StoreHippo multilingual ecommerce solutions: The shortcut to take your online business to global markets

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  • StoreHippo multilingual ecommerce solutions: The shortcut to take your online business to global markets

Ecommerce has opened up new markets and business opportunities for entrepreneurs who can now explore far-flung markets just by creating an online store.We are living in a world which is one huge global marketplace without borders. Internet penetration and improved logistics have made it easier to expand an online business across the continents and explore business opportunities in the local as well as international market.

The first step towards building a truly global business is to set up a multilingual website that connects with the global audiences in their native language. Having a business that communicates in multiple languages has some clear benefits over a single language website. Let’s review some of the most evident advantages;

  • Establish a better connect with your targeted audience segments by publishing content in the language they understand the best.

  • Give more power to your content by following the local practices of date and time pattern, punctuation, capitalization etc based on a specific language, country, geography etc.

  • Improve conversions by targeting specific user segments based on geo locations.

  • Get higher Google rankings by using language specific keywords when you create a multilingual website tailored for specific audience segments.

  • Expand your business to new markets by targeting non-English speaking audiences at local as well global levels.


It is obvious from the above that having a store in more than one language can give you some clear advantages over your competitors and open up international markets for you. However, before you begin exploring the international markets you need to find a reliable website builder that does justice to this feature without taking too much development time and effort.

Finding the right multilingual ecommerce solutions to build your ecommerce webstore

To maximize the benefits of a multilingual online store the website should be built on advanced, mobile ready technology that offers the ease of exploring and converting omnichannel traffic in global markets. Also, the multi-language feature should be is flexible enough to allow the ease of creating multiple language pages with limited human supervision.

To address these and many other requirements, StoreHippo platform has incorporated a comprehensive solution to facilitate multilingual ecommerce. StoreHippo offers a marked improvement over other ecommerce platforms by makes it super easy to roll out a multilingual site in no time. The StoreHippo solution provides a shortcut for online business to market their products and services in the global markets.

Some of the key features of StoreHippo that facilitate global ecommerce are;

Support for Multiple Languages

Convert your website content into all the major languages spoken across the globe in just a few clicks. Choose the languages from the drop-down menu and offer your customers the option to view your website content in the language of their choice.

Auto Translate

The automatic translation feature allows you to create multilingual website in no time. All you need to do is tick the checkbox and select the language translation feature from your Admin panel and you can choose from over two dozen languages to display the content of your webstore.

Better Translation Control

StoreHippo allows you to fully control the sections of your web page you need to convert into a specific language.By choosing between automatic and manual mode of translations you can control and override automatic translations selectively.

Rule-based Automatic Language Selection

You can market and showcase your products and services in the preferred language of a given geography by using the language based on user’s geography, a selected user group or even the device used by them to access your multilingual website powered by StoreHippo. You can even set rules to turn on different languages for different subdomains like;, etc.


StoreHippo multilingual feature ensures that your site performance remains top notch and the load time remains unaffected thanks to optimised translations which can be scale your website load to millions of users. You can easily keep adding pages and content and converting them to the language of your choice with StoreHippo multi-language feature.

Manage Bulk Translations

StoreHippo allows you to manage translations in bulk by creating support for CSV Imports and Exports. This feature gives you the flexibility to check and edit your content offline with language tools of your choice. If you are using translator services for your multilingual ecommerce website you can give different files to different translators without even giving them access to your admin panel.

Support in Mobile Apps

StoreHippo allows you to improve your mobile app conversions by supporting the user's native language in the app. The feature for mobile app translation not only allows to take the business to new global markets but also helps in tapping the local markets and grassroots users by using local languages which otherwise are left ignored.

Powerful Admin Panel in Multiple Languages

English is no longer the universal language for business. Now get an overview of your business in the language of your choice. StoreHippo brings you an advanced Admin panel that uses multilingual ecommerce solutions to enable you to understand the ins and outs of your business in the language of your choice. Check all your business details, overview, order summary and order status in your preferred language.


Unleash the potential of your business by taking it global for better conversions across diverse geographies. Explore the StoreHippo multilingual website builder by creating your 14-day free trial store.


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