How to win the hyperlocal commerce battle with multi store ecommerce solutions

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  • How to win the hyperlocal commerce battle with multi store ecommerce solutions

Registered your hyperlocal commerce presence but battling to grow your sales and streamline your order processes? 

Catering to customers in different locations seems overwhelming, but it can take some glitches to become your customer's favourite. 

From managing the products to vendors and shipments, there can be several challenges on the hyperlocal commerce roadmap.  

Wondering how to win the hyperlocal commerce battle then? 

Creating geolocation-based multiple store-fronts and onboarding local vendors across cities can solve your problem in a big way. 

Wondering how multi store ecommerce solutions will help you ace the hyperlocal game? 

Well, look no more. 

StoreHippo brings a detailed blueprint to help you leverage hyperlocal commerce with multi stores to retain customers and drive sales. 

Hyperlocal Commerce: The New Growth Opportunity for Enterprise Brands

Let us first look at some of the hyperlocal ecommerce trends to understand the market:

  • 48% of all e-commerce buyers in India are hyperlocal shoppers 
  • $3,634.3 billion is the forecasted size of hyperlocal services market by 2027
  • 17.9% is the expected CAGR of hyperlocal services from 2021 to 2027

Source: Watconsult

The transition to hyperlocal commerce has been smooth and quick. It can be accelerated further due to increased internet usage and evolved consumer behaviour. It is quite pertinent here that with hyperlocal commerce, brands can reach out to their customers directly by eliminating the need for middlemen and retail stores.

Benefits of hyperlocal commerce

The hyperlocal commerce space has seen a tremendous rise in recent years across categories like home decor, groceries, home essentials, gifting, health and wellness, food and beverages etc. Traditional brands are shifting towards hyperlocal business models given its huge popularity among the customers as well as the vendor merchants.

With a lot of benefits for each party hyperlocal commerce set-up is a win-win business model with the following benefits: 

  • Win customer loyalty by offering a better shopping experience
  • Offer diverse product catalogue to customers
  • Quick delivery ensures customer retention
  • Customized deliveries using hyperlocal delivery partners
  • Offline presence gives customers a more engaging buying experience
  • Boost order volume with frequent orders by satisfied customers 
  • Faster word of mouth brand promotion by happy customers 
  • Ensures better reach to a wider customer base for local sellers
  • Higher marketing ROI with targeted marketing campaigns

With a host of benefits the hyperlocal set-up offers, customers are flocking towards hyperlocal marketplaces. It is indeed a wise option to look for hyperlocal solutions when you create a marketplace website. 

While the hyperlocal model has many benefits it can become too complex if not planned and managed well using multi store solutions designed to create location based hyperlocal stores. 

Introducing the multi store set up in your hyperlocal marketplace model can work wonders for your brand. In this blog, we bring together easy ways to implement multi store ecommerce solutions to win the hyperlocal game.

5 ways to win the hyperlocal commerce battle with multi store ecommerce solutions

Everything starts with convenience today, when you create a marketplace website, it is important to offer ease of shopping to your customers. Wondering how to achieve that? 

Let us look at the 5 top ways to win the hyperlocal battle with multi store ecommerce solutions:

Targeted marketing with multiple stores

The power of targeted marketing is often underestimated. But once you have segmented your buyers based on a few specific criteria, like location, age group or buying preference, it becomes a lot easier to offer personalized deals and offers. When you create a marketplace website and set up different stores for different audience groups, you can seamlessly target customers based on their unique needs, their preferences, their buying habits, etc.

StoreHippo’s multi store ecommerce solutions enable you to create multiple location-specific stores in no time. You can add different location-specific product catalogues or promote best-selling products by enabling the price override feature or design each store differently as per the location demands. While being low on cost, multiple stores offer a highly targeted means of marketing.

Offering diverse products with multiple local vendors 

The more products you have on your marketplace, the more popular you become among your customers. Yes, that's true! 

The one sure-shot way to win the hyperlocal commerce battle is to offer a diverse range of products to your customers. With a wide range of local vendors onboarded on your marketplace website, your customers can also order products from vendors which they otherwise didn't know were operating in their nearby locality.

StoreHippo offers a comprehensive multi-vendor ecommerce solution to help you seamlessly onboard multiple local vendors in your marketplace. StoreHippo comes with a quick and easy vendor registration process that enables even novice sellers to seamlessly register on the marketplace. With a separate vendor dashboard for each seller, your vendors can manage their seller pages, inventories, orders, customers, deliveries, etc in just a few clicks. Now that you have multiple vendors you can also group vendors according to their products and have separate location specific stores for these vendors making it easy to manage your hyperlocal business.

Faster shipping solutions for increased customer satisfaction

Did you know that 41% of consumers are willing to pay more for same-day delivery? Yes, quick delivery or hyperlocal commerce is a thing now. Customers expect their orders to be delivered as quickly as possible.

So how are you planning to eliminate your delivery hiccups and provide a seamless delivery solution to your customers? Here’s the solution: StoreHippo!

Yes, with integrated logistics from StoreHippo, you can offer store specific shipping rates to optimize the shipping costs. You can choose from 30+ shipping partners or add your custom local shipping solutions to offer faster and discounted shipping services based on the location of the customers. Your vendors can also manage their deliveries with the automated, in-built delivery management solutions from StoreHippo. When you create a marketplace website with StoreHippo, you can manage your own fleet of delivery boys for a streamlined supply chain and to ensure smooth and quick hyperlocal deliveries.

Better brand awareness with offline presence

73% of people reported that they were shopping online more in 2020 than they did in previous years. This is your cue to start thinking about solidifying your digital presence and increase your brand awareness among the audience. You can attract the offline customers by going with branded packaging, offering additional discounts for online purchases, offering branded freebies etc.

When you create a marketplace website with StoreHippo, you get hands on a host of features that enables you to set location-based offers, discounts, etc. You can use these to attract local store shoppers to your marketplace website. And for referring their offline customers to your marketplace, you can also reward your vendors by setting a different commission rate for them or offering discounted shipping solutions using pre-integrated delivery partners at StoreHippo. 

Optimize your mobile site and build mobile apps

Well, to leverage hyperlocal commerce in an enterprise business, it is imperative to offer your customers a seamless mobile shopping experience. It is also a common fact that  customers are on mobile today. So it becomes wise to create a marketplace website that can be easily optimized for mobile sites. 

StoreHippo comes with an inbuilt mobile apps builder that helps you build Android and iOS apps right from your admin dashboard in just a few clicks. You can also build different apps for each of the sub-stores on your multi store ecommerce marketplace. Also, the stores built by StoreHippo are mobile-ready PWA stores that look, feel and work like mobile apps even on entry level devices and even with poor internet connectivity. 


The hyperlocal commerce industry is no doubt going to see massive growth in the near future. The comfort of shopping from your home and the joy of receiving your order at the doorstep in a short time has influenced customers to go hyperlocal.

However, to successfully create a marketplace website for hyperlocal markets, you need comprehensive multi store ecommerce solutions. When you are equipped with enterprise-grade features like a location-based store setup, complete vendor management, a powerful discount engine, in-built marketing tools etc., you can seamlessly win the hyperlocal battle. StoreHippo offers end-to-end solutions to help you build your location-based stores and help manage the fleet of delivery boys with its enterprise-grade features. 

Are you ready to take your enterprise brand to the next level with these simple tricks? Explore the 300+ built-in features from StoreHippo by starting your 14-day free trial now. 

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