Let's continue the journey with Mr. Happy & Mr. Smart

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  • Let's continue the journey with Mr. Happy & Mr. Smart

4 Months Later...

Mr. Happy spent a fortune in arranging all the resources separately and faced a lot of hurdles in execution of his idea whereas Mr. Smart took the smarter way and did a quick online research and decided  to go with the StoreHippo DIY(Do it yourself) mobile commerce platform.

Both of them managed to build an online store though Mr. Happy’s concept took a lot of time to take the final shape with no scalability and didn’t even work on all the devices, whereas Mr. Smart with Storehippo by his side created his mobile ready store in no time by just selecting a mobile ready theme.

While Mr. Smart is busy in uploading products on his store and setting up the payment gateway through our Easy-to-use Admin panel, Mr. Happy is still trying to maintain all the resources and manage logistics. Mr. Happy’s concept definitely was not something that he could manage on his own so he had to keep on investing more time and money on all the resources, which hardly left him with any money that he could utilize for other aspects of his business.

Mr. Smart with Storehippo launched his store in just few hours saving him a lot of time, money and effort which he invested smartly in the other aspects of his business like digital marketing. Mr. Smart started getting orders really soon and with the integrated logistics solutions of Storehippo he managed to deliver the orders without any hassle on time thus earning him a happy customer.

Though in the end both of our friends managed to open an online business as desired still it was just a matter of choice which turned our friend’s Mr. Happy into Mr. sad and Mr. Smart into a successful entrepreneur.

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