One-stop-online-shop for home décor, kitchen products, accessories & footwear

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  • One-stop-online-shop for home décor, kitchen products, accessories & footwear

Check out the story of Mrs. Shilpa Gupta who chased her dream to build an online store for quality products and won a loyal client base with a focus on quality and the firm support from the team at StoreHippo.

Shilpa Gupta is a unique person with diverse talents. She undertook the arduous journey of turning into an entrepreneur and founded an online store- , with support from StoreHippo and achieved success in a short span of time. Today, Frestol boasts of a number of Indian and overseas clients in its fold and plans to focus on a rewarding online shopping experience with customer satisfaction at the core of its vision. A peep into Frestol’s story adorned with StoreHippo!

Tell us something about yourself as the founder of Frestol.

I always had an inherent desire to become an entrepreneur. Always on the lookout for new opportunities, I anticipated the potential of e-commerce and saw it as a great opportunity to chase my dreams. Frestol is my brainchild and the result of sheer dedication and commitment of my team to build a successful online store.

What is Frestol’s range of products? is a young and vibrant online store that aims to provide good quality branded products. We offer a unique showcase of products like home décor, antique metal products, spiritual products, kitchen & home accessories, and footwear.

What is Frestol’s mantra?

At Frestol we strive to achieve the highest level of “customer satisfaction”.  Our cutting edge e-commerce platform, focus on quality over quantity, efficient warehouse systems, highly experienced team and state-of-the-art customer care centre ensure the smooth functioning of all areas. We strive to offer our customers a superior buying experience, broader selection of products, timely delivery of products and earliest resolution of any concerns.

How did you start a business in this segment?

I was basically a homemaker and an ardent follower of the latest trends in decorative products. I always nurtured a keen desire to do something more meaningful in my life. After analyzing the rising market trends and the successful emergence of e-commerce business, I took the decision to become an online retailer by selling my products on online marketplaces.

How did you think about opening an online store for your business?

After getting a positive response for my products on marketplaces, I felt it was necessary to have an identity of my own and decided to launch an online store for home décor and accessories. After a lot of research, I found StoreHippo as an ideal choice to create my own web store. I felt that opening an online retail store was the best option for a startup entrepreneur, without any hassles of opening up a conventional brick & mortar store. Moreover, with better broadband connectivity, I believe that online selling has come of age in India and felt it instinctively right to go online.

Did you face any challenges while starting an online business?

There were some technical issues, but they were handled well by the StoreHippo team. We got efficient help from the customer service representative in uploading pictures and CSV files; thus all our technical issues were overcome.

How did opening an online store help your business?

By going online, it was easier way to reach out to a large number of end users and tap many clients.

How was your experience with StoreHippo?

We had a fabulous experience and see StoreHippo as a committed business partner.  Our online journey was smooth and we did not have to bother about the technical aspects of the website. We owe our success to StoreHippo and would recommend other budding entrepreneurs to join hands with StoreHippo!

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