Maximize the reach of your online business with Multi Store Ecommerce

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  • Maximize the reach of your online business with Multi Store Ecommerce

Looking for ways to make your ecommerce business stand out? Thinking of strategies to attract targeted traffic and convert them into buyers?

Wondering which business model can help you achieve this easily and quickly?

How about trying multi store ecommerce?

Not sure how you can utilize and manage multiple storefronts to grow your business?

Let’s decode the multiple stores ecommerce model and its practical benefits for online businesses.

Why Adopt The Multi Store Ecommerce Model ?

Despite the massive ecommerce boom, running a successful online store means you need to be smarter than your competitors. And how exactly can you carve a niche when all your competitors are leaving no stones unturned to grab the customers’ attention?

What could be that one differentiating factor that makes your brand take the lead?

Here come the time-tested multi-store chains to your rescue!

Give an exclusive ecommerce shopping experience to your customers with Multi Store Ecommerce

We all know that the customer is the king. Nothing works for your business like a happy customer. And how can you engage and convert your customers better? What can you offer to them that keeps them coming back to your store?

Almost every other online store is using the same survival trick, deep discounts and aggressive marketing to lure the buyers. But, this isn’t all that the modern and savvy customer demands!

The new age online buyer is looking for extreme personalization!

And you can easily offer this by building your multi store ecommerce platform.

This basically means you are creating a network of stores that offer distinct services to your customer based on their preference, choice or location.

Your customers are happy because they don’t have to spend hours searching for their desired products and services. They get specially curated catalogues designed for their unique needs.

No wonder they remain loyal to your brand and also become your brand ambassadors by promoting your business through word of mouth on various social media and digital channels!

Understanding The Multi Store Ecommerce Environment

Simply put, a multi-store set up is just like a chain of stores of an offline brand having multiple outlets at various locations. They sell similar or area-specific special products through the chain of stores. 

Similarly, a multi store ecommerce portal creates a network of storefronts each customized for the unique requirements of a set of customers. This segmentation can be on the basis of location, customer demography, product/services types etc. Such dedicated stores enhance the shoppers buying experience by matching their exact requirements.  

Having more than one store provides flexibility both to the users and the store owner. Users can benefit by having a selected choice of products, faster delivery, location-specific pricing etc. The business owner, on the other hand, can better plan different business strategies and get better traffic, user engagement and eventually conversions. 

The Benefits Of Having A Multi Store Ecommerce Platform

As we already discussed the multi-store model is an improvement over a regular store for the business owner as well as the customers. Let us evaluate the different benefits of this model for both parties, i.e; the customers and the business owner.

Advantages Of Multi Store Ecommerce For The Customers

Advantages Of Multi Store Ecommerce For The Business Owner

  • Easily create unique websites that give personalized shopping experience

  • Customize the look and feel of each store depending on user preferences

  • Unlimited scalability and better brand visibility by creating a chain of stores

  • Centralized control of multiple sub-stores

  • Quickly roll out stores for new locations or customer segments

  • Reach targeted customers in a better way

  • Get relevant traffic and increase conversions

  • Reduce comparison shopping and bounce rate

  • Different inventory for each store using multi store ecommerce solution

  • Efficient management of various stores using the same database

With so many benefits for the business owner and the customers, a chain of online stores is surely the recipe for success. What’s even better is that this versatile model fits perfectly for a variety of business use cases. 

Businesses that can benefit most from multi store ecommerce set up

Almost any online business can use this model to increase its reach and earn better ROI. We list for you some of the business verticals that can experience an immediate boost in sales by opting for a multi-store set-up.

These are just a few popular use-cases of the multi store model. With a novel idea and the right-fit solution, you can create any number of use cases for your business.

Why StoreHippo Is The Best Multi Store Ecommerce Solution for Your Business ?

Convinced that having a multi store website is one amazing way to increase your online store’s visibility and conversion. Now the big question is how to get such a site up and ready effortlessly?

Well, here comes the easy way out- StoreHippo multi store ecommerce platform.StoreHippo brings for you an inbuilt, unique, feature-rich, mobile-ready multi store ecommerce software to help you create multiple stores quickly. 

With StoreHippo you can easily roll out multiple storefronts with unique URLs, design a unique look and feel for each sub-store, offer customized checkouts with a wide spectrum of payment gateways and other solutions and offer the best logistics solutions for each of these substores. What’s more, you can also have your own fleet of delivery boys and manage them with inbuilt delivery boy solutions

Final word

Managing the sub-stores on your multi store ecommerce platform with Storehippo common central admin. You also get inbuilt order and inventory management solutions to manage the inventory of each of your sub-stores. 

You can also add store-specific discounts, languages, shipping rates, currency, pricing overrides and other B2B ecommerce features to create advanced sub-stores uniquely personalized for your target audience. Built grounds-up on the mobile-first principle, StoreHippo also allows you to create PWA stores that look, feel and work as mobile apps. You can also create individual mobile apps for each of your sub-stores right from your admin dashboard.

Using StoreHippo’s headless ecommerce solutions you can also add your chosen ERP, POS, CRM, accounting and other software to build the most innovative multi store ecommerce solutions for your business. What’s more, you get 300+ inbuilt features to build, run and grow your business.

Ready to write a new success store for your business with StoreHippo multi store ecommerce platform. Book your demo right away to explore the amazing features in detail.

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