Tips To Identify The Best Online Store Builder

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  • Tips To Identify The Best Online Store Builder

Building an online store is a perfect way to get some additional income and establish your brand online. In most cases, the easiest and fastest way to create online store is to use an ecommerce store builder.

Why use an online store builder?

The store builders are hands down the best way to keep your online business up and running. The store builder ensures that you have an awesome online store without any technical knowledge or coding skills.

The best online store builder has everything you need to manage online orders, payments, shipping, marketing, billing, and what not. 

So, if you have a brick-and-mortar store or looking to establish your online business from scratch, an ecommerce store builder is the solution. 

How to Choose the best online store builder? 

Look for an ecommerce platform that offers:

1. Mobile-ready ecommerce platform

With the huge success of mobile ecommerce, modern online buyers are more likely to shop from mobile devices. Offering seamless shopping experience to your customers across multiple devices has become a mandate for your online store. The best online store builders always offer good compatibility with mobile devices and available on mobile devices (Android/iOS). StoreHippo ensures a future-ready online store with mobile readiness. It also offers PWA support to make your website look and feel like a native application on any device.

2. Make search and checkouts faster

Navigation plays a key role when a visitor is on the website. Nobody wants to search the product of their choice forever. If an online buyer comes to your website looking for a specific product, they should find it right away otherwise they are likely to abandon your store. Here comes the role of an ecommerce platform that supports advanced search functionality and faster checkouts. The best online store builder like StoreHippo provides an easy checkout process with multiple payment options and one-stop shipping solution to make the online journey of your customers awesome.

3. Ready for multiple business models

Are you scared that your online business will fail? If yes, think about the reasons it can fail and work upon them. The foremost reason why businesses are not able to sustain beyond a couple of years is the mismatch of business plans and real-time implementations. 

To keep a right pace with the market dynamics, you need the best marketplace platform that can adapt the new market trends and support different business models. StoreHippo comes to the rescue here. It offers end-to-end solution to manage vendors, inventory, shipping, and a lot more to manage your online B2B as well as B2C business successfully. The best part is that you can easily switch between different business models as per your business requirement and keep leveraging the business opportunities.

4. Flexibility to scale your business in future

Modifying a website according to the changing trends and business needs becomes difficult. Even the small changes take a lot of time and need to be tested thoroughly to make it a bug-free solution. This may take a lot of time if the online store is not developed with the help of online store builders that are flexible. Customization should always be considered when you have to become better than earlier. 

If you want to make your business better, it is important to consider your “CUSTOMERS” first. A best online store builder allows you to do it with ease. The store builder can be a very good option in the long run as it helps you to compete in the online market.

5. International business support

Taking your business to global heights might sound more difficult than it actually is. Do you think only large-scale online businesses can plan to go global? No, it's possible for you also. When you create online store with StoreHippo, you can also take your business to the worldwide level without investing oodles of time and money. StoreHippo offers ready-to-use features like multi-currency, multi-stores, multilingual, international shipping, and many more to make your online global journey easier. Don’t wait anymore to achieve your global expansion dreams.

6. Inbuilt marketing features and powerful discount engine

Starting something is always easier than completing it successfully. Similarly, getting a customer on an online marketplace is easier than completing a functional order cycle. A best marketplace builder not only ensures the good-looking website but also manages the vital actions like logistics, payments, and seamless integrations of everything to grow your online business.

Just like StoreHippo offers an end-to-end marketplace solution along with multiple third-party integrations to run your business smoothly. In addition, you can also have inbuilt tools, SEO friendly features, social logins, Google analytics, live traffic checker tools, and much more. The power of marketing rules the businesses – it stands true in the ecommerce business as well. The powerful discount and marketing engine help your multi vendor marketplace to create a variety of coupons and promotions to boost your website conversions. You can help vendors to create their customized marketing campaigns like:

  • Product Level Discount
  • Seller Specific Discount
  • Order Based Discount
  • Custom Discount Codes
  • Time Specific Discount
  • Device-Based Discount
  • Group-Based Discount
  • Seamless payment and shipping integrations

While your ecommerce platform is the basic foundation of your business, it is not your whole world. It is vital to have seamless integrations of key functionalities like online payments and logistics. So, “Integrations are must”. The best online store builder helps you work seamlessly with multiple integrations that help you manage your online marketplace effectively.

Whether you need third-party integrations now or later, a SaaS-based ecommerce platform helps you to integrate in much easier ways. You can integrate with an ERP, accounting software, payment gateways, logistics solutions to boost your ecommerce business. StoreHippo ensures that you can sync inventory, orders and tracking systems, products, shipping, payments, that helps you to deliver best-in-class services.

7. Facility to showcase product reviews

What is the best way to make your customers trust the quality of your products? Nothing works better if you can get third party votes for your products. And who is the best third party to give authentic votes for your products? Definitely it’s your customers who have already tried and approved your products. Add the essential e-commerce website feature for getting your products reviewed by your customers. Another advantage offered by the best online store builder is that it creates unique and regular content for your website which helps in better ranking on Google and other search engines.

8. Social media features

Social media has revolutionized online shopping behavior and close to 20% online sales are influenced by social media public opinion about a given brand. Social media also offers a very good opportunity for running ads, promotional campaigns and creating a buzz about any brands. Having various social media links on your online store is one of the must have ecommerce features which keeps your customers updated about latest deals, new arrivals, PR and other promotional events happening at your store. 

Why is StoreHippo the best online store builder for your business?

The must-have modules have been emphasized to let you understand the most important features and solutions for your success.  StoreHippo is a ready-to-go ecommerce platform that helps you build a scalable online store in no time. It has built popular online marketplaces and helped create online store for many businesses.

The fully hosted and managed solution offered by StoreHippo helps business owners to achieve amazing business growth without any worries of managing the IT aspects. Schedule a 14-day trial to explore the features now.

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Some tips to identify a good online store builder can be its pricing, responsive design, payment options, security features. etc. A good online store builder is essential as it builds a good foundation for your brand's online presence.

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Online store builders have made it so easy for brands to set up their online stores. They have reduced the friction in taking stores online. This article is so informative as it details and expands on the tips on how to identify the best online store builder for brands

By: Vikram Seth
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This article gives so many helpful to identify the best online store builder. every brands has its own requirements therefore it is important to take this decision only after examining multiple angles. Very well written blog, looking forward to reading more such articles

By: Adarsh Shetty
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Hi Adarsh, thanks for appreciating our blog on Tips To Identify The Best Online Store Builder. If you need our help setting up an online store, feel free to contact us. For more ecommerce related information, keep checking the StoreHippo blog! Team StoreHippo - Sep 15, 2022

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