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With Holi round the corner, it is time to set to set your stores in the bright hues of this festival season. Indulge your online business in the colors of the festival by choosing from StoreHippo’s colorful and magical themes which cast a virtual spell! Our designs and themes are handpicked by our designers to make a unique blend of creativity and colors. But do you really need colors and creativity to sell products and services? Does color really matter? 

Hippo says that it does…

Color is an important element of design which conveys different ideas, sparks interest, weaves ideas, generates emotions and expresses messages. 

When we meet somebody face-to-face our non-verbal communication portrays different messages. Smiles, quirks, facial emotions, gestures, body language -all these are little nuances help us to communicate better.  A website does exactly the same thing-it communicates and expresses messages with the use of colors.  

A website is a marketing tool which reflects the ethos and beliefs of the retailer. It also conveys the type of product or service that the retailer deals with. So a website is much than simply images and text. A lot of introspection is required to create a perfect web design with the right mix of colors, which matches the content. 

Choosing colors of your website is not just about choosing colors which appeal to you but the colors should strengthen the website and branding of the business. Color deeply influences the overall look and feel of your web store and can form a brilliant first impression for visitors.

A study has reveled people are susceptible on a subconscious level to color impressions and that over 60% of acceptance or rejection of a website is tied to this very fact.

Every color and shade has its own story to tell. Red shows agility and action but if you mix bright red and bright blue-it is not the right mix. Bright red has the longest wavelength and bright blue has the shortest. When viewing these colors, the human lens has to try to focus on both which tires the eyes and leaves the viewer with headache! Websites tend to use more of blue and or a mix of blue and white. Blue reflects calmness and hope while white shows purity and honesty; people will trust such websites.  Yellow can increase concentration but strains the eyes. So, it should be used in a small measure or only for warning signs. Bright colors tend to set a happy and positive mood, whereas dark colors tend to project the opposite. Green is ideal for environmental and outdoor products. Multi-colored sites have the lowest number of visits and are suitable only for sites related to children.

Color wields an enormous influence over our attitudes and emotions. Through the perfect mix and match of colors, you can make your site inviting and trustworthy. The choice of colors should match the content, the product and the brand’s perception. To conclude, color is a powerful element which can help you in building a successful website. If used wisely you can get your business noticed and add ‘colors’ to your relationship with your existing and potential clients. 

Then what are you waiting for! Just splash some color, wisely, and get your online business drenched up in a celebration of success!

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