Maximize the reach of your online business with Multi Store Ecommerce

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  • Maximize the reach of your online business with Multi Store Ecommerce

Thanks to StoreHippo’s mobile ready e-commerce platform , setting up an online store with pre integrated logistics and payment gateways is a child’s play for anyone trying to foray in the e-commerce market . However, the real struggle begins when the online business owner has to think about ways to attract more traffic and convert them into buyers.

Running an online store has become really tough these days due to the fierce competition and gorilla marketing strategies implemented by the bigger players with rich coffers. They get the best traffic, can reach out to larger audiences and target them based on their preferences. No doubt, they get the best returns on their investment.
So, what should the other players, struggling to carve a niche for themselves do? How can they survive and flourish in the extremely competitive world of online commerce?

Give an exclusive ecommerce shopping experience to your customers

We all know that customer is the king. Nothing works for your business like a happy customer. And how can you make your customer feel special? How do you engage and convert them better? How and what do you offer to them that keeps them coming back to your store?

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Almost every other online store is using the same survival trick, deep discounts and aggressive marketing to create a brand value for their store. But, the new generation of online shoppers is looking for something else. They crave personalization, value added services and opt for a store that spoils them for choice.
Hence, to give a better and more personalized offering to your clients you can introduce them to multi store ecommerceThis basically means you are creating a network of stores that offer distinct services to your customer based on their preference, choice or location.

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Understanding Multi store environment

Simply put, a multi-store set up is just like a chain of a given brand having multiple outlets at various locations. They sell similar or area specific special products for the chain. Similarly,to enhance shoppers experience a network of similar sites, can be easily created. 

Having more than one store, provides flexibility both to the users and the store owner. Users can benefit by having selected choice of products, faster delivery and other benefits . The business owner, on the other hand, can offer multiple choices and get better traffic, conversions, and other benefits from a Multi store ecommerce solution.
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The benefits of having Multi store marketplace

  • Create unique websites that gives personalized shopping experience
  • Customize the look and feel of each store depending on user preferences
  • Get better brand visibility by creating a chain of stores quickly
  • Quickly roll out stores with special promotional offers
  • Reach targeted customers in a better way
  • Get relevant traffic and increase conversions
  • Reduce comparison shopping and bounce rate
  • Different inventory for each store using multi store ecommerce platform
  • Efficient management of various stores using the same database

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What type of businesses can benefit most from multi store set up?

Almost any online business can use this feature to increase its reach and earn better ROI. We list for you some of the business verticals that can experience immediate boost in sales by opting for a multi store set-up.

  • Food and beverages stores offering different menu in same city or across the country
  • Flowers, gifts and cake stores offering location based inter city services
  • Pharmacy stores providing a chain of stores for different cities
  • Education related multi store ecommerce offering various courses
  • NGO and self-help groups for special causes
  • Gym or fitness chain offering different services for different cities

So, you are convinced that having a multi store website is one mazing way to increase your online store’s visibility and conversion. Now the big question is how to get such a site up and ready in effortlessly?
StoreHippo, brings for you a unique out of the box solution to help you create multiple stores quickly. Keep watching this space for more updates on multi store set up using our future ready mobile first multi store ecommerce platform.

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