all the design and audience research for you. 

Quick Statistic: In a survey conducted by KPMG, there are 8.5 lakh pharmacies, 70,000 distributors, 25k pharmacy marketing companies with over 300k brands in the country. Besides startling figures, the healthcare sector is still lacking in terms of timely delivery of medicines, and a dearth of awareness 

So to take advantage of this gap, let’s first learn from the successful marketplaces that have already built a niche in the market. 

List of top 5 medicine and pharmacy products online B2B marketplaces are:

1. Medibox

An online platform dedicated to pharmacy retailers and distributors to buy and sell healthcare items. They have 2,70,000 retailers and 45,000+ sellers, taking advantage of their platform.

What products do they sell?

They mainly sell medicines in bulk from manufacturers to retailers.

Top features we love about their website 

  • 4 step seller registration process: Process includes email/number registration(1), passwords reset(2), business information submission(3), business address submission(4)

  • E-marketing modules for suppliers/brands: Suppliers can market their products at less cost and gain awareness in less time with modules. Modules include promotion tools, collaborative tools, etc

  • E-distribution module for suppliers/brands to manage their orders from start to finish. Using the module, distributors/manufacturers can automate transactions, order management, customer management, etc

2. PipelinePharma

A global B2B marketplace that gives free-of-cost product registration to pharmaceutical professionals. They have partnered with 400 international pharmaceutical manufacturers and have crossed $2 Million in revenue in 2021. (Source: Zoominfo)

What products do they sell?

They mainly sell pharmacy licensing from manufacturers to retailers. 

Top features we love about their website

  • Industry-specific search engine: They have an inbuilt search engine like Google, dedicated to pharmacy retailers, to find exact medicines with dossier names.

  • Advance filtration: Buyers can filter the results by generic name, dossier type, and good manufacturing practices (GMP) manufacturers 

  • Detailed Products Page: that shares real information about the manufacturer, dossier type, country of origin of the medicine.

  • Forms for Easy Negotiation: By writing down expectations beforehand, retailers can show their interest in buying the goods and close the deals at a mutually agreed price. It’s a time-saving feature that gives transparency to both sellers and B2b buyers. 

3. Pharmaflair

A pharmacy Marketplace discovered in 2017, is a platform that connects verified pharmacy and healthcare manufacturers with distributors, sellers, and retailers, to sell business franchises and take manufacturing orders.

What products do they sell? Nutrition products, derma, and cosmetic, ayurvedic, common disease medicines, medical equipment, pharmacy franchise, animal healthcare medicines, homeopathic, etc.

Top features we love about their website 

  • Self-Guiding Homepage: The homepage is interlinked with categories and subcategories of healthcare products. Buyers can easily find the products by clicking on the category, thus reducing time in the buying process. 

  • Auto-suggest Search Bar: Buyer can find a product or category or a manufacturer by just typing a few alphabets, the search feature will automatically generate suggestions that match the typed query.

  • Brief Manufacturer Details: After you click a category on their homepage, you will see all listed manufacturers with their contact details, address, business ratings.

  • Actionable Forms: Enquiry forms are embedded across all the web pages as well as on the site header, through which buyers can directly reach the manufacturers by posturing queries online.     

4. GXgate

A Pharmaceutical B2B Marketplace that acts as a liaison between buyers and pharmacy suppliers. GXgate gives networking opportunities to pharmaceutical professionals and companies, where they can easily connect with target buyers and can sell products/services/ franchises. Until now, they have crossed $4 Million in revenue.  

What products do they sell? Hospital items, food supplements, OTC drugs, medical devices, chemicals, veterinary products, API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient).

Top features we love about their website

  • Simple Onboarding With Forms: To speed up the onboarding of buyers and sellers, they have developed sign-up forms

  • Use of Membership Plans: Buyers and sellers can easily use their marketplace for doing business by choosing membership plans. They have free as well as paid plans that come with different features

  • Advanced Search Engine: Both buyers and suppliers can quickly find the right products

  • Call to Action Buttons: They have used multiple CTA buttons to accelerate buyer’s activities, such as signing up for a membership or clicking on inquiry forms

 5. MedCombo

B2B marketplace for medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, health care product online medical device marketplace, where companies can promote, advertise and sell their medical devices. The platform is open for every person/institution working in the pharmaceutical industry such as manufacturers, distributors, doctors, nurses, hospitals, etc.

Top features we love about their website

  • Simple Sign-up to become Exhibitor: Sellers or buyer who want to become exhibit or sell their items can simply fill a short form 

  • Multilingual feature: Their marketplace can be viewed in multiple international languages, the feature has helped them in targeting global audiences and increasing their customer experience. 

  • Categorization of Medical Products: All products are categorized into certain categories. For example- equipment required to perform Facial treatments, Medspa, Tattoo Piercing, are listed under the category ‘Beauty. Another example- all items required in a laboratory are divided into 3 subcategories i.e. 

  • Easy Navigation: Pages are interlinked with one another. Users can easily switch back to the previous page or can navigate to social media pages or can explore other product pages in seconds.

Step by step process to build a successful B2B marketplace

1. Purchase a domain name

Start with finalizing and buying the name of your business. 

2. Choose a marketplace builder

Select a reliable marketplace builder that should offer features such as customizable themes, inbuilt marketing tools, multi-store ecommerce functionality, mobile-commerce interface, codeless apps, admin dashboard, unique dashboards for each manufacturer and distributors, etc.

3. Build your website

Create a beautiful storefront with the help of themes. Then, build all the necessary elements of websites like login pages, sign-up forms,  categories pages, headers, footers, manufacturer pages, etc.

4. Onboard suppliers, distributors and companies

Reach to pharmacy professionals and companies. Explain the benefits of selling your platform and persuade them to register on your platform. 

5. Test and make it live

Afterward, test your sites for any flaws and make it live for your target buyers.

6. Market your B2B marketplace

Reach your target audience and encourage them to use your platform by running marketing campaigns on popular marketing channels such as Google, Social media, Youtube, Google Ads, and more.

Final takeaway

Launching a B2B marketplace is not tough when you have a strong growth strategy. By analyzing the website and strategy of the above marketplaces, you can literally design a revenue-generating pharmacy B2B marketplace. All you have to do is search for a reliable marketplace builder in place.

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