StoreHippo - A big step to help small firms for delivering web services

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  • StoreHippo - A big step to help small firms for delivering web services

The internet is a major marketing tool for businesses today. Also, virtual shopping has become an in thing. For retailers, it is increasingly becoming necessary to have a good online store in order to reach out to more target customers and thereby rev up their business. In this respect, StoreHippo is an e-commerce solution provider that helps build a good online store and is especially beneficial to small and medium enterprises as well as home-based entrepreneurs. The company has a skilled and strong R&D team that specializes in providing a host of secured, manageable, scalable web development services like custom web development, mobile application development, cloud deployments and multimedia development. It also has expertise in offering portfolio services that include social network sites, web portals, e-commerce and m-commerce sites.
StoreHippo offers online marketing, social media integration, multi-seller feature, multi-lingual sites, multi-currency, SE0 and many more services to clients, thus exploiting a wider spectrum of web services. Powered with features like cash on delivery, integrated logistics, integration with leading payment gateways, mobile sites and apps, customized features, beautiful themes and SEO-rich tools, StoreHippo meets the needs of every online retailer to create seamless stores and has been successful in launching web stores for a number of its clients.
The founder of this venture is Rajiv Kumar, also the CEO of StoreHippo, who possesses iconic expertise in the field of information technology and software development. After a thorough analysis of the industry and understanding its trends, he took a technology leap for the company by offering the futuristic m-commerce technology for his clients. He believes that a company's success lies largely on its innovations and R&D, thus enabling it to provide some exceptional products to the clients, so much so that the company has received accolades from the most tech-savvy clients.

Business Model

StoreHippo offers complex services in a simplified manner. It grants the core offering of e-commerce platform as SAAS based business model available on a monthly subscription basis for the clients. The company has been able to offer competitive pricing due to expertise in technology and e-commerce domain. Further, the cost of development of e-commerce has been spread across multiple customers. These wise steps have helped StoreHippo to go a long way in a short time in the business world.
The company is also exploring the option to partner with the sellers on a profit-sharing model and strives to not only provide e-commerce development site for the SMEs but also assist them to scale up their businesses. StoreHippo gives each of its clients an opportunity to grow 'Beyond E-Commerce', making it the most preferred choice for start-ups.

A Glimpse of Hippo’s Early Years

StoreHippo, a flagship product of Hippo Innovations was launched in 2014 to help SMEs and individuals to create their own e-commerce and m-commerce spaces on the internet. Rajiv felt the need for a mobile commerce platform that could tap the potential of the booming mobile commerce industry. Making use of his vast industry experience and taking the advantage of recent technological innovations, he focused on building a perfect solution provider that would give affordable m-commerce solutions to its clients. This led to the birth of StoreHippo. Rajiv felt that the first phase of his entrepreneurial journey was difficult though an extremely satisfying one. The biggest strength was the technology which helped to give the best services at affordable prices.

Current Marker

Mobile commerce is on the upswing and is likely to be a game-changer, contributing higher percentage of revenues of the online retailers. Following this trend, almost all the e-commerce companies are customizing their sites for mobile devices and enhancing their reach while
improving customer experience.
In order to outdo the stiff competition and stay ahead of the race, StoreHippo provides seamless web stores equipped with advanced technologies along with full technical help for creating online stores and ensures that that the apps are optimized for various types of mobile devices like Smartphones and tablets. StoreHippo had the vision to help SMEs and budding entrepreneurs to create their online stores and has been successful in the mission.

Marketing Activities

The team generates a large number of leads through digital marketing and targeted campaigns based on the area of interest and the industry sectors. Direct selling is yet another tactic. These strategies have proven quite effective in adding a large number of clients. The company creates e-commerce stores optimized for web devices, mobile sites and mobile apps. It enables the customers of the web stores to access the sites on laptops, desktops and all mobile devices as well. It leads to greater conversions and sales for the customers of the web stores.

The company has grown immensely under the strong leadership of Rajiv Kumar and his initiatives have helped the company grow by leaps and bounds. His focus on continuous skill development and the importance of building a strong corporate culture has bolstered efficiency and productivity at all levels. Rajiv Kumar is not leaving any stone unturned and is making every possible move to market his products. Rajiv is a strong believer of the adage 'Customer is King’ and believes that the success of any business lies in strong customer satisfaction. He personifies the company's commitment to build solutions that deliver a phenomenal performance and lead to greater customer satisfaction.

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