How To Set Up An Online Store Really Fast

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  • How To Set Up An Online Store Really Fast

Ecommerce websites are the best medium that guarantees brand awareness with monthly sales. And why not? Many retailers (like Nyka, FirstCry) have actually seen 50% to 70% hike in their revenue through online selling. 

Sadly, you don’t own an online store, but still want to take advantage of it. Also, you neither know how to set up an online store, nor have much time and knowledge to develop. Considering all your problems, I have come up with a solution which will kill your dilemmas in seconds.

What is it? Okay, let’s reveal it! 

The solution is complete ecommerce software. How can it help you? 

  • They do not demand any coding skills or technical knowledge. 

  • Comes with ready made themes and templates which saves time.

  • You can update or edit your product pages just in a few clicks.

  • Inbuilt payment gateways and shipping solutions (easy integration). 

I know, your mind is asking me a question -Tell me where I can get all these and how to set up an online store quickly?

My answer is StoreHippo. Because it is very easy to use and lets you build conversion friendly ecommerce websites in a few days. I will be giving you detailed instructions on setting a new ecommerce website in the below section. Keep reading!

How to set up an online store in no time?

1. Buy a Domain Name

Before creating your online store, you need a name or domain name(in the online world). Decide the name of your ecommerce website. You will also need a SSL certificate to protect your website from hackers and malware. 

When you buy a domain name from StoreHippo, you will get a free SSL certificate. Many complete ecommerce softwares charge extra for SSL. Thus, adds to overall expenses of ecommerce business owners.

Tip: Domain name must be unique, easy to remember and catchy. 

2. Register for Free StoreHippo Account

Storehippo is a complete ecommerce software that saves your time through ready made themes and templates. You can easily set up an online store with few clicks. There is no maintenance cost, as StoreHippo takes care of it. You only have to register yourself for a free trial by submitting basic details. Aftermath, you start designing your website with free access. 

3. Choose your Website theme

Now when you have purchased a domain and signed up for StoreHippo free trial, choose your theme. StoreHippo has 100+ customizable, feature rich themes in its library.  

I advise you to select themes with maximum features that can support future needs. In the paid version of StoreHippo, you will also get the option to mix elements of two themes. Moreover, with drag and drop functionality, you can customize your pages layouts and design.

4. Upload Essential Pages

These are mainly your home page, product pages, contact us page, About Us, Terms & Conditions, Privacy & Returns Policy, Shipping & Delivery Information. You can easily create a new page on StoreHippo complete ecommerce software. How to do it?

Go to Site > Pages section available in StoreHippo dashboard. Click on the ‘Add page’ button. Once you have created one, visit the new page and add content to it. You can either create a static or dynamic page. Dynamic pages are best for product or landing pages. Whereas, static pages are excellent for About Us, T&C pages, etc. 

5. Add content (visuals and text) to Product Pages

After creating product pages, embellish with visuals and text content. A product must include all the vital information of the product. Some must haves are - product descriptions, images, customer reviews, price, offers, FAQs, call to action buttons and others. 

You can make a CSV file, containing all the product details, on your PC. Then, upload it to your online store.

How to upload it on complete ecommerce software? Open StoreHippo admin panel. Go to Products > Product section. Click on the import option and upload the file. You will get the freedom to update or edit the information on the page.

6. Choose Payment Gateways

Each customer has unique preferences. To earn revenue, you as an ecommerce website owner need to understand buyer preferences. 

In terms of payments, maximum buyers prefer - COD or offline payment - on their first purchase(due to uncertainty). Make sure you provide COD and offline options. And with growing use of mobile wallets, online stores must focus on integrating them along with other online channels.

In StoreHippo, you get complete flexibility to integrate multiple payment channels. Plus, if you operate internationally, you can also integrate globally accepted gateways. 

7. Add Shipping channels

The second last stage of how to set up an online store i.e. adding shipping options. To deliver customer orders timely, Storehippo offers you inbuilt shipping solutions

You can manually choose the shipping company and can deliver all around the world. The shipping  solution also allows you and your customer to track their shipping on mobiles and desktops. 

You can also adjust your shipping method based on rider weight, price, city, zip code with complete ecommerce software.

8. Optimize it for SEO and Start Marketing

Your ecommerce website development process is over. It’s time for SEO and ecommerce marketing. Why? Because to reach online shoppers and make them buy from your shopping website, SEO is must. 

How will it benefit? Let’s suppose you own an online grocery store. And your website appears in the top 10 results of Google, when a buyer searches for “online grocery delivery”. Chances are, they will visit your website, checkout your products and eventually, place an order. This became possible when your online store is SEO optimized. 

Storehippo includes all the SEO elements that are critical to website ranking and traffic. Elements are meta title, meta keywords, meta description , alt tags, sitemap and many others. 

After you have gathered information on how to set up an online store, the next step is to implement it. As there is a difference between thinkers and doers. So, don’t waste time in thinking and take the first step to set up your ecommerce website.

If you need any help in establishing your own ecommerce store, you can talk directly to the StoreHippo support team. 

Final Takeaway

I am confident that now you have an exact idea on How to set up an online store. 

So, my final expert tips on website creation and online selling are-

Set up your online store today to attract and convert online shoppers into regular customers. Get started today with StoreHippo 14 day free trial!

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