The Advent of the Hippo

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  • The Advent of the Hippo

While the Indian e-commerce market spurs forward at a meteoric speed, here we are talking about Hippos! What exactly is StoreHippo? Am I not better off with, say, a Store Chimpanzee? Why is e-commerce important to me at all, when customers are trickling into my brick and mortar store quitehappily? If these questions inside your head are bursting to be asked, they are about to get answered.

StoreHippo is your complete e-commerce solution rolled into a neat package, which is easy to use for anybody with the most elementary knowledge of computers. We used to be called MyStore earlier, if you remember, but we decided to rechristen ourselves StoreHippo because that is so much cooler. Well, not really that. A  hippo is strong, powerful and wise, which are just the qualities you need to mentor your e-commerce venture! The next, and most obvious question is, what was the need for StoreHippo, or any other Hippo, for that matter? We're tackling that in the following paragraphs.

By now, we definitely know that the 21st Century will be known as the age of information revolution. It's the time when the magic of e-commerce is working wonders; it is the age where your customers are constantly on the move, and convenience is about the top most word in any middle class or upper-middle class person's priority list. When your grocery comes walking to you, when there's a dedicated online shop specializing in bulbs to socks to  prison accessories (and probably even the Philosopher's Stone), do you really see a time when e-commerce goes out of fashion? Yes, maybe when teleportation becomes a reality; but you'll agree that's still way off our radar.

Right now, web-enabled SMEs boast of 51% higher revenue than their offline-only counterparts; 71% shoppers believe that they will get a better deal online than in stores. And yet, less than 10% of Indian SMEs have online presence. The reason is that the internet  is an unfamiliar territory, it's still perceived to be an expensive affair, and non-techie people are, for a fair reason, wary of e-commerce.

This is where StoreHippo comes in. Being the wise amphibian it is - what with adapting to water and evolving to swim over the years - the Hippo realized that what people want is a complete e-commerce solution that only requires basic computer knowledge to be set up. And this is exactly what StoreHippo is: forget coders, chuck web designers, never mind about struggling with decade-old technology. The Hippo is going to give you a mobile-friendly, social media-ready, online interface that is technologically superior than any other available platforms.

So hop on the Hippo Express and take a tour of the site!

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Thanks for sharing the information.

By: Neha
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Hi like the information u shared,but do u know ecommcerce has tough competition now a days .top wellknow company already present .

By: Amit
Oct 06, 2014   Reply

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