Tips to increase Mobile Conversions

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  • Tips to increase Mobile Conversions

In this age of Mobile Commerce, retailers are looking to target mobile users and attract them to increase their conversions and maximize sales. A responsive web design is undoubtedly a key factor but there are many other handy tips to in tap mobile shoppers in the long run, optimize your site for mobile conversions and stay ahead of the curve.

Here is the to-do list from Hippo to optimize your site to increase mobile conversion rates.

Limit Content

They say, content is the king but in the case of mobiles - only ‘relevant’ content is the king. Mobile users don’t have the time or patience to read the entire website on their devices. The thumb rule is less the content, more the sales and vice versa. Mobile users usually visit a site to find some urgent information, see contact details, check the price of a particular product, compare products or for simply window shopping. So keep your content to the point and be brief. Too much of content will distract them. The layout should be so adopted that only the most relevant content is the visible which lies above the fold. The fold is an imaginary line at the bottom of the page which the visitor can see without the need to scroll. The content below the fold is visible only with scrolling. Make sure to show relevant content like price and main features above the fold. If there is a promotion, have it on the first fold. Don’t make users scroll down on your site.

Limit Images

The success of a mobile site depends largely on how fast it loads. The use of technology which makes the pages load faster like Single page architecture (SPA) should be incorporated. A large number of images are most likely to slow down the website and make the experience poor for the mobile user. Small sized images which adapt to the screen size are imperative to be used. It will be a good strategy to show only one good image of the product on the main product page and offer more photos on a second page.

Fast mobile checkouts

In a mobile site it is important to keep your checkout process quite simple. Try to limit your checkout to a single step or a one page simple process with few clicks. Reduce the number of checkout fields for higher conversions. It is difficult for people to fill big forms and too many details. Small things like suggesting the address with a Google Maps plug-in will make the checkout experience easier. You can limit to asking the zip code rather than asking for the city and state details since the zip code will provide you the requisite information. And don’t ask people for account creation prior to checkout process!

Easy navigation and more space

Make the navigation easy for mobile users. Keep all the buttons and links at a distance to avoid confusion and clicks-by-chance! Leave blank spaces for easier scrolling and lesser strain on eyes. White spaces enhance the effect of the page design and drop-off rates will reduce.

Click-to-call buttons

Mobile users are more than willing to respond to a call to action on their mobile devices. Make calling an easy task for the mobile user visiting your site. Click-to-call buttons are so designed that it is easy to to dial and call the number with the mobile device. If this is not the case, can you imagine the plight of the person who tries to copy and paste a phone number or has to fetch for a pen and paper to jot down a phone number? The person may be stuck in a mobile setting and wishes to urgently contact the retailer for some solution. Do you think such a person will become your customer? Definitely not!

Optimize Filters

It is challenge for e-commerce merchants to help the customers to find the right products with Smartphones and tablets as the options to sort and filter increase with a variety of products available. Optimize the filers in a way that the customers are able to find their products with few clicks. Use icons for colour and size choices.

Ban pop-up banners

Pop-ups are irritating and often stall the thought process of a potential buyer. Any additional clicks or distractions are a not desirable. Keep the process fast, smooth and convenient.

Keep people engaged

It is important to keep the mobile visitors engaged. Use videos, offers, contests, or games and puzzles for that matter to keep them hooked. Many people do online shopping because it is so much fun. Don’t be focused only on ‘place an order’! Make the experience a memorable one for the user.

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