Top 5 Gadgets And Mobile Phones Multi Vendor Marketplaces In India

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  • Top 5 Gadgets And Mobile Phones Multi Vendor Marketplaces In India

The online mobile phone market saw amazing returns from 2015 onwards. Well, we know that you don’t believe in sayings. That’s why we gathered some recent statistics that proved the success rate of multi vendor marketplace selling online gadgets. 

  • Online purchases of mobile phones saw an increase of 17% year-on-year in 2019

  • Flipkart grabbed a major market share at 53% in online smartphone sales. Amazon is at 36% and the rest 11% is shared by MI. 

  • Festive season sales kickstarted by Flipkart and Amazon in October 2020, saw an 80-100% increase in sales of smartphones and other gadgets. 

Terrific! Isn't it? Well if that motivates you to open an online gadget store, you are in the right place.

We request to read the entire blog to get the essence of getting success.

What treats we have for you in this blog?

  • 5 Ecommerce sites that are making huge profits in online mobile phone selling. 

  • Roadmap to build your own gadget selling online stores using the StoreHippo marketplace builder. 

Let’s begin the discovery. 

Top 5 Multi Vendor Marketplaces That Are Experts In Selling Online Gadget 

1. Amazon

Though Amazon has product categories dealing in multiple consumer goods, their gadget category receives the highest of attention, especially during festive sales. 

4 strategies that supercharged their Ecommerce Sales

  • Navigation Menu that gracefully guides the buyers from the home page to gadgets category, and to “mobile & more” section. From there, buyers can choose the product category they want to buy. Like tablets, mobiles, or other electronics

  • Attractive category pages, properly linked to brand pages and individual mobile product pages

  • Social media integration (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter) on single product pages to let buyers share their wishlist items or purchase

  • High converting product pages with all the necessary information about a product required to buy. Like its benefits, ratings, reviews, delivery, payment process, return policy, offers, comparison option, etc

2. Flipkart

Flipkart grabs a huge share in the online mobile phone selling through strategic price planning, enticing offers, and some competitive strategy research. 

4 strategies that supercharged their Ecommerce Sales

  • Paid promotion on social media, search engines, and by sending emails to create a buzz about their products and offers

  • Unique and unavoidable offers like 50% discount on mobile phones ( and adding time-sensitive elements like end tonight), Buy 3 and get 10% off (to clear their stock), etc 

  • Payment gateways Integration and correspondent payment discount on using a particular bank card or mobile wallets. For example an additional 20% off on paying from SBI debit/credit cards

  • Stunning Product categorization such as mobile phones under 15K, camera phones, Samsung Phones(brand categorization), new launches, best selling mobile, etc

3. Reliance Digital

A division of Reliance retail that is dedicated to offering online electronics from 200+ vendors selling across 600+ cities in India.

3 strategies that made customers trust and shop from them-

  • Prominent search bar in the header of the website give freedom to customers to directly search for the gadget they want

  • Great promotion of festive offers on the website’s homepage and social media pages

  • Impressive category pages that recommend products based on the buying behavior of each shopper. Like - shop by price, shop by mobile phone battery, shop by bestsellers, etc

4. Chroma

An electronic selling multi vendor marketplace that receives 1.3 million buyers every month on their website. They also have 200+ vendors selling in their offline and online stores. Let’s unravel more.

3 strategies that supercharged their Ecommerce Sales

  • A simple and elegant home page displaying all product categories they offer, discounts, new launches, bestselling, affordable, Chroma Recommendation, top brands

The purpose is to educate new buyers about products (or say the most popular products) and persuade them to buy. 

  • Advance category filtration to adjust the gadget recommendation according to the buyer’s preferences

For example- in the computer and tablet category, they provide a filter to select a particular brand, device features, color, discount offers, and price range.

  • Advance product comparison option enabled directly on category pages

Without visiting the product pages, the buyer can easily compare the price and feature of one product type(let’s say, android mobiles) offered by different brands(Vivo, OnePlus, etc). 

5. Shopclues

Started in 2011 and after five years of constant hard work (in 2016 ) they crossed 100 million monthly visits on their online marketplace.

On their ecommerce website, they have dedicated categories for “mobile phones” in addition to other categories. 

5 strategies to supercharge their Ecommerce Sales 

  • With multi vendor support and commission management, they build a community of 5 lakhs merchants who have full freedom to manage their products and orders by themselves.

  • By investing in the right delivery solutions, they are able to deliver to 30,000 cities in India. 

  • Due to the heavy flow of customers on the website, they decided to launch a dedicated mobile app for an effortless shopping experience. 

  • Focused on creating a fast, mobile-friendly marketplace. Because 60% of the buyers were mobile users.

  • Easy navigation that promotes faster checkouts with no hindrances to the buying process. 

How to build Electronic Gadgets Marketplaces with StoreHippo marketplace builder: Guide to Success

Did you get an idea on how building a multi vendor marketplace can benefit you? 

Did you derive any level of Inspiration and motivation from the above ecommerce brands?

If your answer is yes, then great you are ready for the next step i.e. selecting the best marketplace builder

Top 5 features that are vital in your marketplace website builder

1. Vendor support

A marketplace builder is incomplete without vendor support. Make sure it has 2 functionalities. First, individual dashboard for registered vendors that allows them to manage their order, product listing.  Seconds, admin dashboard for complete control of orders, commission, sales, vendor performance, etc.

2. Discounts Engine

To attract potential online buyers, you need a discount mechanism. Discount Engine by StoreHippo lets you set product-based, order-based, and time-specific discounts, to drive maximum sales.

3. Vendor Comparison

An ultimate tool in enhancing shopping and making buyers become returning customers. StoreHippo gives you the functionality to activate filtration or vendor comparison options to review vendors’ ratings. 

4. Marketing Tools

To reach hundreds and thousands of  online buyers, you need inbuilt marketing tools like a discount engine for running promotions, SEO support,  to rank your website on Google for keywords such as 'online gadget store', 'mobile phones online' etc.

5. High Converting Design Themes

StoreHippo will make you spoilt for choices as it has 100+ themes that are mobile-friendly and fast to load even in poor internet connection. This will enhance the mobile shopping experience and convert more customers. 

Final words

Noted? Well, you are on the right track. 

After finalizing a website builder, you have to build an online marketplace (with an emphasis on conversions). Get the whole process of making a marketplace, here.

Lastly, here is a question for you (and the solution!).

Do you own a brick and mortar store for selling gadgets? Or are you starting a new business to sell mobile phones online? Then, why not expand your horizons and reach customers by selling online. 

Sign up for a 14 days free trial of StoreHippo marketplace and explore the great features.

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