Top 5 Art & Handicrafts Multi Vendor Marketplaces In India

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  • Top 5 Art & Handicrafts Multi Vendor Marketplaces In India

India is a true powerhouse of art and handicrafts. From the immemorial times, the handicrafts of India have left everyone awestruck because the country is blessed with affluent cultural heritage. 

Almost every region of the country has a particular specialty – miniatures of Rajasthan, Kalighat of Bengal, Marble craft in Agra, shell handiwork in Odisha, and much more. Apart from these traditional arts, there are many artists who are adept at making beautiful crafts and arts. 

And this market is not only limited in India, but it is trending all over the globe. The handicraft export from the country has reached US$ 3.53 billion in 2020, Let’s explore the export of different segments in the market. 

  • Woodwares at US$ 165.95 million

  • Embroidered & crocheted goods at US$ 127.95 million

  • Miscellaneous handicrafts at US$ 236.68 million

  • Hand Printed textiles and scarves at US$ 70.85 million

  • Imitation jewellery at US$ 50.73 million

  • Art metal wares at US$ 103.75 million

Handicraft and art are surely one of the most lucrative businesses in vogue. If you are also exploring this profitable business opportunity

List of top 5 art & handicrafts multi vendor marketplaces in India

1. CraftsVilla

The company has launched online marketplace with the purpose of removing middlemen and increasing the livelihood of local designers and artisans. Launched in 2011, CraftsVilla has gained tremendous popularity due to its wide variety of ethnic apparel, footwear, fashion accessories, beauty products, handcrafted home accessories and other products. The company has over 4 million products and 25,000 artisans onboarded with them.

2. QTrove

It is a curated marketplace app that sells natural and sustainable products online. The company sells non-mass-produced items and instead selects their vendors very carefully. QTrove is mainly into handmade designs of wood and acrylic coasters that add a quirky touch to the tables. The company has leveraged a niched to gain this massive success in the industry.

3. Coppre

This company has ventured more than a decade ago and soon, it was conceptualized into a social venture by 2014. Coppre works with the metal artisans to reinvent the traditional forms while empowering the contemporary homes and living. It supports the benefit of artisans and heritage craft and at the same time, gained immense business profitability over the years.

4. ArtyOwl

This company has been established in the year 2016 to revolutionize the arts and  handicrafts online business. The vision of this marketplace was to surface the handmade treasures on the exclusive platform. The platform already has a huge number of highly passionate artisans who work with various materials including wood, paper, ceramic, leather, glass, cork, metals etc.

5. The India Craft House

This multi vendor marketplace has been launched as a social enterprise in the year 2013. The vision of this company was to provide a fair platform to support artisans across the country. The popular categories of this store include home décor, women accessories, corporate gifts, and bags.

If you also want to start your own multi vendor marketplace to sell art and handicrafts. Launch your multi vendor store with the top features.  

Must-have features for your arts and handicrafts online marketplace

1. Strong mobile presence for better sales

Mobile commerce is no longer a passing trend, it is going to stay forever. The modern online buyers shop on mobile devices and expect the store to run the same as a laptop or any other devices. In fact, today’s consumers expect a next level shopping experience and engagement when they shop from mobile. So, their expectations are not unrealistic.

The mobile-first approach of StoreHippo let you easily fulfil your customer expectations. It helps you to tap the potential of mobile commerce for B2B as well as B2C businesses. And it does not end at the mobile responsiveness features but you can also engage and convert your mobile shoppers with mobile apps (Android/iOS), PWA stores, and extensive mobile features.

2. Seamless integrations for awesome customer buying journey

Getting a customer on the marketplace app is always easier than converting and retaining them in the long term. The marketplace builder should always ensure that the store has the right functionality along with the aesthetics. Some of the most important functionalities include payments, logistics, marketing automation, and alike.

Just like StoreHippo offers a one-stop solution along with seamless multiple third-party integrations for smooth operations of your online business. In addition to 300+ inbuilt features, it is well-integrated with third-party systems like social logins, Google analytics, live traffic checked tools, payment gateways, and much more.

3. Global business features to reach international heights

There is no limit to business success, especially when you have an online business. Launching a multi-vendor marketplace in the arts and handicrafts industry is lucrative but how about taking our culture to global heights? With the huge potential of exports in this industry, you can achieve next level success without any international business visits.

StoreHippo can help you with global business features like multi-currency, multi-stores, multilingual, international shipping, and many more to ensure your smooth global business operations.

4. Supports multiple business models

The foremost reason why many online businesses fail is their inability to match the dynamic market and industry changes. Especially online businesses require a high-level dynamicity to sustain and excel in the industry. To keep all these changes in sync with your online business, you need a flexible marketplace platform that supports multiple business models.

This is where StoreHippo comes into the picture. It offers an excellent set of features like shipping, payment, inventory, product, vendors to run your business whether you are dealing with B2B or B2C domain. The best part is that you can easily switch between different business models according to the changing priorities and requirements of your business. 

5. Advanced marketing features to boost sales

Businesses cannot survive without marketing, whether it is online or offline. The simple reason is you are not reaching the target audience with the right product/message. The online customers already have very less patience and quickly abandon another online store if they are engaged enough within the first few seconds.

Having a beautiful marketplace app definitely works but you also need to engage your customers with advanced marketing and personalization to boost sales. StoreHippo lets you catch the right audience, offer personalization, and convert them without any human efforts. Yes, you can simply automate your marketing efforts with the advanced marketing features like group, user, device, location-based discounts, email marketing, abandoned cart follow-ups and many more.


Start your online arts and handicrafts marketplace with StoreHippo

Today, online shopping is touching new heights and at the same time, the National Handicraft Development Programme (NHDP) is also promoting various schemes to encourage Indian art culture. In addition, there is a super high scope of exporting products at international level. If you really want to achieve new growth avenues in ecommerce, take a final call to start your online business with StoreHippo. It not only helps you to build your online marketplace but also supports in managing and growing your online business. StoreHippo offers 300+ inbuilt features along with disruptive multi-seller business models to take your business to the new heights.

Hopefully, you have already decided to start your marketplace app to start your arts and handicrafts online business. Start your free online trial store to get hands-on experience with the best features to start your online marketplace.

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