StoreHippo adapts #MaterialDesign, launches Admin 2.0

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  • StoreHippo adapts #MaterialDesign, launches Admin 2.0

Thinking about adapting your website design for a seamless and enjoyable mobile device experience is passé!

Trending now is #MaterialDesign - changing our perspective and redefining UI/UX as we knew it!

In a world revolutionised by mobile experiences, our thought process has also been realigned to think “Mobile First”. Mobile is at the core of every futuristic technology , design and business. Material Design takes this idea further by providing a structure that revolves around mobile experience and at the same time extends  to all other devices.

Introducing StoreHippo Mobile Admin 2.0 -  Take your business wherever you Go

StoreHippo has always been ahead of its competitors in embracing the most advance technology. Almost 3 years ago, we pioneered the use of MEAN stack for our ecommerce platform and built stores for our clients that performed seamlessly on all mobile devices.

StoreHippo team has always aspired to find solutions that can be leveraged by businesses of future. We are taking our commitment further by using Material Design for StoreHippo’s Mobile Admin 2.0. The new Admin gives you the freedom to carry your business with you. All you need is just a smartphone or any other mobile device of your choice.

Here are some of the features that will change the way you had been running your ecommerce venture;

  • Manage your business from anywhere, anytime with the mobile responsive Admin 2.0.
  • Smooth and light interface powered by Material Design.
  • Improved Accessibility for smooth navigation and switching between tasks and menu.
  • Improved reporting and dashboard to help you understand nuances of business better.
  • Smooth learning curve to boost productivity.
  • 24 x 7 support in form of fully documented Help Center with illustrations of tools, features and functionalities.

Why StoreHippo Admin 2.0 is  powered by Material Design

In a mobile obsessed world, we are no longer thinking in terms of making the website design mobile responsive or adaptive. Instead, the whole thought process takes a 180 degree turn. Now, we design interfaces first for the mobile and then adapt it to fit on larger screens of a desktop or laptop.

Google’s Material Design, with its 3D constructions and layered interfaces ensures a sublime and realistic user experience. Using flat and light objects it  improves the overall performance of any site.It also combines good design and technology to create seamless cross  platform experience on all devices.

Material creates a connection between the user and your product that has been known to increase session duration and conversions remarkably.

Giving a New Dimension to Your Business

Powered by Material Design the StoreHippo Admin 2.0 allows you to explore new horizons by giving you enhanced accessibility and  ease of use.

Unleash your business potential, work with StoreHippo eCommerce Platform and explore the tools for exponential growth. Experience the freedom of taking your business along with you anywhere, everywhere.

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