How To Win Big In The Enterprise Ecommerce Industry

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  • How To Win Big In The Enterprise Ecommerce Industry

Do you know why enterprise ecommerce brands are shifting to D2C business model? It’s because customers, nowadays, want low prices, convenient buying and fast shopping experience. 

That’s why, D2C selling model is highly recommended. As you can sell directly to customers by removing intermediaries and boost profit margins.  

One such example is Amazon. The reason why everyone runs towards Amazon for purchase online is - PHENOMENAL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE throughout the buyer’s journey. 

If you aspire to become a successful enterprise ecommerce brand, shift to D2C selling approach. Let’s explore D2C benefits:

  • Direct ownership of the customer relationship and buying journey

  • Direct access to buyer’s data 

  • Handsome profit margins as no distributors are involved

  • High customer loyalty (because of low prices and authentic brand communication)

Let’s also uncover customer expectations from the brand:

By adhering to these expectations, you can build a bulletproof D2C ecommerce approach.

To give your customers the above facilities, you need a robust enterprise ecommerce platform that can meet complex business requirements. 

Thus, your ecommerce platform should support the latest technologies like- headless commerce, advanced content management systems, omnichannel commerce, mobile commerce stores, etc.

5 Technologies to use in Enterprise ecommerce Website for winning sales

1. Multi store functionality to serve unique audiences

Having multiple stores opens endless opportunities to revenue and business growth. The functionality in your ecommerce platform will allow you to launch and manage multiple stores from a single platform.

Benefits of Multi stores for Enterprise Ecommerce

  • Reach to different types of audiences. If you have B2C and B2B products and customers, then having multiple stores can handle unique demands of each business model. As the pricing, customer journey, transaction, etc is different in both the models

  • Reach Global Markets and make more sales. You can create storefronts that cater to a particular location. Example: for UK audience, for australian audience

  • Unified Control of each substores at one place. You can monitor the operations of each various stores from the master dashboard of the main store

How to adopt multi store ecommerce with StoreHippo?

StoreHippo is a multi store ecommerce platform, using which businesses can create sub stores for - 

  • Unique locations

Example: (India), (Canada)

  • Unique categories

Example: (for electronics) (for groceries) 

  • Unique vendors/manufacturers


Further, to create exceptional D2C experience, StoreHippo allows complete customization of prices, offers, products recommendation in each substores. to that, audiences can connect with your brand on extreme level. 

You can also add products to each store via common store inventory. You can also apply store-specific discounts, price override, payment gateways and coupon codes

Example: Let’s say you have 2 stores, one for Indians and other for USA citizens. For the USA store, you can add popular payment methods like Paypal, credit cards. In Indian stores, you can add PayTm, GooglePay, debit cards, etc as they are much popular among Indians.        

2. High-End Security

Just like your home needs CCTV cameras, locks, Security Alarm for protection against theft and burglaries. Your enterprise ecommerce website also needs protection from SQL injection, hacking and cross-site scripting.

To make your website 100% secure for your customers and yourself, you need a highly secured ecommerce platform. 

Platform should provide multi layer security, PCI compliant servers and SSL certificates. You may need to buy SSL certificates and third party security tools, if the platform doesn't offer. 

On the flip side, StoreHippo offers a free SSL certificate. It also uses cloud providers Amazon Web Services(AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform(GCP to provide end-to-end encrypted infrastructure.  

3. Mobile Commerce for User-Friendliness 

Smartphone sales are going to reach 488 million in 2024 (Business Insider). This statistic dictates the importance of mobiles in D2C selling. To give a killer mobile experience, having a mobile-friendly store is fundamental.

Here are key reasons to have a mobile-ready store-

  • Reach wider audience

  • Giver fast loading time and quick browsing experience 

  • Build credibility with your customers

Create Mobile-ready Enterprise Ecommerce Site With StoreHippo 

StoreHippo ecommerce platform offers inbuilt mobile commerce solutions. Using this, you can create an app (Android and iOS) and a mobile site without writing code.

All the online stores powered by us are PWAs. PWA framework allows store owners to create app-like websites in a few clicks. 

4. Omnichannel Commerce And Extreme Personalization

It’s like merging online and offline shopping experiences to reach customers directly on their preferred channels. Moreover, omnichannel customers spend more dollars than customers using one channel. (Source: HBR). Let's take an example. 

Example: Grant is looking to buy a washing machine. He landed on your website selling electronics.

Step 1: He added a washing machine to the cart but didn’t purchase it. 

Step 2: You made a personalized email about the price drop on the washing machine. But Grant ignored it. 

Step 3: You showed him a Facebook/Instagram ad with 30% off on the same washing machine. Grant clicked the ad and added his shipping address but still didn't buy. 

Step 4: You guessed his concern and sent an email about visiting your offline store.

Step 5: He made a visit and placed an order on your website using mobile. 

Step 6: You did a home-delivery to Grant. After delivery, you send a ‘submit a feedback’ email. 

Step 7: After a week of ignorance, you message Grant on Instagram to submit his feedback. Finally, you get a 5-star rating. 

This is how omnichannel works. It gives you data about customer’s problems, behavior, and journey. Which you can use to create tailored D2C like experiences on any device and channel.

Offer Omnichannel Experience with StoreHippo 

To provide an omnichannel experience, your enterprise ecommerce brand needs huge IT investments. But with StoreHippo inbuilt headless commerce architecture, you don’t need IT assets. 

Headless commerce disintegrates the frontend and backend of your website. Thus, let you create, handle and deliver content from a single place. It empowers your D2C selling approach by serving customers in a personalized way. 

Additionally, you can give options like- Buy online and collect in-store, Buy in-store and deliver to customer’s location.

Our headless ecommerce CMS helps you in establishing a unique enterprise ecommerce identity by using 250+ API endpoints. APIs help you customize the themes, templates, order flow, checkouts, payment process, etc.

5. Ecommerce Automation

Why consider automation in enterprise ecommerce business? Simply, it reduces the time-consuming administration tasks. You can automate the entire process from signup to checkouts. It reduces manual tasks and lets enterprises focus on high ROI activities like marketing, customer service, etc. 

Automate with StoreHippo Ecommerce Platform 

StoreHippo has inbuilt automation tools to automate the entire ecommerce operations. You can automate inventory updates, order fulfilment, order tracking, marketing emails, taxes calculation, and much more. 

It also supports the integration of third-party tools like ERP, CRM to unify all business processes in one place. 

Final words

As we discussed above that success is all about giving an incredible customer experience. So make sure you are leveraging the above 5 technologies to win big in the enterprise ecommerce business. 

Give special attention to headless commerce and omnichannel commerce. Both are like fuel to D2C ecommerce strategy. Certainly, you need an ecommerce platform that supports these infrastructures. 

In the StoreHippo ecommerce solution, you get access to advanced tools and technologies to build a captivating enterprise ecommerce store. From headless CMS to more than 300 advanced features, you get everything on a single platform. 

Want  to try StoreHippo rich features in real-time? Get started with a 14 days free trial of StoreHippo.

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