StoreHippo’s Multi Store Ecommerce solution: An easy way to reach targeted customers

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  • StoreHippo’s Multi Store Ecommerce solution: An easy way to reach targeted customers

Surviving in the fiercely competitive e-commerce sphere is a daunting task indeed. Whether you are a new entrant or a seasoned player, you need to keep thinking of ways to stay ahead of your competition. Everyone out there is using paid promotions and other marketing tactics to give the best ecommerce shopping deals to their customers. So, what is that one differentiating factor that can help your online store reach out to more customers and eventually sell better?

It’s proven beyond doubt that, giving value added and personalized deals to your customers can take your business places and help you get best ROI. One simple way to do it is by offering multiple versions of the same store, each targeting a set of customer with specific products, deals, services etc. Multi store ecommerce solution has tons of benefits which help to expand the reach of your store and get customers who are likely to stay loyal to you.

Before we learn how to convert a simple online store into a network of multiple sub stores let us have a look at some of the obvious advantages of this set-up.

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Multiple Stores = Multiple Benefits

  • Cater to specific needs of target audience and improve conversions
  • Diversify into various geographical locations
  • Create niche stores that help with powerful branding
  • Get customized design that attracts and retains visitors
  • Offer product and prices based on targeted customer preferences
  • Target customers in their native language through multiple sub-stores
  • Offer location based online payment or COD options
  • Offer regions specific logistics for multi store ecommerce.
  • Easy management of complete database with a common admin panel
  • Get better insight into traffic and conversions from multi-store Analytics and report
  • Allows targeted SEO and marketing strategy for each store

StoreHippo’s  simple solution for implementing Multi - store functionality on your website

At StoreHippo, we aim to constantly improve ourselves to provide the most advanced, updated and future ready ecommerce platform to our clients. We take our resolve a few notches higher by offering some unique solutions. To help online store owners extend their reach and boost their sales we have built some simple to install apps that greatly enhance the functionality of a simple webstore.

One such app is – City Centric, which allows to target location based customers and converts a simple webstore into a network of multi-location online stores.

Convert your webstore into a multi-location store in just a few clicks!

Few simple steps and you can have a network of location specific stores with customized design, products, logistics etc. Unbelievable! Experience the change and follow these steps to know for sure:

  • Contact our team at and request for a demo on multi location feature.
  • One of our team members would contact you and take you through the various features and example stores having multi-location online stores functionality.
  • Choose the layout and inform the team about your preferences.
  • Download City centric app on your site which will give an option for adding cities in your backend.
  • Add desired list of cities, area, PIN code based on your requirement.
  • Add city-specific products, services, logistics etc. manually or through csv upload.
  • That’s it! Your multi-store site is ready to engage customers and cater to their unique requirements. Now all you need is some engaging content and good SEO that provides visibility to your brand. 

Keep watching this space as in our next part we bring for you 3 success stories of multi store ecommerce solution with StoreHippo.

Meanwhile, if you need to know more about this feature just post your queries in comments below.

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