Top 5 Diagnostics Multi Vendor Marketplaces In India

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  • Top 5 Diagnostics Multi Vendor Marketplaces In India

Do you think people still call their friend to know nearby diagnostic centers?  To find the answer to this question, let's take an example. 

Let's assume you are the owner of an offline diagnostic store. And the majority of your customers have access to mobile internet.

What medium do they use to find your diagnostic stores? Offline or online? Chances of using the Internet to find a nearby diagnostic lab are higher. 

Because after COVID, internet users and online purchases have increased. 

 Moreover, the current health patterns and lifestyle of people have changed. 

Hectic schedules, desk jobs, increasing pollution and consumption of junk food have made people prone to life-threatening diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. This gives a boost to monthly checkups and regular screening. 

But as you don't have an online presence, you are losing high potential customers to your competitors. 

What to do now? Well you don't have to worry as you can easily sell your diagnostic services online by setting up a multi vendor marketplace with a marketplace builder. 

Top 5 Diagnostics Marketplaces In India to give you an idea on how to grow your online store

1. Dr. Lal path labs

The 70 years oldest pathlab company which has 170 laboratories and 2000 collection centres in India. Annually, it tests upto 10 millions people residing in 800 cities. 

How They reach their online customers and convert through their Website?

  • Mobile friendly website that loads quickly and even fits to the small size of mobile screen. A Marketplace app is also created for mobile users. 

  • Convincing homepage that guides a buyer towards the right health test according to their problem. Through sliders, they promote trending lab tests, health packages, customer testimonials and discounts to attract online buyers and maximize sales. 

  • Usage of Menu and Search Bar (with the option to change location) for fast discovery of services. Hence, enhances the customer booking experience.

2. Thyrocare

It is a multi vendor marketplace that offers free home sample collection, online lab test reports, full Body Check Up at Home for different diseases. 

How did they capture online buyers through Thyrocare Website?

  • Effective way to recommend lab tests on the site homepage, by categorising the health checkups into 'Most booked test',  'most booked profile' to grab customer attention at first sight, and make them instantly click on a desired test. They also used a call to action button i.e. 'BOOK NOW' adjacent to each test suggestion. 

  • Two step booking process that allows a patient to select a disease and get the total price of the package. 

  • Easy two-step login or sign-up with a mobile number to book any lab test.

3. SRL Diagnostics

They are one of leading pathlab that offer testing in pathology and radiology to 4 cities i.e. Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Mohali. It has a network of 418 laboratories and 9000+ sample collection centres in India. They also have international presence in Dubai, Sri Lanka and Nepal. 

  • Website is user friendly as well as conversion friendly that motivates users to book their services quickly.  with SRL centers in their vicinity to avail their services.

  • Due to an appealing interface and easy to read information, users can access its features with zero difficulty.

4. Suburban Diagnostics

A pathlab and diagnostic company that offers services in 11 cities of Maharashtra, Goa and Madhya Pradesh. Their services include: radiology, pathology, cardiology, health check-ups. 

4 ways through which Suburban maximized the online sales

  • A personalized buying experience from the start (when buyers visit their website) to end (books a service). How do they personalize?

  • They first give three choices to visitors to know their concern i.e. patient, doctor, non-patient. Choosing one will redirect them to the homepage. Buyers can further refine their search by choosing a service and the nearby pathlab, from the menu bar. 

  • Social media Account Integration on the website to motivate website visitors to follow you there and engage daily.

  • Display of NABL accreditation, patient testimonials and past success record on the site, they increased trustworthiness and number of bookings. 

5. Medall Diagnostics

A diagnostic service provider offering lab tests, radiology screenings and master health checkup packages to the people of Tamilnadu, Telangana, Kerala  Pondicherry, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, and Jharkhand. 

How did they increase lab test bookings on their website?

  • Marketplace app to provide fast booking experience and improve customer service. Researchers found that orders from smartphones  amounts to 52% of total online orders.

  • Effective use of Call to actions, sliders, clear graphics, and bold fonts to display services and make customers click on it.

  • To provide simple navigation, they have used a menu bar, products categorization, and location filter. They have also linked the home page to service pages. 

Build similar multi vendor marketplace StoreHippo Marketplace Builder

Now when you have researched your competitors i.e. their customer acquisition strategy and website design. It's time to implement the same for your business. 

The only essential you need is a marketplace builder or software. 

6 recommended features by StoreHippo, that are critical to the success of your online diagnostic marketplace

1. Vendor support

 It supports the activities of multiple vendors registered on your marketplace.

Vendor support in StoreHippo let's your vendors manage orders, shipping, orders status and inventories from their unique dashboards. You can create separate seller pages to help vendors in generating sales. For receiving commissions, you can set payment rules and can automatically calculate the commissions. 

2. Mobile Friendly theme

Your website themes should be fast to load and easy to view on mobiles. StoreHippo has 100+ customisable themes which are mobile compatible and attractive.  You can even blend two themes into one theme.

3. Payment Gateway Integration

Your customers should have the options to pay online. StoreHippo software has 50+ payment gateways that come pre-integrated and can be easily activated at a click. 

4. SEO tools

SEO tools would help in reaching right patients online, who are searching for your terms like 'diagnostic centre near me' or online pathlab test. By using StoreHippo inbuilt SEO tools, you can optimize your website for ‘keywords’ or ‘phrases’ that your customers use to find your service.

5. Analytics and Reports

Analytics helps in tracking the buyer’s shopping behaviour and the number sales from your dashboard. 

6. Marketplace App

Buyers admire fast shopping with roadblocks especially during payments or checkouts. 

One way to provide this is building a Mobile app. StoreHippo allows you to create an app from your dashboard without paying extra money. 

For website users, it uses PWA (progressive Web application) technology to offer quick loading to buyers who have low internet connection.  

Final Takeaway

Let's quickly summarise the course of actions you have to take after leaving this page. 

1. Research your competitors and the audience buying behaviour. A little competitive research is already done for you. 

Hint: Visit their website and social media pages. Study their pricing strategy.

2. Select the best marketplace builder that prioritizes mobile shopping and requires no complex coding. Want a free marketplace app and website builder?

3. Think of an online diagnostic business name and start creating your online pathology lab with the chosen website builder

Take one step forward today and begin your journey of selling health tests online. Build your diagnostics multi vendor marketplace with StoreHippo Software. Start your free trial store right away!

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