Top 5 Gifts and Flowers Multi Vendor Marketplaces

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  • Top 5 Gifts and Flowers Multi Vendor Marketplaces

Gifting to your near and dear ones never go out of fashion. Most of the people consider flowers when they run out of birthday or an anniversary gift idea. And why not? Gifting flowers, personalized products have become so easy and handy with the online multi vendor marketplaces

Gone are the days when people used to rush to buy gifts from local shops just before going for the party. Today, it is just a click away. If you are also setting an eye for this niche and thinking to start your online marketplace to sell online gifts and flowers, check out the top 5 names that are facing this industry. 

5 Top gifts and flower multi vendor marketplaces 

1. Ferns N Petals

Ferns N Petals is one of the early entrants in the online gifts segment and started their business back in 1994. It has started with flowers initially and then, entered into the gift items like authentic chocolates, cakes, exquisite sweets etc. Now, they also offer personalized gifts, artificial flowers, and much more. As of 2019, Ferns N Petals have a retailer network of over 320 outlets across 120 cities.

2. 1800 Flowers

This company has become one of the top multi vendor marketplaces for the flower delivery services because of its massive selection of flower and gift options. It also offers food baskets, chocolates, cakes, wines, candles, home décor, and more. 1800 Flowers offer something for almost every occasion.

3. FTD

This company was established in the year 2000 and considered to be one of the most exquisite online stores in the country. It offers flower arrangements, bouquets, and personalized online gifts. This company has one of the largest floral networks and represents years of excellence in floral delivery.

4. Teleflora

Teleflora offers a wide range of bouquets categorized by occasions. It also offers a “deal of the day” bouquet that allows you to pick a price and have an expert florist to create a personalized arrangement for you. It is one of the most successful flower services companies with its presence in over 20 countries.

5. Bloomex

Bloomex has started a local flower shop and soon expanded into an innovative online model to capture the hyperlocal ecommerce market. The company offers the freshest flowers at lowest prices with quick delivery options. Bloomex also offers quality gift baskets, gourmet gifts, teddy bears, sweets and treats, corporate gift items, and more.

With the rapidly changing culture of shopping everything online, be it clothes, gadgets, furniture, it is just the right time to create your own multi vendor marketplace to sell gifts and flowers online.  Don’t you want to catch this trending wave of online gifting and gain maximized business profits?

If yes, StoreHippo is your one-stop solution. Know how it can help you build a similar or even better online marketplace.

Must-have features of an online marketplace

  • Grow your seller base with easy and quick registration

Every multi vendor marketplace starts as an empty store and starts flourishing once the quality sellers are onboarded. Have you noticed that all the top 5 flower and gift online stores have a strong seller base and are still looking forward to growing more? Even Ferns N Petals have tied up with farmers to get the best quality seeds to grow different types of flowers. Now, if you are clear about the importance of the seller base, you need an easy seller registration process to start selling quickly from your online marketplace.

  • Worry-free logistics solution for flower and gift delivery

Delivery seems to be the end of the online shopping process but this is what can drive the customers to your multi vendor marketplace again and again. The assurance of quick and safe deliveries builds the satisfaction of customers at a much higher extent. Choose a multi vendor marketplace solution that offers integrated logistics and make online deliveries easier than ever. The automated shipping solutions like real-time tracking, scheduled pick-ups etc. by StoreHippo makes it even smoother for marketplace owners as well as customers.

  • Seamless payments for your domestic and international customers

Make online payments easier with the seamless payment gateway integration system. If you are dealing with online gifts and flower selling business, cash on delivery is least preferred by customers. Most of the customers buy gifts for their loved ones with prepaid options and get them delivered at their doorstep. Having an online platform like StoreHippo ensures high-grade payment security compliance, multiple payment options and ensures seamless customer payments.

  •  Leverage mobile to ensure on-the-go flower and gift shopping

It's been a long time when people used to visit physical stores to buy flowers and gift items. Most of the people prefer to book it online, whether it is personalized gifts for loved ones or corporate gift items. Now, when we say online, it does not count only for desktop or PCs and in fact, most of the online shopping happens on mobile. For the same reason, your online store needs to be on mobile to maximize the business profits. Choose a multi vendor marketplace with a mobile-first approach to let your online store be used by any device and screen size. Just like StoreHippo ensures mobile-first technology for your online store with an oomph factor of PWA experiences too.

  • Personalized and automated marketing

If you want to explore the world of hyperlocal ecommerce in the online flower and gift segment, personalization is the must-haves here. Relying on an ecommerce platform for customizing and automating your marketing tasks gives you two-way benefits. It enables you to tweak your business processes as per the dynamic needs. And it also provides a personalized shopping experience to the customers. StoreHippo allows you to set up and manage location-based flower and gift sub-stores within the specific locality. You can also display personalized pricing and inventory based on the different customer locations. In the online gifts and flower industry, a customized shopping experience is the best key to improve sales.

Final Words

If you think about any online business, it aims to provide comfort to the customers and address their pain points.  Relying on a trustworthy platform to build your multi vendor marketplace is your hack here. It not only helps you build a beautiful online store to sell gifts and flowers but also helps you to manage and upscale your business.

StoreHippo offers a well-rounded solution to help you set up your online store with 300+ inbuilt features and just the right set of marketing tools to create a buzz in the market. The SaaS based solution with a wide range of pre-installed features let you start your online business quickly and easily. Besides the must-have features of an online marketplace, it has everything at the back-end to manage your vendor partners, commissions, sales, and customers.

With the huge set of features and benefits, you can quickly launch your online gifts and flowers store and start selling with StoreHippo. If you still have doubts, explore the feature-rich platform with a free trial online store today.

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