Top 5 Makeup & Beauty Products Multi Vendor Marketplaces In India

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  • Top 5 Makeup & Beauty Products Multi Vendor Marketplaces In India

Humans are visual creatures and we are highly influenced by what we see. Isn’t it?

Most of us are obsessed with beautiful things and people. And why not? It makes more sense when you know that the cosmetics industry is over 7,000 years old and present in almost every corner across the globe. 

That’s a superb sign indicating that – Makeup and cosmetics have always been a successful product segment, be it offline or online. With the growing popularity of ecommerce today, this segment shows a massive opportunity of making your brand successful through a multi vendor marketplace website.

 The top 5 online players in the beauty space

1. Nykaa

Nykaa was launched in 2012 when the online beauty space was at a nascent stage with only a couple of market players. The company has quickly emerged as one of the largest omnichannel destinations for makeup and beauty products. It offers a comprehensive range of makeup, personal care, skin care, hair care, luxury and wellness products.

2. Purplle

The company was founded in 2012 and established itself as one of the largest online retailers serving across the world. It aims to take the shopping experience of customers to the next level with super easy and perfect product categorisations. The brand helps the customers to find the right product for their specific needs while accommodating highly personal preferences.

3. Amazon

With a huge success in the ecommerce market, Amazon has rapidly expanded into multiple categories. And considering the success of the industry, the company has also launched their own beauty label and also teamed up with Loreal to launch an artificial intelligence powered technology for cosmetics try-on. It clearly reflects the bright future of the beauty industry and a major change from offline to online channels.

4. Myntra

Myntra being the largest online fashion retailer, the company doesn't want to leave any stone unturned for their online success. The beauty and personal care category of Myntra has witnessed a growth of 150% year on year in 2019. And along with the rise in profits, the company has leveraged selling everything under one roof and getting delivered to the doorstep of customers.

5. NewU

Founded in the year 2007, the company has earned a great amount of trust in the market as it is a venture of the established Dabur brand. The company has ventured in makeup and cosmetics with a wide range of product categories including skincare, hair and personal care, fragrances, herbal care, cosmetics, and men’s grooming.

Make your online journey smooth with StoreHippo

If you already have a beauty store or you are a would-be entrepreneur in the cosmetics industry. Know the must-have features of online beauty stores like these successful giants.

  • Streamlined product management

Imagine you are looking for a brown mascara on the online beauty shop, you will search for the product in the search box. If you will not find it anywhere on the store, you will instantly get an “out of stock” message. Your next obvious step will be to switch to a different website and start your search again. But what if the marketplace app would have offered you a “notify me when the product is in stock “feature? You would have clicked it.

This scenario clearly indicates the importance of streamlined product management. The product features like advanced search options, wish list, customer order history are some of the must-haves for an ecommerce website. Like, StoreHippo offers an easy to use product management module where you can update product variants, update inventory, manage pricing and product details in a few clicks.

  • Flexible shopping with multiple payment options

The makeup and beauty section are famous everywhere and why not? Everyone wants to look beautiful and stay confident. Flexibility and shopping experience has become one of the important priorities for modern consumers. Some of the most popular payment options you must have are net banking, credit/ debit card payments, credit/ debit card payments, credit/ debit card payments, credit/ debit card payments, credit/ debit card payments, Cash on delivery etc.

  • Mobile ready store

Mobile commerce is not a temporary wave in the market. It is going to stay in the ecommerce world because it gives utmost convenience to the buyers. If your marketplace app does not work well on mobile, your business can lose oodles of opportunities in no time. Considering the preferences of modern online buyers, StoreHippo offers a seamless mobile shopping experience along with many advanced mobile-specific features to keep you ahead of competition

  • Easy vendor management

Dealing with a multi vendor marketplace simply means managing a lot of vendors who are selling the products through your platform. And just like your users, vendors also expect a certain level of comfort while doing business. They should have easy access to orders, real-time status of orders, cancelled orders, invoices, returns and refunds, and more. The simple dashboard offered by StoreHippo allows vendors to get a complete overview of business on a single dashboard. Some of the important business insights that can be checked by the admin are sales report, order summary, revenue details, best selling products and much more. Start onboarding vendors to your makeup and cosmetics store and leave their management on StoreHippo. 

  • Personalized marketing and notifications

While most of the customers prefer to receive personalized offers, messages, and product recommendations from the brands. Like the advanced marketing features of StoreHippo include highly personalized emails, messages, and push notifications. It eventually leads to increased customer conversions and better sales. It also provides options to implement discounts based on vendor, order, product level with the powerful discount engine. 


Build your makeup and cosmetics marketplace with StoreHippo today.

Now when you know that the beauty market is growing leaps and bounds. And there is a demand for all types of beauty and personal care products across the world. The rising demand for the products and online purchase has spanned the umbrella of the ecommerce business like never before. And this is the right time you can also get into the online business. Even better is to expand this opportunity by developing a multi vendor marketplace where you can onboard multiple sellers to sell products collectively.

Whether you are a make and cosmetics shop owner or thinking to start your online beauty store, StoreHippo has you covered. With all the must-have features of an online store, StoreHippo can help you build a successful online beauty marketplace. Don’t take your decision in any hurry. Explore all the features of the ecommerce platform by starting your free online store trial now.

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