Top 10 B2C Multi Vendor Marketplaces In India In 2023

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  • Top 10 B2C Multi Vendor Marketplaces In India In 2023

Did you know that while buying online, 48% of online buyers prefer going straight to a multi vendor marketplace website? 

Surprised, right?

Well, with almost 190 million customers shopping on online marketplaces in India, this is the time to leverage the win-all business model to your advantage.

So, are you willing to capitalize on this information? 

Are you ready to make the most of the ecommerce boom by building the best multi vendor maketplace in India for your business?

We bet you are!

Here are some latest trends and stats to help you understand the market dynamics even better:

  • 64% of the buyers stated that they prefer making purchases online versus going into a store
  • 57% of first-time buyers prefer to buy from online marketplace
  • $8.7 trillion is the expected sales on multi vendor marketplaces by 2025
  • $350 billion GMV of Indian online marketplaces by 2027 

Source: Digital Commerce 360

The huge demand in multi vendor marketplaces is driven largely by the changing buying habits of the new-age B2C customers. And since the sellers do not need to worry about the tech aspects of the marketplaces to sell their products on, this change has proven to be easier for sellers as well. We all have seen top B2C online marketplaces making a change in the ecommerce world with their enormous business oppoutunities. The sellers can now sell across the country and increase their brand visibility while also saving millions of dollars. 

Let us look at the top 10 B2C marketplaces in India that are not only ruling the ecommerce landscape but are also inspiring others to kick start their online marketplace. 

Top 10 B2C online marketplaces in India in 2023 

1. Amazon

Amazon’s popularity doesn’t need an introduction. Apart from being the most popular online marketplace, Amazon has also become the role model business for many B2C brands out there. Wondering what the Amazon statistics would look like? Here’s how: 

  • 214.62 billion Indian rupees in financial year 2022   
  • 100 million Indian users registered on the platform
  • 168 million products registered on Amazon for its Indian customers
  • 10 lakh plus sellers across India 
  • 52% of the online researchers visit Amazon for their research

Source: Findly

Albeit Amazon’s position in the Indian ecommerce market is unhindered, it is neck-to-neck with the Walmart-owned Flipkart. 

2. Flipkart

What started as an online book portal, soon transformed into an electronics and fashion multi vendor marketplace in India. With the growing usage of the internet and smartphones, Flipkart has become one of the most loved B2C marketplaces in India. Don’t believe us? See yourself:

  • 200 million registered users 
  • 8 million shipments per month 
  • Rs 51,176 crore revenue by Flipkart India in 2022
  • 80 million products across 100+ categories

Source: Findly

Flipkart is a leading ecommerce platform with products at affordable prices for its consumers. While being easy and safe to use, customers can find everything they need. 

3. Myntra

Talk about fashion and what pops in our head is the best multi vendor marketplace in India - Myntra. Yes, Myntra has successfully revolutionized the online fashion industry in India for good. 

  • 35.01 billion Indian rupees operating revenue in 2022
  • 33 million visits on its website domestically in July 2022

Source: Statista

The Indian online B2C marketplace, Myntra brings all premium domestic and international brands under one roof providing its customers the most effortless shopping experience.

4. Nykaa

Generating highest revenue in the make-up category, Nyka is every girls’ fav business-to-consumer online marketplace today. Dominating the beauty and personal-care products, Nyka offers over 1000 + brands and 1,00,000 + products on its website, app and stores.

  • 75% growth in GMV in 2022 as compared to 2021
  • 57% of the purchases are by shoppers from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities 
  • Over 15 million registered users as of June 2021

Source: Statista, Livemint

However, Nykaa expanded to include fashion products in 2015, beauty remained its primary focus till today. 

5. 1MG

Making healthcare accessible and affordable for all, 1MG is India’s leading digital consumer healthcare multi vendor marketplace. It not only offers online medicine delivery to their customers but also provides personal care, health supplements, aryuvedic and health care devices. 

  • 1000 cities free home delivery 
  • $100.0M - $200.0M annual revenue

The 1MG business to consumer marketplace also provides diagnostic services from certified labs and online doctor consultations to its customers. 

6. Urban Company 

The service-aggregator online marketplace, Urban Company is one of the most popular and sucessful marketplaces. It sells home services, appliance & electronic repairs, beauticians services, and much more for its customers. 

  • 30,000+ registered vendors on its marketplace
  • 32,000 service providers on Urban Company
  • 5 million users on the platform

Urban Company cuts down the booking time of their customers with advanced mobile apps. They connect and engage with their customers through social media and other channels to aquire new customers. 

7. Lenskart 

Founded in 2010, Lenskart is the best multi vendor marketplace in India that manufactures, assembles, distributes and supplies eyewear and glasses across 700 stores across India. The 

  • 15 billion Indian rupees as revenue from operations in 2022
  • 30% of India’s organised eyewear market accounted by Lenskart
  • 400K customers served on a monthly basis

Source: Inc24

The selling point of the Lenskart marketplace is that it creates attractive web designs, and discount offers on their website that convert those visitors into returning customers. 

8. Ferns N Petals 

The new-age customers today look for digital gifting options, making Ferns N Petals the most loved online marketplace. The online gift segment that started back in 1994, now scaled to  gift items like authentic chocolates, cakes, exquisite sweets along with personalized gifts, artificial flowers, and much more. 

  • 400+ outlets in more than 125+ cities
  • Rs 1,000 cr projected turnover for FY 23 

Source: Economic Times

India’s leading digital platform, Ferns N Petals is committed to offering the best curated experience to their customers. 

9. First cry 

The Indian D2C company selling baby products was launched in 2010. The online marketplace is loved by Indian moms for the wide range of products it offers, ranging from baby, kids to maternity products. 

  • 6 billion in Indian rupees revenue from operation in 2021
  • Over 2 lakh unique products across 6,000 brands in more than 400 stores 

Source: Statista  

The largest online store for baby and kids’ products in India and Asia, offers quality online shopping experience, fast and reliable delivery service, and prompt customer care. 

10. Bluestone 

With the most unique selling proposition, “Try it before you buy it”, the company takes an appointment and offers the unique try at home service to its customers. Offering customized jewellery, Bluestone B2C online marketplace has carved its niche in the industry. 

  • 2.7 billion Indian rupees revenue from operation in 2021
  • Over 8,000 desings across rings, pendants etc

With its unique omnichannel approach, Bluestone is the customers’ go to jewellery marketplace today.  

Well, we bet you are influenced by these success stories and are willing to build your own B2C online marketplace. To build, run, and manage your marketplace well, you need an enterprise ecommerce solution that comes in-built with enterprise grade features and tools. 

How does StoreHippo help build the best multi vendor marketplace in India?

With the everchanging Indian ecommerce landscape, to chart an upward growth trajectory becomes a bit of a challenge. However, with a powerful marketplace builder like StoreHippo, you can build a thriving and leading multi vendor marketplace solution. It comes with the best-in-class features to help you launch your marketplace website sucessfully. 

Let us look at some features offered by StoreHippo to build your multi vendor marketplace: 

  • End-to-end multi vendor solutions help onboard and manage the vendors seamlessly

  • Inherently scalable solutions to build online marketplaces for businesses of every scale and size 

  • Adaptive payments that helps distribute payments of multi-product order between vendors

  • Mobile-first approach to build marketplaces that can leverage m commerce 

  • 300+ API endpoints to creatively build unique brand identity 

  • Customized user-friendly themes to help improve conversions 

  • Integrated shipping solutions that help merchants automate and streamline their supply chain

  • Headless ecommerce solutions to add multiple customer touchpoints and go omnichannel

  • Build multiple storefronts based on different location, product lines, customer segments, etc

  • Multi level security with auto renewable free SSL 

  • Go global turnkey solutions for international business like multi lingual and multi currency support

  • Inbuilt tax engine for multi-level taxation and to simplify tax calculations 

  • Host of in-built marketing features like discount engine, unified notifications, SEO 

You can seamlessly build and manage your multi vendor marketplace and kickstart your online business at a fraction of cost and time with StoreHippo. It is loaded with 300+ inbuilt features to help you create, market and manage your online business. StoreHippo offers a fully scalable and flexible marketplace solution that helps build a variety of vertical and horizontal marketplaces for B2B as well as B2C businesses. 


With the rich features of StoreHippo, you can seamlessly launch your own online marketplace and become a part of the Indian ecommerce industry. With mobile ready ecommerce solutions from StoreHippo, you can also easily launch your multi vendor marketplace mobile app for your customers. 

Well, what are you waiting for? Build the best multi vendor marletplace in India with StoreHippi by starting your 14-day free trial now.

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The multi vendor marketplaces is a growing phenomenon which is becoming successful by the minute and doesnt how signs of stopping anytime soon. B2C ecommerce also benefits from this model. Informative article on the B2C marketplaces in India and what we can learn from these brands.

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