It’s an “Adapt or Perish” branding approach for every vendor

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  • It’s an “Adapt or Perish” branding approach for every vendor

Today, we are living in the age of Digital. Anything that you do or say should be seen in digital. Digital Media is, thus, one of the many technologies today that is disrupting the market. Changes in how people communicate, connect, and discover through this new medium carry incredible implications for businesses. The evolution in customer behaviour, values and expectations is driving companies to invest in resources and employ budgets for digital technologies and derive the best results out of it.

Digital is the way ahead

If we look at the marketing media mix from a couple of years ago to where it is now, social media in particular and digital media in general, would probably be the fastest-growing media vehicles in any organization.  Social media has become a key component of marketing and communications strategy. Customers want to use their preferred media at any time, from anywhere and on any device and hence social media is their preferred choice.

For any marketing approach to be beneficial it is important to build a meaningful interaction and digital medium helps a company or entrepreneur to build engagement and ensure seamless communication with the customers. Investment in social media helps to define your brand, understand customer preferences, respond and analyze customer comments and inquiries almost instantly. It allows a brand to tailor its messages and communications to specific audience. Today, a majority of the customers research about a brand on digital channels to collect information before taking a decision to purchase. So, digital media assists users in making informed purchases. Digital marketing helps in engaging, knowledge sharing and driving traffic to a website. In the long run, it also helps in creating brand loyalty. So, it is vital to be active digitally.

How StoreHippo leverages the benefits of social media?

StoreHippo leverages the benefits of social media to target new customers and update information for existing clients. Most of the digital campaigns are specifically targeted towards start-ups, SMEs, retail store owners, artisans, etc. Rajiv Kumar, CEO  & Founder of Hippo Innovations Pvt. Ltd., the parent company of StoreHippo, says, “We use six social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram and Pinterest. We update these sites regularly with content which appeals to people and inform them about new offerings from the company. We also use Google AdWords, Facebook campaigns, YouTube ads and videos, Google display network ads and also optimize our indexing on search engines.”

StoreHippo also runs paid campaigns on social media and uses email marketing techniques for maximizing reach and generating leads. The company also uses the digital medium for hiring purposes. To effectively utilize the benefits of digital media, there is a team of people focused on digital marketing, social media, and email marketing.


The digital medium is all about reach and relevance - reach in terms of connecting with customers anytime, anywhere and relevance through providing what customers are looking for. Business outcomes are largely defined by engagement of customers and solving their challenges at that instant.
At the same time, it is important to understand that social media is only one element of digital marketing strategy and digital media must integrate with marketing efforts across other platforms and finally build a seamless extension of the brand through an omnichannel experience.

It is indeed a case of ‘Survival of the Fittest’ that was articulated by Darwin in his Theory of Evolution; it’s well and good if you are investing in digital transformation but if you are not, it can just spell the end of your business!

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