How To Use Mobile Apps To Sell More On Your Online Ayurveda Store

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  • How To Use Mobile Apps To Sell More On Your Online Ayurveda Store

As an Ayurveda business owner, what are your plans for your business? Let me guess!

You want answers to three simple things: 

How to increase sales, improve efficiency, and create a loyal customer base? What if we say that m-commerce can be the answer to all of the above. Not sure?

Consider these facts:

  • $ 3.56 trillion worth of Mobile-commerce sales by the end of 2021

  • 73% of all e-commerce will be mobile-commerce by the end of 2021

  •  50% -90% growth in the ayurvedic market in the last 5 years 

  •  INR 1,042.07 Bn is the worth of The Ayurveda industry in 2025 which was valued at INR 335 Bn in 2019

Source: Statista

A whopping 3X growth in just 6 years! An incredible business opportunity isn't it! 

As m-commerce has become the goldmine for online retailers, why not adopt this marketing channel to boost sales and revenue? Building a mobile application for your Ayurved online store is a decision that can change your business forever. This guide will shed some light on why your Ayurved business needs an App.

With all of us addicted to our mobiles, it's no wonder that mobile-commerce is one of the best ways to boost Ayurveda business. Let us explore some of the benefits: 

1. Reaching potential audiences

Consumers love shopping from mobile apps because it is much easier to reach for your phone, push a few buttons, create your cart, and make a purchase. Customers can buy from anywhere and anytime. Mobile phones make shopping too easy. So, the best way for your online store to get the lion's share in the market is with mobile apps.

2. Increase visibility

As maximum customers spend hours on their mobile, Ayurveda brands can easily connect with the users through apps. You can increase brand recognition by being visible to a huge set of audiences such as Android and iOS users. 

3. Enhanced customer experience

Modern-day customers demand personalized and consistent experiences throughout their journey with a brand. With the power of new and modern technologies like AI, machine learning etc. combined in apps; you can gather significant insights about your Ayurveda products . Once you have all the data, you can deliver your consumers an optimized shopping experience to increase sales.

4. Boost conversions

Mobile apps drive higher conversions rates with the following features:

  • Mobile applications contain features like push notifications that help in conversions

  • Apps have the necessary information saved for easy checkouts

  • Apps can use device features like cameras for placing orders

You can also integrate wallets in your app to make the checkout process a one-step game. Seamless checkouts enhance the buying experience and help with higher conversions for your brand.

5. Better marketing

Today, customers are 24 x 7 associated with brands through their smartphones. If they want to acquire information about any Ayurveda product, they can do so with a simple tap. Apps not only help customers stay connected with a brand, but you can also use them to provide deals, coupons, offers to the users effectively. 

How can StoreHippo mobile-first platform help you sell more ayurveda products? 

With so many benefits of apps for your business, you are certainly eager to jump the m-commerce bandwagon. By selecting a reliable m-commerce solution provider, you can certainly work toward your business goals. 

StoreHippo the mobile-first ecommerce solution provider can help you grow your online Ayurvedic business by offering robust mobile commerce solutions. With 300+ inbuilt tools and 120+ integrations , StoreHippo offers the most flexible, agile and future-proof solution to grow your business.

Read on to know more about how StoreHippo provides the best mobile ecommerce solution to your Ayurveda store

1. Leverage mobile-first technology to add an additional sales channel

The mobile-first technology can help you instantly create your mobile-ready Ayurveda website. You do not have to spend additional time or effort building and maintaining a mobile version of your online store . This means that, just at the initial stage of your online store, you will have a lean, mean, mobile design that delivers a wonderful user experience. 

StoreHippo mobile-first design ensures that your online Ayurveda store is responsive on any device. Customers on any device can easily access your website. Built using the next-generation technology MEAN stack and SPA, it helps in faster browsing and gives your customers a better overall experience when viewing your site. 

Furthermore, StoreHippo also offers an inbuilt mobile commerce app builder, using which you can easily create your own Android and iOS apps. With the best m-commerce solutions provider, you can easily harness the power of mobile apps.

2. Grow your reach with PWAs 

Want to take your brand to the masses? Transforming your Ayurveda store into a Progressive Web App (PWA) is the smartest, easiest and quickest way to reach out to a wider audience and grow your traffic. Since users do not have to download the app, hinterland consumers who have access to basic mobile devices, or have poor or no network coverage can easily access your Ayurveda store. PWAs availability in offline mode results in greater access and drives engagement.

PWAs are cost-effective, too, as no additional development cost is involved. Hence, you save money on maintenance and storage space. Thanks to the inherent capabilities of PWA, you can gain benefits in terms of- better customer engagement and retention, increased conversion, increase in pages per session, and easy accessibility.

StoreHippo offers PWA features to all its online stores. When you build an Ayurveda online store with StoreHippo, you can make your store PWA enabled by turning on some simple settings. StoreHippo is armed with the latest MEAN Stack technology that lets your web application be faster and engaging. By providing a simplistic UI and unparalleled UX, you can gain an edge over your competitors.

3. Grow with an omnichannel strategy

The omnichannel strategy offers a fluid shopping experience across the channels and apps are a key player in making this possible. Through mobile applications, Ayurveda online stores can help drive customers to retail stores for purchases. Examples include:

  • Personalizing app experience

  • Tracking mobile behavior to send personalized messages and ads  

  • Mobile apps orders, in-store pick-up

  • Mobile Gift cards

  • Device-specific discounts or gift cards

  • Omnichannel shopping cart

StoreHippo offers best-in-class headless commerce solutions that make it easier for Ayurveda brands to sell omnichannel. StoreHippo helps you build multiple sales channels with mobile-ready online stores, PWAs, and mobile apps, etc. As buyers are shopping through multiple channels, you can integrate multiple tools like email marketing, live chat options, to quickly share content, market, and sell your Ayurveda products. With easy scalability options, you can easily scale your front-end and back-end separately.

By using 300+ API endpoints, you can even customize your own store to offer personalized experiences to your customers. This will help you boost your conversion rates and order value. 

StoreHippo m-commerce solutions help you retain and grow your customer base, experiment with your marketing, reduce your go-to-market time and boost sales. 

4. Customize to drive engagement and retain users

If you want to stand out from the crowd, it is important to provide a seamless and valuable experience to the user. With the help of m-commerce solutions, you can enhance your customer experience by personalizing their buying experiences. 

For instance, you can provide your customers with loyalty programs or offer special discounts on their favorite goods or services based on their user history. Suppose, if a customer has searched or bought "Ashwagandha," an immunity booster on your online store, the app could offer discounts on other immunity booster items such as herbal tea or Chyawanprash.

Now, isn’t that incredible! M-commerce gives you the power to increase your sales through efficiently collecting user data, helps you with targeted advertising and personalized buying experience. 

So, are you wondering how you can use StoreHippo to drive user engagement?  

The best ecommerce platform offers you a fully customizable platform to create your unique flows. Using more than 100 professional themes, customized layouts, you can create and design your own amazing Ayurveda app. Not only that, it can also help you streamline product management and deliver an improved shopping experience for your customers. That’s surely a win for you!

Also, using the inbuilt discount engine, you can provide exclusive offers, discounts, early-bird specials, and much more to customers from different locations and groups.

5. Marketing your brand

More than just an application, mobile apps double up as a valuable marketing tool. These applications can easily be integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites. That means with a single tap, customers can easily share your app or experience with their network, providing you free publicity.

Furthermore, apps are quite helpful during a customer's purchase journey. Push-based mobile apps can anticipate user needs, provide them updates about price, discount, or availability without the user's request about it.

To help your Ayurveda brand with strategic and targeted marketing, StoreHippo offers built-in integrations with top marketing tools. You can use in-app push notifications to send personalized offers in real-time and gently nudge your customers towards conversions. Our custom plugins provide brands better visibility and chances of conversion to your products for sharing in apps.

6. Easy payment

Mobile payments provide optimal convenience for shoppers. Mobile payment technology lets your customers pay you easily and quickly. In addition, mobile apps provide the one-click buying solution, building loyalty and enhancing customer retention. And offering these convenient payment methods could be a huge differentiator for your business.

With StoreHippo, you can guarantee a secured shopping experience for your customers. To enable frictionless checkouts, the ecommerce platform offers seamless integrations with more than 60 domestic and international payment gateways. The m-commerce software also supports pay-later payment methods, subscription-based payment methods, and marketplace methods. 

Through its payment integrations, StoreHippo offers a full spectrum of native payment methods like UPI, wallets, etc. You can add these payment methods to your mobile apps with little effort, and in turn, your customers will enjoy a simplified and faster buying option, while you can boost your sales and increase profits. That's a win-win for all.

7. Integrated shipping

A small issue like delay in shipping and logistics mismanagement can make a huge difference in your business. A user-friendly, easy-to-use m-commerce solution can aid your Ayurvedic store in streamlining multiple orders and delivery processes.

For instance, as cases of Coronavirus increased across the country, there was a hike in demand for Ayurveda immunity boosters in Tier 2 and Tier3 cities. Brands would have required the logistics support of a reliable aggregator to supply their products on the mainland.

With StoreHippo powered online stores, Ayurveda apps can eliminate the challenges of last-mile delivery logistics. The m-commerce solutions provider has added 30+ logistics providers. You can select any one of the aggregators and even hyper-local players.

In addition, StoreHippo offers a complete delivery management solution, including an automated module for delivery boy functionality along with live tracking. You can easily use these mobile apps, which are fast and provide interactive ways to enable logistics operations.


In the digital era, M-commerce has gained popularity among customers. The consumer wants information about products or services immediately at their fingertips. So, if you do not have a mobile application for your business, you lose out on the chance to reach your potential customers.

StoreHippo helps you build Android and iOS Ayurveda app in a single click at ZERO additional cost. The top ecommerce platform provides you with the right technology and tools to expand your business and increase your sales. 

So, what are you waiting for? Now, it is definitely the time to consider developing an app for your brand to boost sales and stay up-to-date with your competitors. So, build your Ayurveda mobile-ready site and app now by opting for a 14-day free trial from StoreHippo.

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To rightly use mobile apps to sell more is an achievement even for enterprise businesses. This blog very well explains how an Ayurveda website can leverage m commerce

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