Points to Consider when planning B2B Ecommerce Website Development

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  • Points to Consider when planning B2B Ecommerce Website Development

Did you know that:

  • Over 89% of the wholesale buyers make their purchases online
  • More than 93% of them look for the engaging and smooth website experience as they have with B2C ecommerce websites

Facts about B2B websites

B2B phenomenon is getting bigger than ever before and making the burgeoning field of B2B ecommerce website development rise more and more. The global B2B e commerce market values over US$12.2 trillion in 2019 which is over six times of the B2C market.

Having an online presence for wholesale businesses is no more an option. Yes, you heard it right. To stay competitive, you need to build a comprehensive ecommerce store and simplify the buying process for buyers. With the right planning and technology, nothing can stand in the way of a successful launch of a B2B website on time and budget. 

Keeping this necessity in mind, today we are sharing the most important points to consider while planning B2B ecommerce website development. It will help you to discover everything you need to know to start your online wholesale business project

Here are the top points that will help you choose the right B2B ecommerce solution to grow your business.

1. Next-generation technology

With the dynamically growing technologies in the online world, you need to be one step ahead of the curve to win the competition. It is super important to consider the future ready technology for your enterprise business that is inherently secure and scalable too. Like, StoreHippo is a revolutionary B2B ecommerce solution built on the most advanced future ready technologies. It helps you build stunning and a light-weight and easy going website with less time and effort. 

2. Mobile-ready solution

Mobile commerce is increasing rapidly in B2B considering the immense growth of mobile shopping.  No wonder why large enterprises are moving towards online and mobile presence to keep their customers loyal. If you are also one of them, choose a solution with a mobile-first approach like StoreHippo. It gives a mobile commerce edge to your wholesale business. Along with B2B ecommerce website development, you can also build your mobile apps (iOS/Android) without any additional cost. And there is more to it. We help you get a PWA supportive online store to deliver a native app-like experience to users.

3. Easy switching to multi vendor business model

Well, coming to the growth side of business, you can never stop learning and doing new things. To stay competitive, it is mandatory to keep trying new things and grow more in business. With the StoreHippo B2B ecommerce solution, you can easily switch to the multi vendor marketplace business model with the inbuilt solutions. You can quickly start earning more by onboarding multiple vendors and selling a variety of products and services through the marketplace website.

4. Personalized pricing for customers

Smart pricing is one of the most attractive factors to attract the customers and make them buy from your website, especially in the B2B industry. The inherent features of StoreHippo allows you to handle customized pricing for different customers without any technical or operational hassles. You don’t need to hire people to set customized pricing anymore. You can easily implement IP based, login based, wholesale or retail order based pricing with our B2B ecommerce solution in one-go.

5. Easy management of multiple product lines

Customers always want a wide array of products on the website to fit their varied choices. But how feasible is it to manage those product lines, update their live status on a website, and keep a check on all of them in real-time? Sounds like a tough job? Yes, it is. Here, StoreHippo comes to the rescue where you can manage multiple product lines on a central portal and have micro-sites for each product line. All these sub-stores can be easily managed with a centralized admin dashboard.

6. Customizable to unique business requirements

You must have heard commonly that – “No one size fits all” approach. Customization is everywhere and so is the case when you plan your B2B ecommerce website development. You need a platform that is fully customizable and scalable to match your dynamic business

needs and unique requirements. With StoreHippo, you can create your own business workflows and entities, tweak the existing ones to make a platform for your business.

7. Designed for B2B and B2C business models

It is okay if you are dealing only with B2B requirements as of now but what if you wish to diversify your wholesale business in the B2C segment? Will you set up a new website, new name, new resources, and most importantly, a new BIG COST attached to it? Well, you need not to do it all. StoreHippo B2B ecommerce solution has all the extensive features to handle B2B as well as B2C requirements at one place. We don’t think only about your present with us but highly involved to make your business’ future too.

8. Seamless third-party integrations

A whole business ecosystem works together when you tend to start and run an online business. And this is an even bigger picture when it is an enterprise business. Be it your payment gateways, logistics, notifications, automated marketing, ERP, CRM, accounting, you can integrate everything in a few clicks with StoreHippo.

9. International business support

Getting your business to international heights seems like a dream come true but with the world rapidly going online, you can do it with the right B2B ecommerce solution. All you need is the go-global features while planning your website. Some of the international support features offered by StoreHippo includes multi-currency payments, multiple language support, multi currency taxation and invoice support, etc. Get a solution that is ready to reach global markets.

Start your B2B ecommerce website development with StoreHippo

And that’s all you need to know while planning your B2B website. Now is the time to take the real action by opting the right platform and get going with your online business. StoreHippo offers all these features and makes your website fully stocked with all the services your customers need. Our 300+ inbuilt features, 50+ pre-integrated payment gateways, one-stop shipping solution, automated marketing features and varied tools let you create, run, and grow your online wholesale business like never before.

Still thinking to wrap your head around B2B ecommerce website development? The best way to find out what works best for you is to try new things and understand the results on your own. Check the extensive features of our platform by starting your 14-day free trial. Good luck.

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