Shobhazs Weaving a success story in the online world of women fashion, tailored to perfection with StoreHippo

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  • Shobhazs Weaving a success story in the online world of women fashion, tailored to perfection with StoreHippo

Dr Sunita Rani is a unique person with diverse talents. A doctor by profession, she also has a rich experience in running a business in women fashion, ranging from unstitched & semi-stitched dress materials. She undertook the arduous journey of turning into an entrepreneur and founded, an online store with support from StoreHippo and achieved success in a short span of time. Not surprising, considering that within 3 months the number of visitors at the site crossed one lakh! Today, she has tapped many Indian clients and plans to focus on the international segment by providing a rewarding online shopping experience.

A peep into her story woven with StoreHippo!

Tell us something about yourself as the founder of Shobhazs.

Though I am a doctor, I always had a bent of mind towards fashion and design. Shobhazs is my brainchild and a result of unrelenting endeavor of a group of professionals. The store deals with stitched and un-stitched dress materials for the modern and vivacious woman of today which blends with her diverse tastes and myriad styles.

How did you start a business specialized in the fashion segment?

I always nurtured a childhood dream of making a mark in the fashion industry. I am an ardent follower of the latest trends in fashion and design and regularly follow the latest news in the industry. I felt there was a lot of potential in this sector and since I could feel the pulse of the fashion trends, I thought of starting a business in women dress materials.

How did you think about opening an online store for your business?

I keenly followed the rising market trends and saw the successful emergence of e-commerce business. I felt that opening an online retail store was the best option for a startup entrepreneur like me who was risk averse and had restricted investment. I needed to be conservative in beginning.  I thought of taking the online route without any hassles of opening up a conventional brick & mortar store. Moreover, with better broadband connectivity, I believe that online selling has come of age in India and felt it instinctively right to go online.

Did you face any challenges while starting an online business?

I was new to the online world and choosing StoreHippo as our online partner proved to be a blessing for me. Whatever technical hitches I faced were resolved by the team.

How did opening an online store help your business?

By going online, it was easier way to kick start my business. I could reach out to a large number of end users 24*7 and this helped me tap many clients. Today, most of the clients are impulsive buyers and are happy to purchase online if they come across any product that interests them. No doubt the e-commerce business is thriving. We are happy to be a part of this digital market revolution in India.

What is your unique selling point?

I try to think from the point-of-view of an online customer and what would enable me to take the immediate decision to buy online. I go for select hand-picked designs which attract the customer immediately, without causing any confusion about choosing from a large variety of designs. Most importantly, we offer at least 10-20% lower prices than our competitors along with the option of immediate delivery.

How was your experience with StoreHippo?

We had a fantastic experience and see StoreHippo as a committed business partner. It was a smooth journey into the online world and we did not have to bother about the technical aspects of the website. We got an awesome number of visits at our site and tapped many clients. We owe our success to StoreHippo and would recommend it to other budding startups also. As they say, it takes two to tango!

Sunita Rani had the courage and sheer determination to fulfill her dream of running a business.  StoreHippo helped her to set up an online store. If you, too, wish to achieve success, join hands with StoreHippo!

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