InnoTrek 2016 Diary: The Journey, The Learning and Disruptive Technologies of Future

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  • InnoTrek 2016 Diary: The Journey, The Learning and Disruptive Technologies of Future

InnoTrek 2016: The Invitation

We, at StoreHippo Family, felt overjoyed, proud and honored when we earned a place amongst the select 39 tech startups from India, that were chosen for InnoTrek 2016. The third edition of NASSCOM InnoTrek 2016, was being organized in Palo Alto, California, US. The invite only group of the 39 InnoTrekkers included very promising early stage Indian product, IoT, gaming and technology startups.

Bon Voyage

The journey to represent StoreHippo at TiECON- Silicon Valley's annual conference, was very exciting as it presented us with the opportunity to explore new horizons. Our flagship product StoreHippo- the SaaS based, mobile (link to any mobile first blog) first, e-commerce platform offering comprehensive end to end solutions for online businesses -  was given global recognition and there was a great opportunity ahead.

I embarked on my journey with best wishes from our extended family and friends at StoreHippo.

Glimpses of InnoTrek 2016


The event was an experience in itself and enriched all the participants in many ways. The week long program started on May 2nd, 2016 and concluded on May 7th, 2016.

It was coming together of ideas, leaders, mentors and industry stalwarts. It exposed the delegates to advanced learning, future trends, existing industry practices, innovations and much more that would reshape the industry and global e-commerce in near future.

Some key highlights of the event were:

  • The Innotrekers got to interact with prominent thought leaders, Gurus and mentors from IT industry
  • We visited the campuses of Google , Apple, FaceBook, Microsoft, IBM and other bigwigs
  • Got a chance to get acquainted with the culture, innovative ideas and technologies of tech giants which will have far reaching impact on our industry in future.
  • Attended talks, workshops, expert round-tables, valuable discussions by industry experts, corporate visits and networking sessions with successful entrepreneurs, VCs and investors.
  • Got an opportunity to share ideas and inspiring stories of success with fellow Innotrekkers
  • Had a chance to showcase StoreHippo’s cutting edge mobile ready technology and future ready e-commerce platform to many interested participants.
  • Had an excellent opportunity to meet some leaders and investors. Built a strong network that would help us form rewarding partnerships.
  • Worked on partnerships that would help StoreHippo family scale new heights in coming future.

The Disruptive Technologies of Future: Living through the next Revolution

Every Industrial revolution has been powered by a great switch and shift in technology. Right from the mechanization of textile industry in 18th century Britain, to assembly line mass production of the 20th century and the very recent digital manufacturing has been the result of  a technology becoming omnipresent to make our lives richer and better.

In the last 4-5 years we have witnessed life transforming technologies, that will usher in the next digital revolution and change how we perceive and do business. The latest technologies are far superior and require much less time to go mainstream. These disruptive technologies of future would foster an all-inclusive growth and tremendously improve health, communication, commutation, education, agriculture, jobs, manufacturing industry, logistics and much more.

The human race and our society as whole is going to be the biggest beneficiary of the next phase of revolution. Much of this will be powered by AI, AR, VR, IoT, BigData, Machine Learning and similar groundbreaking technologies that will go mainstream in an unprecedented manner.

There is tremendous potential for growth and a dream like future is going to be reality in less than a decade from now. Software is going to disrupt all traditional industries very soon.

How StoreHippo is Ready for the Change?

Our motto at StoreHippo has always been- Work on out of the box solutions!

The InnoTrek 2016 was a rewarding experience and provided StoreHippo with an opportunity to fast forward and look into the future. Based on the inputs and insights gained during the convention we are going to aggressively work on making StoreHippo ready for the disruptive business models and industries of future.

I take this opportunity to thank my Clients for having tremendous trust in our product. Our Team is working in tandem with the latest technologies to find even better solutions.  These developments are going to give you wings of technology that would help you survive and thrive through and beyond the upcoming era of revolution and new age e-commerce.


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