Top 5 Kitchen & Home Appliances Multi Vendor Marketplaces In India

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  • Top 5 Kitchen & Home Appliances Multi Vendor Marketplaces In India

From an affordable hand blender to an expensive dishwasher, every kitchen and home essential is now sold online.

Electric Irons, air conditioners, room heaters, air purifiers, microwaves, egg boilers, refrigerators; you search them on Google, checkout their features/quality, and place an order at a click.

Simple and convenient!

So, if you are planning to build your own website for selling appliances, then watch the latest statistics. of the online Kitchen and home appliances market.  

  • Revenue in the small kitchen appliances segment amounts to US$10,767m in 2020. The prediction says that the industry will grow by 5.4%. (source: Statista)

  • Mixer grinders contribute to 60-65% of the kitchen appliances market whereas water purifiers is the largest category in large kitchen appliances with 50-55% of the market. (source: Redseer)

With discounts/offers, a variety of brands, product reviews, and ratings, easy payments, available at a click; online marketplaces have become the most preferred source of purchasing appliances in India.

Do you now want to see how successful kitchen and home appliances selling websites made customers? So, let's end the wait and start the revelation.

List of top 5 kitchen and home appliances multi vendor marketplaces in India

1. Amazon

The kitchen and home appliance categories are most visited on Amazon, which is the reason for thousands of reviews and ratings for each type of electronic. It has more than 20,000 kitchen appliances sold by 40+ brands.

3 major techniques used to gain returning buyers

  • A unique category of kitchen appliances where buyers can readily find and click to purchase. 

  • User-friendly product pages that answer the buyer's about a product and promotes quick checkouts.

  • Multiple payment methods, such as COD, online, or wallet transfer; further lessen cart abandonment.

  • Their SEO strategy to rank the website on the first page on google is commendable. They are ranking for 300+ keywords related to kitchen and home appliances. Some keywords are washing machine online, Mixer Grinder, etc

2. Flipkart

There are 4000 appliance brands on Flipkart that are selling into 55 categories of small and large appliances. 

3 major techniques used to gain returning buyers

  • Incredible tactics to boost sales by using marketing tools. Such as email notifications, product discounts, social media promotions, marketplace app notifications, and others.

  • Fast loading website that lets buyers shop quickly on any device. 

  • Navigation menu bar that directs a user from “TV & appliances” category to product-specific categories like kitchen appliances, home electronics, AC, fridge, etc.

3. Vijaysales

Vijay Sales is a pioneer in the online and offline appliances market that sells electronics from 20+ brands. They have an inventory of  3500+ products across 11+ categories that deliver to 302 cities in India. 

4 major techniques used to gain returning buyers

  • A user-friendly homepage that uses a navigation menu, search bar, sliders, product categorization to simplify shopping and reduce buying confusion. 

  • Advance filtration to weed out the unwanted shopping results and make perfect choices.

  • Promotional offers like 30% discounts, exchange offers, free products offers, no-cost EMI, membership benefits, etc.

  • High converting product pages that feed buyers with required information about the product. This includes- pricing, clear images, description, warranty, payment options, delivery date, reviews, ratings, etc.

4. Paytm mall

A mobile wallet as well as an online marketplace that offer multiple ranges of goods and payment service to online users. 

3 major techniques used to gain returning buyers

  • A very clean interface where even a kid can fluidly browse and purchase products at a click.

  • The Navigation menu directs the buyer where to find the product they are looking for. For example, TV & Appliances> Home Appliances> Electric Water Purifiers.

  • They have marketplace apps that serve dual purposes. One as a payment wallet and the second, as a shopping app. They even have amazing cashback offers on purchasing from their marketplace. 

5. Snapdeal

It sells 3000+ appliances on its marketplace and delivers to 6000+ cities and towns in India with the help of 20+ logistics partners.

3 major techniques used to gain returning buyers

  • Effortless buying experience with a search bar on the top and a menu bar on the website. Through these elements, buyers can easily find the product by either typing in the search bar or opening the menu bar. 

  • The website is fast to load and easy to use on mobiles and desktops. Moreover, to maximize mobile sales, they created a marketplace app to capture smartphone buyers. 

  • Flexible payment options are provided to meet the unique demand of buyers. To overcome the cart abandonment rate (due to lack of trust), they also used security logos near to transaction forms. 

Build your online home appliances marketplace with StoreHippo marketplace app and website builder. Before stepping into the actual work of creating a marketplace  website, you need to evaluate the best website builder/software. How to evaluate the best? It's a no brainer,  you just have to search for 6 critical features listed below.

Top 6 features to build your online home appliances marketplace with StoreHippo

1. Unique dashboards for vendors & admins

StoreHippo software lets you allot unique dashboards to each vendor. The feature will allow your vendors to manage their orders, deliveries, stocks, etc. With an admin dashboard, you can monitor vendor performance, inventory, commissions, revenue, and shipment. 

2. Vendor Comparison

Shoppers have an instinct to compare things, regardless of where they shop, offline or online. Hence, vendor comparison in StoreHippo allows buyers to compare prices, ratings, and products offered by different vendors.

3. Shipping and Inventory Management

StoreHippo has a pre-integrated logistics solution,  Shipkaro, that delivers to 26000+ pin codes in India at discounted rates. So you don't have to fear the sky-high delivery cost.  

4. Rich feature Themes

StoreHippo has a collection of 100+ mobile-friendly themes that are available in vibrant colors and designs with drag-drop functionality.  

5. Multiple payment gateways

StoreHippo has 50+ pre-integrated payment gateways with no additional cost. Also, you will get national and international payment support to reach global customers. 

6. Marketing tools

Now StoreHippo has amazing tools to market your marketplace. You get a discount engine (for displaying discounts on items) SEO Support (to get found on Google and other search engines) and email tools integration(to push current customers in making a purchase). 

7. Marketplace App

StoreHippo provides mobile app support to deliver fast shopping experiences to smartphone users.

Does the marketplace builder have all these features? Yes! Perfect, you are ready for the next step i.e. create a website.

Wrapping up

You got everything in one place. You got some growth strategies. You got your competitor’s online sales strategy. You got a guide to pick the best marketplace builder.

What’s else? 

The only thing left is taking action. How will you do that? The first step is signing up for a marketplace builder. 

Now you are perplexed which one to select. 

Why not try a free marketplace software? I mean, this is a great way to test its capabilities and compatibilities. Here is an offer you can’t miss! Get 14 days of free trial on StoreHippo marketplace builder and start selling online.

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