How to Set up Your Makeup and Beauty Products Website in No Time

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  • How to Set up Your Makeup and Beauty Products Website in No Time

“Give a woman the right lipstick, and she can conquer the world.” Whoever wrote this knew the power of makeup and cosmetics. We all want those eyes on us when we walk down the road, don't we? It gives us confidence, boosts our aura and heightens our self-esteem.

Well, gone are the days when high-end cosmetic products were limited to the glamour industry. People like you and I can look glamorous too. The growing desire to look better has propelled millions of people to turn towards cosmetic and beauty product based services. According to the Market analysis by Orbis Research, the global cosmetic market was worth 532.43 billion USD in 2017 and is going to escalate up to 805.60 billion by 2023. This industry is more diverse than you can imagine. 

With the growing trend of the online market, even the beauty products are easily available at the virtual shopping shelves of E-commerce stores. Features like discounts, easy doorstep availability, access to a wide variety of brands and virtual makeup trial have attracted people to switch to online cosmetic shopping. You can effortlessly get the product at your doorstep at discounted rates and save time as well.

With the current market scenario, opening an online beauty store can definitely be a good business decision! If you are interested in the world of cosmetic products, why not start your own online store. Have you ever thought of the things you need to set up your beauty product site? It is not difficult when you take the right steps towards setting up your own store.

So, go ahead and get started with your own beauty store. It is easy, fun and totally worth it!

Initial setup

Imagine going to a mart where you can get everything you need. Convenient, isn't it? Choose an e-commerce setup for your online store that offers the same convenience. Get service from a reliable and consistent e-commerce partner. I tell this because a good e-commerce solution platform makes half your work easy, by managing your store well. Let us just assume you have created a beauty product site by the name of uDazzle. Once you get access to the admin panel you can easily manage other modules. StoreHippo offers a wide range of services. It provides easy management tools with trendy features to boost your business platform.

Managing Products

For managing your products you can find the product section on your admin dashboard. It will have options for adding a single product, by adding a new page. A new page will pop up with multiple sections like general details, SEO, Inventory, image, brand, SKU, categories, tax, sub-stores, etc. You also have an option of making a sub-store and your own inventory.

It may seem like a lot of work, but with a reliable e-commerce solution, all this is a child’s play. Imagine if you have to enter each and every product on your own. That can drive anyone crazy. But with the import product feature, you can easily convert the database information into CSV format and import it to your store.

You can then divide your product into categories, brands, and collections like a bestseller, featured products, new products, products on sale, etc. StoreHippo provides a variety of options that can help you manage your products well.

Manage Theme

The theme is a very important aspect for both the customer and the portal owner. It decides the flow of your store and enhances the look and feel to attract customers. You can customize the theme according to your wish and also make sure its contents all the features you need to flaunt your beauty products. You can create your own customized theme using the simple drag-drop feature of StoreHippo. But if you don’t want to go for customization, StoreHippo has a diverse collection of themes for your store.

So gear up to go all bonkers over the amazing theme collection and pick the one that suits you the best. All the themes, customized or readymade, are responsive with all basic features installed.

Designing a Store

After selecting your dream theme, comes the part where you can go wild with your imagination and design your own e-commerce platform. You can decide on so many things. You can set up the colour, design an amazingly attractive logo and work on scheming new banners and sliders every now and then.

Adding the Logo and banner is very easy on StoreHippo stores. You will get an add logo button in the general settings of your uDazzle store admin panel. You can also set that up via design themes, depends on your choice. For adding promotional sliders and banners for your beauty products you can add a new banner/slider in your admin panel. Give a name to the banner/slider and upload it.

Add and manage sellers

Have you seen a multi-seller marketplace at Amazon and eBay? Although these e-commerce platforms have their own inventory and site, they provide a marketplace for sellers to come register and sell their products.

This concept helps your platform grow. You can even extend your sale to men’s grooming product, beauty accessories and even beauty appliance like straighteners and dryers. The prospects are huge.

Make sure your platform has the capacity to instil new sellers and manage them. When you create a new store, the default seller becomes the admin of the store. You can effortlessly add and manage the sellers on your dashboard. You can even upload their details like name address, picture, regulatory document, permanent address, etc. The limit of your seller depends on the package you have subscribed.

Remember you are the admin and you have full right to access all the details of the sellers, and you can even delete them if necessary. Set up seller ledger rules accordingly for better management and conduct.

There are many other multi-seller features available on StoreHippo to provide better e-commerce solution. Features like payment method, shipping method, language, choice of currency, additional taxes and enable notifications are available for you to choose according to the seller’s demand.

Marketing Store

If you have a nerve for beauty and makeup products, Nykaa must be a familiar name for you. A bright website, loaded with attractive offers and infinite products, Nykaa excels at its marketing strategy. Marketing is a very necessary feature, once your store is ready for its launch. What is the point of so much effort if you are not able to attract customers.

One of the major attractions for customers is discount and coupons. StoreHippo allows you to create new discount policies based on product collection, category, brands, and various other parameters.

You can easily go to your uDazzle store admin panel and search for marketing. Under that section, you will get discount options and detailed input where you want to implement it. The coupon codes are equally competent when it comes to fetching business for your make-up store. Under the same marketing section, you can find an option for a coupon code. StoreHippo has this amazing feature of generating new coupon codes analyzing the customer’s previous buying record.

With all these amazing features waiting for you, managing your own store is not a hassle anymore. You can enjoy each moment of setting up your dream store and let StoreHippo handle the things for you.

StoreHippo gives your beauty product businesses a strong backup, flexibility, and freedom of expression. It is a one-stop-shop for all your e-commerce needs. It's end-to-end- tools have made e-commerce solution quite easy and effortless. To make your own beauty portal from scratch, reach StoreHippo at [email protected] or call +91-80101 17117.

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