How to Set up an International Online Store with StoreHippo

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  • How to Set up an International Online Store with StoreHippo

Now that you have decided to sell online and worked on winning your target audience across the globe, congratulations on the great business decision. Having an online store can be one of the most lucrative options for small and medium businesses, just like for the bigger brands.  

The first step to fly high in the world of ecommerce is to setup and launch an international store. While you could develop your online store from scratch with a team of developers but do you really want to spend ages on the development hassles? Or you want to kick start your store with a ready-to-use complete ecommerce software solution?

Choice is yours!! 

But remember that your competitors are taking the lead in every possible way. The sooner you can launch your store, the better your chance of turning into a thriving business.

Why consider selling online internationally? 

  • Global ecommerce sales across the world is expected to grow to 6.54 trillion dollars by 2022
  • There is a surge of 276% in the global ecommerce sales from 2014 to 2020
  • Over 14% of global retail sales are through online purchases in 2019

Setup your international online store with StoreHippo

StoreHippo has put in all the hard yards to become the brand they are today. We are making online business and international selling easier by offering a massive set of features and tools. Our DIY ecommerce platform provides everything you need to build your online store, run and grow your business super-fast and seamlessly. 

Don’t overthink on “How to set up an online store?”, StoreHippo is your first step towards building a truly global business and helps you connect with a global audience in no time. Let’s explore the powerful features and tools that allow you to expand your business internationally.

1. Multi-currency payments to boost customer conversions

Rupee, Euros, Dollars…!! Whatever you call it, the currency is what drives businesses. Today’s customers prefer to shop seamlessly in the currency of their choice. But selling in multiple currencies can be very painful. With the increasing cross-border ecommerce sales, you need multi-currency features to make them buy without any payment hassles. Scale your business globally with StoreHippo with the multi-currency features like automated currency rates, store-based currency support, automatic currency conversion at payment level. Start converting the payments into the default currency of your store for easier payments.

2. Multilingual features to connect better with customers

Language can be the biggest hurdle for online business because your customers can only see what’s there on the website. A complete ecommerce software solution is the best way to target local and global customers in their preferred language and convert them quickly. Some of the multilingual features include 100+ languages support, automatic translation control, language based on user group or geography, mobile app support, and much more. StoreHippo is an ecommerce platform that helps you build a stunning online store that is ready to sell internationally.

3. Multiple storefronts to target customers based on location

Global market means a lot of geographies need to be handled by a single ecommerce platform. Gone are the days when you have to hire an army of developers to handle different online storefronts based on multiple locations. Don’t limit your business by selling in a single country when StoreHippo can help you reach global markets at ease. Rise above the question – “How to set up an online store?”. Rather think, how to make my online store global?

The multi-location store solution by StoreHippo allows you to offer personalized services based on different locations and reach out to the targeted customers.  Moreover, you can scale the business globally by offering location specific deals to the customers.

4. Multi-tier tax engine and custom invoicing 

Wondering how the tax system works in the country you are expanding? Well, online shopping has made the buying and selling across the world easier because for a customer, they are buying over a few clicks. But when you are selling globally, you need a complete ecommerce software that can handle the taxation, invoicing, and back-end of your online store well. 

StoreHippo handles everything from offering a smooth tax engine, payments, to invoices in desired currency. Let your customers experience a frictionless online shopping experience from anywhere in the world.

5. Seamless international delivery

Shopping online is easier than actually completing the orders successfully. The game is not over by just finding an answer to “How to set up an online store?”. You need the capabilities to deliver the products globally. The process of international shipping can be a messy task as a lot of intermediaries are involved and there are increased possibilities of loopholes within the process.  StoreHippo has the ability to integrate with multiple shipping partners to handle the global deliveries without any hassles.

6. IP based pricing for faster checkouts

Giving a technical edge to your global online store with automatic pricing based on IP address. Setting different prices for customers in different countries can largely help you boost your sales and profits. StoreHippo is a complete ecommerce software solution that helps you to achieve exactly the same. We offer geo location-based pricing in different currencies for different countries to expand your business horizon.

Go global with StoreHippo today

Creating an international online store might seem like a daunting task but a right technology partner can sort everything and make your online journey a big success. With the ready-to-use ecommerce platform, you can set up your international store in just a few hours and start managing everything on your own.

Are you ready to explore the go-global features of StoreHippo and take your business to new global heights? Schedule a 14-day free trial to check the features of our complete ecommerce software solution now.

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